Halloween Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

I absolutely love decorating my home through the last four months of the year. I change everything up just about every month from September through December! In August, Dollar Tree put out their pumpkin wreath forms, and they run out so quickly, and they usually don’t have them in stock very long. Knowing that I picked up four more when I bought my witch hat wreath forms. So today I’m sharing a tutorial for making a deco mesh Halloween pumpkin wreath using all Dollar Tree items!

Halloween pumpkin wreath made with black and purple deco mesh, black sequin ribbon, purple glitter mesh, and Halloween word printed ribbon as a bow.

If you’re looking for things to do with those witch hat wreath forms, I made a tutorial for making a burlap witch hat wreath here and a tutorial for making a spiral deco mesh witch hat wreath here. Last year I made several pumpkin wreaths for fall, like this orange buffalo check wreath and this burlap and lace wreath and a scarf pumpkin wreath for Halloween.

If you’re looking for some pumpkins to add to a few Halloween pictures, check out these super cool photo ideas using smoke bombs in jack-o-lanterns! They look really cool, and my son is begging me to buy some. I may do that, and take him down to the beach for a spooky photo shoot!

To make a Halloween pumpkin wreath you need:

  • wire pumpkin wreath form
  • 2 rolls of black & one roll of purple deco mesh (You will probably only use one roll of black, but I would go ahead and get two just in case. I say that because I started with a little less than half of a roll of black. I’m not sure exactly how much less than half, so I don’t know if I used more than a full roll because I had about half a roll of the second one left when I was finished. Choose whatever colors you’d like. You can use the purple as the main color, swapping the colors also.)
  • 2.5″ wired ribbon (I used one with Halloween-word print (about 6″ of it) & black sequin. You can use only, or use two or more. They will be used to make a bow.)
  • black sparkle mesh with purple glitter spider webs
  • 6 pack of spiders with purple glitter (optional)
  • small amount of spider webbing (optional)
  • pipe cleaners
  • 5/8″ orange glitter ribbon (optional)
  • black pipe cleaners

Attach the Black Deco Mesh

Cut your pipe cleaners in half. Personally I use quarters, but if you’re not used to collecting a material and attaching it with pipe cleaners, go with halves. Gather the end of your black deco mesh about 4″ from the end. At the left side of your pumpkin wreath, attach the deco mesh to the bottom of the form just to the left of the edge and the first vertical crossbar.

Black deco mesh attached to the Halloween pumpkin wreath form at the bottom just to the left of the vertical crossbar.

Bring the mesh up to the top and attach it to the left of the first crossbar. You want to have enough mesh that the middle section is fluffy.

Bring the deco mesh back down to the bottom of the wreath form and attach it to the form with a pipe cleaner around the bottom wire and the first vertical crossbar. Again allow enough mesh to puff out before you attach it. You’ll now have two lines of mesh on the wreath.

Black deco mesh brought from the bottom of the Halloween pumpkin wreath form up to the top and attached to the left of the first vertical crossbar with a pipe cleaner. This creates a vertical line of deco mesh with some puffiness in the middle.

Continue bringing the mesh up and down the wreath form, attaching it in between each crossbar and just to the left of the crossbar at the bottom. At the top you will have it attached in between each crossbar and just to the right of each crossbar. Continue until your entire wreath form is covered with the black deco mesh.

Add the Purple Deco Mesh

Start at the top edge of your form and open the first pipe cleaner. Add the purple (or other accent color of your choice) deco mesh to it. Tuck the extra length in the back.

Bring your mesh toward the bottom just as you did with the black. Twist the deco mesh to create a slight spiral and attach it to the bottom wire with a pipe cleaner. You can decide if you want to use the same one that’s holding the black mesh on or just add a new pipe cleaner.

Add a purple spiral on each end, one in the center, and two in between those on each side. When you add the middle spiral, put the mesh in between the two bars that create the stem and attach it at the small v shaped dip. Bring it down to the bottom, twisting to create the spiral, and attach it to the bottom wire with a pipe cleaner.

Here are a few pictures to show you some of the process.

Cover the Stem

With the form filled in with the mesh, it’s time to cover the stem. At first I wrapped my stem with purple tulle because I couldn’t find my sparkle mesh. (That’s what is written on the package, I’d say it’s more like tulle, but what do I know.) My amazing hubby went to Dollar Tree to try to find more of the Halloween-word printed ribbon, and so, so sadly they didn’t have any. He picked up a lot of Halloween stuff for me while he was there! About $25 bucks worth, ha! That’s funny because he’s always saying how much I have. I do have to note that he never really complains about it, since he knows I’m using it to create my business! In the pile of stuff he got, he got the purple glitter spider web mesh. Yay!

Cut 6″ of the mesh and fold it in half. Line up the bottom of the mesh with the bottom of the stem, and fold the top of the mesh over the top of the stem. Wrap it around the back of it, add hot glue and press everything together.

Next you need to add something to hang the Halloween pumpkin wreath from. Cut a pipe cleaner in half, then form a loop by bending it so the ends line up, then twist the ends together. Add hot glue to the section that is twisted together, and place it on the back of the stem of the pumpkin, in the middle.

Attaching a loop created with a pipe cleaner being glued on the back of the stem to make something that the Halloween pumpkin wreath can be hung from.

Make the Bow for the Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

Make a bow with ribbon.

No where near me had any Halloween ribbon with purple in it at all. Dollar Tree didn’t have any Halloween ribbon left, and I wanted to make you a tutorial where you use only Dollar Tree items, so I used what I had left from previous years. I had about 6″ of the Halloween words printed ribbon, so I made a regular two-loop bow, 3″ loops on each side. Use a full pipe cleaner to hold it together in the middle.

Making a two loop bow to put on the Halloween pumpkin wreath.

Create spirals of deco mesh for the bow.

To place behind it, you will create deco mesh “rolls” or “spirals.” So cut two 8″ pieces of each color of mesh, two black and two purple.

Cutting an 8" piece of deco mesh from the purple roll. These will be rolled and added to the bow for the Halloween pumpkin wreath.

Next you need to roll each piece into a spiral. Start on one side of the mesh and roll it to the other side. You won’t have to do much work, they kinda roll themselves.

Rolling a piece of 8" deco mesh into a spiral. These will be added to the bow for the Halloween pumpkin wreath.

Now add the spirals to the bow. Pinch each of the black spirals at the ends and place the two ends on top of each other. You’ll have something like one long roll. Place the pinched section right behind the pipe cleaner that’s holding the bow together, open the pipe cleaner, and add them to it. Repeat that process with the purple spirals.

Add Other Ribbon

Cut two 12″ long pieces of your second ribbon. I used black sequin ribbon that I got from Dollar Tree last year. Pinch both pieces in the middle then cross them over each other in an X pattern. Open the bow again and add them to the back of it.

Bow for the Halloween pumpkin wreath with the bow, four deco mesh spirals, and black sequin ribbon attached to it.

Add Sheer Purple Glitter Mesh

Finally the sheer mesh will be added to the bow. Cut two pieces, 16″ long each. Fold them in half and pinch and gather the ends, creating a loop, like one side of a bow. Pinch the gathers together and add them to the back of the bow.

Now fluff the bow, forming full loops with the ribbon, straighten the ribbons and the spirals, and make sure the sheer mesh can be seen and looks like loops.

Fluff the bow before it's added to the Halloween pumpkin wreath.

This is optional, but I added a piece of orange glitter 5/8″ ribbon from Dollar Tree to the middle of the bow to cover the pipe cleaner. You could use whatever color you’d like, or even the sheer mesh.

Place the Bow on the Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

Now it’s time to add the bow to the Halloween pumpkin wreath. You can wrap it around the stem of the pumpkin, but because of the fullness of it, to add it there made it look weird to me. It seemed too high, and it hid the entire stem. So I added the bow about 2.5″ from the top of the middle piece of purple deco mesh.

Adding the bow to the middle deco mesh piece on the Halloween pumpkin wreath.

Add Embellishments

I added small pieces of spider webs and three spiders with purple glitter on them to my wreath. That is optional. You could add the spiders without the web, it’s up to you. They even have purple bats and a few other creepy crawly things that you could add to the wreath.

Adding spiders to the Halloween pumpkin wreath by hooking their plastic legs in the holes in the deco mesh.

Your Halloween pumpkin wreath is finished!

You’re all done! It’s time to hang your beautiful wreath! Here’s a few different angles of my Halloween pumpkin wreath. You can see it with no spider webbing, with a little, and with it all over the front.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial for a Halloween pumpkin wreath! I would love for you to share this tutorial with your friends and family that love decorating for Halloween as much as we do. Make sure that you pin it or share it to make sure you can find it when you’re ready to make your wreath.

I have several more pumpkin wreath forms and another witch hat wreath form, so there will be more tutorials coming! Make sure that you don’t miss it by using the buttons on the sidebar to follow me on social media. The best way to not miss out on any free printables, tutorials, or other great posts is by entering your email address below. You will get an email when I add a new post, and never any spam!

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