Yarn Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

I have made several wreaths using the Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath forms. I’ve seen several on Pinterest made using yarn. I hadn’t tried my hand at that yet, and I could only find the wreaths for sale and no tutorials. So I sat down and figured out how to make my own. Today I’m going to show you how to make a woven yarn pumpkin wreath!

Complete yarn pumpkin wreath: thick fluffy burgundy yarn woven through a pumpkin wire wreath frame, with the stem covered with copper ribbon, a copper pumpkin print bow, with the metal copper-colored word "welcome" in the middle.

There are so many ways to use those Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath forms. Here are a few tutorials for ways to use them. A Halloween DT scarf pumpkin wreatha fall farmhouse truck centerpiecean orange buffalo check wreatha burlap and lace pumpkin wreatha deco mesh Halloween pumpkin wreath

To make a woven yarn pumpkin wreath you need:

  • jumbo yarn – I used Bernat Blanket Big in rich burgundy from Michael’s.
  • pumpkin wire wreath form – Dollar Tree
  • metal word “welcome” – Dollar Tree
  • 2.5″ wired ribbon – I used a glitter pumpkin print from Dollar Tree.
  • 1/8″ ribbon – I used copper to wrap the pumpkin stem.
  • pipe cleaner
  • spray paint or other paint – I used copper.
  • hot glue gun
Supplies needed to make a woven yarn pumpkin wreath: scissors, hot glue gun, wire pumpkin wreath form, thick yarn in burgundy.
I planned to weave the navy yarn pictured here into the wreath, but I didn’t like the look, so I removed it.

Prepare the Yarn

This is the first project I’ve done with the thick yarn. I used Bernat brand yarn that is just labeled as “Bernat Blanket Big.” It’s about 3/4″ wide. This was the thickest yarn they had at Michael’s. They had a sale for buy one get one half off, so I got a thinner navy as well. You could use their 40% off coupon as well and get this pack for $5.99.

Before you can start you need to unroll some yarn from the skein because it will not fit through the wires on the form. I unrolled as much as I felt like could fit between the wires. It might have been about 10 to 12 feet long, I’m not sure. You will have to unroll and attach more as you go.

Begin your wreath by tying the yarn at the bottom edge of the wreath. I started on the bottom left, but you can choose either side. Tie the yarn in a knot around the wire on the outside edge. You can see the knot tied on the bottom wire on the outside edge, before the first wire that’s inside the frame.

Beginning the yarn pumpkin wreath by tying the yarn on the bottom outside wire.

Begin Weaving the Yarn Pumpkin Wreath

Take your ball, roll, or what sometimes ends up as a pile of yarn (ha!), and pass it behind the first inside vertical wire on the form. Then bring it back through between the first and second wire, and over the second wire. Next take it through the second and third wire and go behind that third wire. Continue like that, over one wire then over the next until you’ve gone through all of them. You’ll end by going over the outside wire then behind and back around it. Don’t pull the yarn really taunt because it will not fluff up and cover the wires on the form.

The first row of yarn on the yarn pumpkin wreath.

Once you’ve gone around the outside wire, pass your ball of yarn back through the first and second wire on that side. On this row you’re going to weave the opposite of what you did in the first row. So if you went under a wire first, this time you’ll go over it and if you went over in the first row, you’ll go under it this time. Again, don’t pull really tight.

This picture shows my hand on the yarn pumpkin wreath pushing the yarn back a little to show that I've woven under a wire on the first row of weaving the yarn and over that same wire in the second row on the wreath form.
Here I’m pushing the first row back a little so you can see that I went under the wire in the bottom row and over on the second one.
Yarn pumpkin wreath with the first two rows of yarn woven through the wreath form.
First two rows of yarn woven through the form.

Continue Weaving the Middle

Continue weaving the yarn though in this manner. Over one wire on one row, then under it on the next. Here is a video of me weaving in the middle of the wreath so you can see exactly how it’s done. It’s not a full tutorial video, just a small clip to show how to weave the yarn. This is the first video I’ve made and added, so forgive me if it’s not perfect. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more videos, if you like the written format better, or if you’d like to see tutorials with both like this one. Personally I like to read instructions, but I know everyone learns different.

Ignore my head popping into the video and me having to put my arms around my tripod every time I get to the middle of the wreath! My hair looks crazy, but, hey, it was a messy bun. Messy being the operative word lol! Here are a few still shots in case you don’t want to watch the video.

Upper Section of the Yarn Pumpkin Wreath

As you move up the wreath, make sure that you have enough yarn to fluff and cover the wires. Push the rows down slightly as you go. When you’re almost to the top, make sure the rows are pushed down enough that the fluffy yarn is covering the wires where the yarn goes behind them. You don’t want it packed down crazy tight though.

You will run out of yarn at some point in your project. When you do, unroll another section of yarn that is sized to be able to pass through the wires just like you did in the beginning. You can tie off the end, then tie the next portion on just above that or tie the two ends together. However either of those cause a big lump at that site. So I got around that by placing a dot of hot glue on the back of the end of the yarn and pressed the end of the next section of yarn to it. Don’t glue the yarn to the wreath form. When the two ends are attached, continue weaving as before.

When you get to the top, keep filling until the top edges and the top wire is covered by the fullness of the yarn. Cut off any excess, and tuck the end into the back of the wreath. You shouldn’t have to tie it off, as the bulk of the yarn will hold it in place.

Make a Bow

Having a bow on your yarn pumpkin wreath is optional. I liked the bow on my orange buffalo check pumpkin wreath, so I decided to add one on this one as well. If you’ve seen any of my previous posts, you may know that my color scheme for early fall was aqua, orange, and white, and the color scheme I’m going with for late fall (November) is burgundy, navy, and copper. Since I didn’t have any navy or copper ribbon, I decided to make my own.

I had a roll of 2.5″ wired ribbon from Dollar Tree that was orange and gold with orange glitter pumpkins on it. I rolled out about 28″ of it from the spool and cut it off. Using Krylon metallic spray paint in copper, I painted one coat on each side of the ribbon. While I was at it, I painted the metal word “Welcome” as well. Make sure you subscribe to the blog via email to see what I’m going to be doing with this hoop and the word “Thankful!” If you don’t want to use ribbon to cover the stem of the wreath form, you can give it a quick coat of paint as well.

You can tell I use this box to spray paint on top of a lot!

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Now make a regular two loop bow for the wreath. I secured my bow with a pipe cleaner in the middle, then wrapped the thin ribbon around that to hide it. You can make a four loop bow if you’d like, I just like the simplicity of the two loop for this particular wreath.

Add Embellishments

Next add a dot of hot glue to the back of the stem on the wreath form at the base and place the end of the 1/8″ ribbon on it. Wrap the ribbon up and around the stem until it’s covered. Add another dot of hot glue at the top of the stem to secure the ribbon, then cut off any excess. Place a bit of hot glue on the back of the bow and press it on to the pumpkin stem at the base.

Now you can attach your painted word to the front of the yarn pumpkin wreath. The pack of words from Dollar Tree comes with three different words: welcome, harvest, and thankful. I used welcome on this wreath because I plan to place it on my door in November. At least that’s the plan for now, but that’s liable to change, ha! You can use whichever word you’d like on yours. Place some hot glue on the back, then turn it over and press it on the middle of the pumpkin. Do this carefully because the word is thin, and you don’t want the glue to get all over the yarn.

Hot gluing the metal word welcome to the front of the yarn pumpkin wreath.

Fluff the Yarn Pumpkin Wreath

You are almost finished! If you have any of the metal wires showing through the yarn, pinch the yarn on either side of the wire and slightly wiggle it back and forth which will fluff that section, covering the wire. I fluffed mine before adding the embellishments, but ended up having to do it all over again after. I thought I’d save you some time and just let you know to do it after! You can also reach into the back of the wreath and push the rows of yarn forward. That will also fill and cover any open sections.

Your wreath is ready to display!

Now your beautiful yarn pumpkin wreath is complete. I really love the way it turned out. You’d never know I just winged it at first or that this is my first thick yarn project. At least I hope you wouldn’t know….

Here are a few shots of this lovely wreath!

I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure you share it using the buttons in the sidebar or pin it on Pinterest so that can find it when you’re ready to make your own!

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