Adorable Upcycled Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath with Chunky Yarn

Spring is here and Easter is just over a week away. Can you believe that?! It seems like the older we get, the faster time flies! On Tuesday I shared a braided chunky yarn wreath that you can use year-round by changing up the embellishments on it. Since I had quite a bit of yarn left and since it’s so fluffy, I though why not make a bunny with it? Well that thought worked out adorably, so today I’m going to share how I did it so that you can make a chunky yarn bunny wreath of your own!

Chunky yarn bunny wreath: bunny shaped wreath form with fluffy cream colored yarn covering it, metallic pink bows on each ear, two pink yarn wrapped feet, and a pink pom pom tail.

Chunky Yarn Bunny Wreath Supplies:

  • bunny wreath form- The one I used came with plastic garland wrapped around it. I found it last year, but I saw some in Dollar Tree this year. There are several different shapes. By plastic garland I mean the frilly plastic stuff your mom used to use on the Christmas tree when you were really little back in the 90s lol. The bunny in the picture below is wrapped in ribbon, not the original garland.
  • hot glue gun
  • chunky yarn (about 1/4 or less of a skein)
  • small piece of cardboard
  • regular yarn- I used dusty pink.
  • ribbon to make bows- I used 2.5″ wired metallic pink, but it would be easier w/ thinner ribbon. This dusty pink 1.5″ ribbon would be cute & matches the linked yarn.
  • pipe cleaners or floral wire

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Completed bunny wreath wrapped with chunky white yarn covering the head completely with the body wrapped like a regular wreath form having an open middle, there are two feet facing outward on the bottom, a pink pompom tail, and two metallic pink bows on the ears.

Prep the Wreath Form

Before you can begin adding the chunky yarn, you need to remove the garland that covers the wreath form. Once you get it started, you can unhook it from the plastic tabs on the sides easily. Since I made this wreath last year, I didn’t get a picture of me removing the garland from this particular wreath, but I did find a similar wreath covered in garland so I could remove it for you lol.

Begin Adding Chunky Yarn

Once the plastic wreath form is empty, begin adding the chunky yarn. Start with the larger round wreath that is the bunny’s body. Wrap the yarn around the plastic tab that is in the top center of the wreath, right between the two vertical plastic pieces that form the “neck.” You’ll want about an inch or so of extra yarn on the back of the wreath to tuck in later. You won’t need any hot glue or anything to hold the yarn in place as the width of it around the tabs will hold it in. The great part about that is that you can remove the yarn to use it for other projects or to change the look of the bunny wreath next year!

Wrapping the chunky yarn around the first plastic tab on the bunny wreath form (the tab in between the first & second round wreath pieces).

Wrap the yarn around the plastic tab directly below the one you just wrapped. Hook the yarn around the left side, bottom, then back up the right side toward the outer ring where you began.

Wrapping white chunky yarn around the bunny wreath form.

Continue wrapping the yarn around the tabs moving from the outer ring to the inner ring, up and down, on the form.

You will not be wrapping the yarn around the back of the form, only up and down on the front side. Here’s what the back will look like:

The back of the bunny wreath form.

Here is a short video of how to begin wrapping the bunny wreath form with the yarn. Again, I’m sorry for my inexperience in filming my projects! Hopefully I’ll get better with time, so bear with me my friends!

And a video of wrapping a little further around:

Add Chunky Yarn to the Bunny Wreath’s Head

Once you are back to the top of the larger circle, wrap the yarn across the “neck.” You’ll use the plastic tabs to do so, just as you did for the body.

Continue wrapping the yarn around the bunny’s head all the way to the base of the ears.

When you’ve wrapped the yarn around the last plastic tabs of the head, begin wrapping the ear that’s closest to whatever side you’ve ended on. For example, my last row of yarn ended on the right side, so I covered the right ear first.

Once the first ear is covered, turn the bunny wreath over and cut the yarn about 2″ from the top. Tuck the yarn into the back, sliding it under the plastic or between the yarn rows.

Here’s a video of this step:

Now, wrap the end of the yarn around the base of the left ear, right between the two ears. Hook it around the first plastic tab and wrap the yarn up the ear, covering it just as you did the first one. Cut off the excess and tuck it in.

A video of ear number 2:

Here’s a full video of wrapping the bunny from the bottom up through the ears in case you’d rather just watch the whole thing instead of reading it step by step.

Make Cutesy Bunny Feet

Now that your bunny wreath is covered in chunky yarn, you can move on to making the embellishments for it. Draw a paw shape on a piece of cardboard. I used a flap from an Amazon box and sketched a foot shape. Most paw clip art has a basic outer shape with three slight humps at the toes and the shape gets smaller as it moves down into the “heel.” The “paw” print comes in after the main shape is drawn and three pads are drawn at the top and one in the “heel” section. We won’t need the pads as the “bottom of the paw” will be showing. I drew a basic shape that curved in slightly toward the bottom on one side. That will become the part that faces inside the wreath.

Drawing a paw shape on cardboard to make "feet" for the bunny wreath.

Cut the paw out. Then trace around it and cut out that one as well. Honestly once the feet are cut then wrapped in yarn, you can’t see the dips in the toe area. So, if you want to skip that and just round the ends off, that’s fine. It will actually make wrapping them in yarn easier.

Before you wrap the feet, you need to add pipe cleaners or floral wire to the back. This will allow you to attach them to the wreath without glue so that you can remove them without damage. Cut a pipe cleaner in half so that you have one for each foot. Add a short line of hot glue to the center of each foot, then place the middle of a pipe cleaner on the glue.

Squeeze a dot of hot glue on the back of one of the feet at the end. Place the end of the yarn on the glue, then wrap the cardboard until it’s covered. Cut off the excess yarn and glue the end to the back of it.

Add the Paws Thru the Chunky Yarn onto the Bunny Wreath

Add the bunny paws at the bottom sides of the wreath, at about 5 and 7 o’clock.

Make & Add Bows

There are two places that you can add bows: to the ears and/or around the neck. I decided to add two tiny bows at the base of the ears like pigtails. However, I did make a larger bow and I placed it around the neck to see how I liked it. I made my bows with 2.5″ wired pink metallic ribbon and secured them with pipe cleaners (left long to attach them to the wreath). To cover the wire, I wrapped the middle of the bows with the same pink yarn as the feet.

Here is the bow around the neck (which I later removed):

Pink metallic bow on the chunky yarn bunny wreath.
ompleted bunny wreath wrapped with chunky white yarn covering the head completely with the body wrapped like a regular wreath form having an open middle, there are two feet facing outward on the bottom, a pink pompom tail, and two metallic pink bows on the ears.

Slide the pipe cleaners or wires through the chunky yarn at the base of the ears. You can tilt them so they sit at a slight angle or make them straight. I liked mine at an angle.

Placing pink metallic bows on the chunky yarn bunny.

Add a Pom Pom Tail

You can leave the bunny like it is, but I felt she needed a little something more. I decided to make a pom pom tail out of the same pink yarn as the feet. Pom poms are very easy to make. Simply wrap the yarn around four fingers many times then tie the yarn around the middle. Slide the bunch off of your fingers then cut both sides free. Fluff and done! Attach a pipe cleaner to the back and place it in between the bunny’s paws.

White chunky yarn bunny wreath with pink paws & pink bows on the ears.

Your chunky yarn bunny wreath is complete!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you make your own chunky bunny! Here are some pictures of all of the different versions of my bunny:

White chunky yarn bunny wreath with pink paws & pink bows on the ears.
White chunky yarn bunny wreath with pink paws & pink bows on the ears & around the neck.

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