How to Make Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath for All Seasons

Welcome everyone! Last week I found some chunky yarn at Walmart for $6.88. I snatched it up because it’s normally over $10 per skein. As I searched Pinterest for ideas about how to use it, I saw a few braided wreaths, so I decided to try my hand at creating my own. I figured out how to do it, so today I’m sharing a tutorial for making a braided chunky yarn wreath. It’s handmade, no crochet hooks, knitting needles, or skills required!

These wreaths can be made in several ways. This chunky yarn wreath is similar, but a little bit faster with a solid base and the braid only on the outer wire. Both are incredibly cute, versatile, and can be used yar-round!

Braided chunky yarn wreath collage of the wreath with 3 different embellishments.

Sustainable Pinterest Challenge

I’m so glad you’re dropping today because it’s time for our monthly Sustainable Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Julie from Sum of Their Stories. On the first Tuesday of each month, I join a group of lovely bloggers from around the world for a blog hop. We find a pin on Pinterest that inspires us and recreate it with our own twist using something that is sustainable, reduces waste, or is ecofriendly.

I found a chunky knit wreath on Pinterest that I thought was pretty. It was not $63.80 pretty however! Also, I don’t knit, but I knew I could figure out a way to DIY a chunky yarn wreath by hand. It only took a few minutes for me to figure out a way to hand knit my yarn onto a Dollar Tree wire wreath form. So, I was able to make a braided chunky yarn wreath for $7.88 plus the cost of embellishments, which can be changed out each season or holiday. That’s a great price for a wreath that can be used year-round! That saves time, money, and materials which is extremely sustainable!

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV
Chunky yarn wreath Pinterest inspiration image

If you missed last month’s Sustainable Pinterest Challenge Hop, you can check it out along with my beautiful floral bike wheel wreath tutorial here. I love the way it turned out, and it’s perfect for spring and summer.

Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath Supplies:

  • The yarn in the inspiration photo looks like merino wool, but I used about 1/3 of a Mainstays 31.7 yd skein of chenille chunky yarn from Walmart. This yarn will work well. You may need two skeins of these.
  • 14″ wire wreath form– This is a 2 pack that comes with floral wire to attach your embellishments to the wreath.
  • scissors– These are great, sharp scissors for an amazing price; 3 pair (that are so cute) for $9.99!
  • embellishments like faux flowers, stems, speckled eggs, ribbon, or other seasonal items
  • pipe cleaners or floral wire
  • hot glue gun if you need to attach embellishments to pipe cleaners

Embellishments I used so far:

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Shop this project for everything you need!

Attach the Chunky Yarn to the Wreath Form

To cover the entire wreath form, you’ll “braid” around it twice. The first time you’ll cover the outer two wires, and on the second round you’ll cover the inner two. Place the yarn from the front of the form in between the middle two rings.

Wrapping chunky yarn around the outer two rings of the wire wreath form.

Wrap the yarn around the outer two rings and tie a slip knot around it.

Begin the Braid

Once you’ve pulled the yarn through the slip knot, you’ll have a ring of yarn (that’s all I can think to call it lol). You’ll begin to pull more yarn through, creating a chain (like when crocheting, but don’t worry; you don’t need to know how to crochet for this).

Chunky yarn tied in a slip knot around the wreath form, creating a ring to pull more yarn through.

Push a small amount of yarn through the middle two wires and pull it through the hole from the slip knot. We’ll call that a chain from now on.

Next, do another chain, but this time pass the yarn from outside the wreath and through the hole, not between the inner two wires. This will attach the braid to the form.

Continue creating chains, alternating bringing the yarn through the middle two wires then from outside the form.

This video may help if you need more of a visual. Forgive me for having to remove some of the chains. I was figuring out how to make it as I went!

Continue chaining until you’re back to where you started.

Braid Around the Inner Rings

Once the outer two rings are covered, you’ll move to the inner rings. Make the final chain that completes the outer coverage, and you should have this:

Final loop braided on the outer ring of the wreath form.

Move the braid to the inner two rings like this:

Moving the yarn in to start covering the inner wires on the wire wreath form.

Instead of bringing the yarn from the outside of the wreath through the chain (the slip knot ring), bring it from the inside of the wreath and chain it through the ring.

Pulling yarn through the slip knot hole covering the inner wire on the wreath form.

Continue chaining, bringing the yarn from the inside of the wreath on one chain, then from between the middle two wires (just like you did on the first row) for the next chain, until your braided chunky yarn wreath is complete.

Chunky yarn covering the entire wreath form & bringing the last loop through to the back.

If you need more of a demonstration on how to move from the outer two rings to the inner, take a look at this video. Sorry for bumping the tripod and for going so slow! I was doing this with my arms wrapped around the camera and tripod to “get the best shot.” Can you tell I film projects on super-rare occasions?!

(Update 2023: I’m now filming all of my projects with a new tripod made for filming crafts and cooking. Follow me on TikTok and Instagram using the buttons below to watch the tutorials for all of my projects! When you see something you like, just come on over to the blog to see the entire video, slowed down, with written instructions. Be sure to pin them for later!)

Finish off the Wreath

Once you get back to the start of the wreath, push the chain through the wreath form to the back.

Turn the wreath over and cut the yarn off about 3 to 4″ from the slip knot ring. Then tie a knot in the yarn around it.

Cutting yarn to finish the wreath.

Flip the wreath back over (face-up) and fluff the yarn to cover any of the wreath form that’s showing and to fill in any open-looking spots.

Braided chunky yarn wreath made with cream yarn before any embellishments were added.

Here’s another video to help:

Embellish the Chunky Yarn Wreath

I plan to use this wreath year-round, but for now I decorated it for spring. I created three different wreath looks that I can use for Easter, spring, and even into a bit of the summer.

Easter Wreath Option 1

First, I removed the 2.5″ wired pink metallic ribbon from a bunny wreath that I styled last year, but never really used. I made a simple four loop bow with 4″ dove tails and secured it in the center with a pipe cleaner. When you make your bow, leave the pipe cleaner or floral wire long so you can use it to attach it to the wreath.

Use the wire to attach the bow to the wreath. For my first option, I placed the bow at about 7 o’clock, in the bottom left corner.

Attaching a bow to the braided chunky yarn wreath.

Next add your picks or florals. In this picture, I was adding a speckled egg pick before I put the bow on. I ended up taking it out and placing the bow first, but I didn’t get a second picture when I added the pick after the bow. I didn’t need wire to keep the pick in, and you probably won’t either. Just slide it through the yarn and bend the pick to the curve of the wreath in case it sticks out farther than the yarn.

Placing a speckled egg pick into the braided chunky yarn wreath.

To cover the pipe cleaner holding the bow together, I glued a small speckled egg over it.

I took a few pictures with the bow tails long, but ended up folding them up a bit for a different look.

Braided chunky yarn wreath embellished with a pink metallic four loop bow and a pick with branches, leaves, and speckled eggs.

Braided Chunky Yarn Easter Wreath Option 2

Next, I tried a slightly different Easter look. I moved the bow to the bottom center of the wreath and placed some small speckled eggs in the yarn around it. The yarn is pretty tight, so the eggs stayed in with no glue or wire. If you need to, you can glue some floral wire on the back of the eggs and place them on the wreath. That way you can remove them to change the wreath for the season without damaging it.

Placing a speckled egg into the chunky yarn.

Here’s what it looks like as Easter wreath #2:

Braided chunky yarn wreath with small speckled eggs around it and a pink four loop bow with an egg in the center, at the bottom center of the wreath.

Spring Wreath Option 3 & 4

Finally, I removed the bow and the eggs and replaced them with florals. I placed a large purple rose in the left bottom corner. I left the stem long so that I can use it for future projects, and wove it through the wreath form wires.

Adding a purple rose to the bottom left side of the braided chunky yarn wreath.

Next, I cut apart 3 stems of a purple eucalyptus bunch and added them to the wreath. I tried a few different placements, two above the rose and one below,

Placing purple eucalyptus stems above and below the rose on the braided chunky yarn wreath.
Braided chunky yarn wreath with a purple rose and purple eucalyptus leaves extending up the left side.

then I removed the one from the bottom and placed all three extending from the top of the rose, forming a slight curve.

Placing purple eucalyptus stems above the rose on the braided chunky yarn wreath.

The braided chunky yarn wreath is ready for its place of honor!

Here are a few pictures of the many looks of my completed wreath:

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    27 thoughts on “How to Make Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath for All Seasons

    1. How lovely, I see this super chunky yarn but don’t really know what to do with it. I like the idea of reusing the decorations from things you’ve made previously; if it’s not working for you pull it apart and reuse the pretty bits! I like all your versions but the one with the eggs dotted around has my heart right now!

      1. Thank you! This wreath won’t get to hang in a place of honor for a month or more. I’m moving, so my shelves and walls aren’t getting too updated for Easter. I’m mostly making things then boxing them up lol.

    2. I love how you made your wreath using chunky yarn. It’s very pretty and quite unique! You can get really creative making all sorts of cool looking projects with it!

    3. I love the Easter versions of this wreath! I love the chunky white yarn with the colorful eggs.

      1. Thank you! I think they’re my fav too. The purple/pink/mauve colors will be for my everyday decor when there’s no holiday or season near. At least I think so. We’re moving and buying new furniture and decor, so I think I’m going to go with a navy, mauve, gray, cream, and purplish color scheme. Although I have so many schemes I’ve picked lol. I think I’m going to write a post with all of the schemes and get a poll going in the comments lol!

    4. I really like this braiding technique, Niki. There are so many ways this wreath can be used for Spring and other times of the year. I’m already thinking about Fall and Christmas! LOL

      1. Thanks Ann! I know. Just between us, I’ve already slipped a few pumpkins and holiday picks in to see what it will look like lol!

      1. Thank you! This yarn is sooo soft. I haven’t found any merino yarn near me yet, but when I do, I’m going to make one out of it because it looks so silky soft.

    5. Beautiful wreath. Pinned to my wreath board on Pinterest. Your post is well thought out and illustrated. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial. Best wishes, Linda @

    6. Oh wow! Great project! I love the use of the chunky yarn. Between your description and the videos I have a great idea of how to make my own now. It’s great that you can reuse the form for various seasons, too.

    7. Such a flexible wreath; it’s like a blank canvas and you can have fun and be creative with different decorations for the wreath. That’s clever!

    8. I love this!! I have quite a bit of this yarn that was gifted to me a couple years ago and didnt know what to do with it. Now I do!!. Thank You for this fabulous idea.

      1. You’re so welcome! I’d love to see your version when you make it. If you’d like, you can tag me on any social media platform @LifeasaLEOWife. Thanks for your kind words!

      1. If it’s like I would picture it, with three sections instead of four like mine, I would make it with one go around the wreath form instead of one on the outer two section and one on the inner two. Still make the slip knot and the tutorial as described, just covering the entire form in one go. Another option is my hand-crocheted chunky yarn wreath, which is linked at the top of the post. It’s a lot like this one, but with a solid interior and the braided look going around the outside of the wreath. No crochet skills required, so don’t sweat that! I hope this helps!

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