Life as a LEO Wife

I’m glad you found your way to my site. I am Niki, wife of a detective, mom to two beautiful children and one beautiful step-daughter. I married my husband when he was already into law enforcement, so I had to quickly learn how to navigate the LEO world.

I have come to know that law enforcement officers treat each other like family. It’s a beautiful thing. Not only family to each other, but family to the families behind the badge. It’s a dangerous job, so they rely on each other more than any other occupation.

I couldn’t find much on law enforcement families online when I first married my husband. If any wives need to learn to navigate this territory, it’s LEO wives. I hope to provide them with a little bit of what I’ve learned the past few years.

I want to connect with, not just LEO wives and families, but also with moms and families across the US and farther. I love doing DIY projects. I feel you can make something exactly as you picture it in your mind, and most of the time you can do it for much less than you could buy it. I’m obsessed by DIYs and home decor.

I’m also a child of God. He has brought me through so many life threatening things. You may learn a little more on those situations, I haven’t really decided to do that yet. I love Jesus, and I hope that I can live as close to what He’d like me to do as I can. I love people just as He’s told us to. Now sometimes I have to really pray about loving some, ha! You’ll see that I have and will post on Christian topics.

You’ll find me posting on DIYs, marriage, parenting, and me time for moms (do we get me times?). God has blessed me with two of the most beautiful, loving, and amazing kids. My step-daughter and my youngest are the same age. When I post pics you’ll think I’m lying through my teeth about their ages. I hope to share some of the ideas we come up with to do together.

Feel free to contact me from any of the options from my Contact page. I’d love to work with anyone who wishes. And thank you to my loyal readers. Love yall!