Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkin Wreath

Fall is near, and I am so excited about creating new decor for the season. I’ve seen a lot of things done with the pumpkin wreaths on Pinterest. They are all so cute, and I couldn’t wait to make one with my own twist!

You can make your own, even on a tiny budget. I made mine for about $10. Really less than that given that many of the items I used are also used in many of my other DIYs. I know you’re dying to hang yours up, so let’s get started. You’ll need:

  • pumpkin wreath form (Dollar Tree)
  • pack of pumpkin picks in a pack of 5 (you’ll only need one, so you have some left to do a few of my other DIY fall projects, like making two wreaths for double doors, or indoor decor for about $6) from Dollar Tree
  • pack of pumpkin picks in a pack of 10
  • pack of 3 metal words- I used “Thankful.” It also contains Welcome and Harvest that you can use for the other tutorial as well. From Dollar Tree
  • fabric from Hobby Lobby- I chose orange buffalo check. I bought a yard because it was half off along with all other fall fabric. You’ll only use about a quarter.
  • Ribbon- 2.5 inch orange pumpkin ribbon from Dollar Tree & 2 inch plaid ribbon I already had.
  • nautical rope from Dollar Tree (optional) You can also use raffia or something else for the “stem”
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • clothes pins or pins- You’ll use these to hold the fabric in place while the glue dries.
I didn’t use the burlap leaves pictured.

First you’ll need to cut the fabric to the size you need. It’s a bit hard to line up because of the shape. I cut about 2 extra inches from all sides. Now, use the clothes pins to pin the fabric in place around the whole wreath form.

Once all the pins are in place, remove one in the spot that you want to begin gluing. Place the glue along the wire and a bit on the fabric. Replace the clothes pin to allow the glue to dry. Be careful, I burned the dickins out of my fingers! Continue like this until you get back to where you started. I let the glue dry for just a few more minutes.

Now that your fabric is covering the form, you can start prettying it up. Add your nautical rope to the “stem” section of the wreath. Start at the base, adding hot glue to the rope, laced around one side of the wire, then wrap and glue as you get to the top. I finished mine off by gluing the rope across the top of the wire stem.

Next you need to make your bows. I made regular, simple bows. I left the streamers a little long so once they were on the wreath I could cut them at the length they looked best. I made one out of the plaid ribbon, then one out of the glitter pumpkin ribbon. I put the plaid on top of the pumpkin and used a pipe cleaner to attach them to one another.

Cut the stick off of the styrofoam pumpkins. Then take two of the small ones and glued them on each side of the large pumpkin.


Glue the bows near the top of the pumpkin, just below the stem. Then glue the three styrofoam pumpkins just above the top center of the ribbons. Again, you could move yours to another location. Whatever looks best for you.

Next you’ll glue on the metal “Thankful” word. I placed it in the center of the form, and adjust the ribbon strands, cutting them to where your word can be seen. Do some final “fluffing” and you have yourself one beautiful pumpkin wreath to adorn your home until December!

Thank you for stopping by today! Please leave a comment if you liked this tutorial. Also add a picture of your creation. If you know someone who’d love this idea, please share!