Summer is Here! Adorable Summer Starter Teacher or Student Gift Idea w/ Free Printables!

School’s out for summer! Well, almost. Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? I know that our kiddos and our teacher friends may not feel the same way though. It’s time to throw the notebooks away, turn off the alarm clocks, and get some sun and relaxation! Start your favorite teacher’s or student’s summer off right with this adorable end of the year teacher gift set: a beach towel wrapped around a color changing tumbler (or another cup of your choice) with one of my cute free printable gift tags. This is an extremely affordable gift, costing about $6 each! Like I’ve been saying so much lately, saving money is so, so important right now!

For this end of the year teacher gift set you need:

  • beach towel or blanket
  • tumbler
  • white cardstock
  • my free printable file
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • BBQ skewer or craft stick (optional)
  • tissue paper (optional)
End of the year teacher gift supply list: blue & white striped beach towel, blue color changing tumbler, free printable gift tag, white cardstock, BBQ wood skewer, pink ribbon, scissors, & a hot glue gun,

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Download & Print My Gift Tags

I have created three different gift tags that you can print and use on your gift. My son has three teachers, one of which is a man. I made a different gift tag for him, in school colors, instead of using the frilly, girly tag on his as well. You can also use this tag to use on a beach towel set for your kids. Then I changed the colors of that same tag for you, and finally made one more that is very summery, girly, and beachy. Because who doesn’t want that?!

End of the Year Teacher Gift Tag: Less Teachin’ in Blue & Gold

Our local school colors are blue and gold, so this first design works well if you have the same color scheme. It’s also great for male teachers as it isn’t overly feminine.

For Personal Use Only
As with all of my free printables, these are for personal use only. They are not to be used commercially, to be sold, or used on items that you will sell. Thank you for following these guidelines. This allows me to keep these printables and SVGs coming to you for free! Also- these printables will not download or print with my logo on them. The logo is only there for the previews you see below to keep anyone from taking them to use on their own and so that they won’t be downloadable straight from Google.

End of the Year teacher gift tags: less teachin' more beachin' gift tags in blue and gold.

End of the Year Teacher Gift Tag: Less Teachin’ Pink & Teal

When you print these gift tags, make sure that you check your print settings. You want to make sure that borderless printing is on and that the size isn’t being altered. I always do a print preview before printing so that I don’t waste ink on something that I can’t use.

Less teachin' more beachin' gift tags in pink and teal.

End of the Year Teacher Gift Tag: School’s Out Gift Tags

This adorable tag just screams “beach, beach, beach!” I think it turned out just too cute for words. My husband said I definitely shouldn’t use it on my son’s male teacher’s gift lol. I guess it is a bit girly, but that’s why I love it.

End of the year teacher gift: two gifts: one blue and white stripe towel wrapped around a blue color changing tumbler filled with pink tissue paper and a gift tag that says, "School is out, your work is done, now it's time to have some fun!" and one with yellow tissue paper and a gift tag that says, "Less teachin' more beachin'!"

Roll the Towel Around the Tumbler

Lay out your towel and fold it lengthwise until it’s about 2-3″ shorter than your tumbler.

Folding beach towel lengthwise until it's about 8" wide.

Place your tumbler on its side toward the end of the towel so that the bottom is flush with the bottom of the towel. Begin rolling the towel around the tumbler until it’s completely wrapped.

Tie & Add a Bow to the End of the Year Teacher Gift

Next, cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap tightly around the towel with about 8-10″ extra for the bow.

You could stop here by punching a hole in the corner of your gift tag and placing it on the ribbon just before you tie the bow. If you don’t have a long craft stick or don’t want to worry about your tissue paper getting squished in your child’s backpack, this would be a good option. If you’d like to create a cute upright gift set, move on to the next step.

Glue the Gift Tag to a Craft Stick

Next, you need to attach your gift tag to a BBQ skewer or craft stick. (First have your child sign the card if you wish.) Decide if you want to use the whole length of the skewer, and if not, cut off the extra. I cut off about 2.5″. Place the tag facedown and squeeze some hot glue on the top end of the skewer.

Squeezing hot glue on the end of a BBQ skewer to attach it to the end of the year teacher gift tag.

I decided that I wanted to cover the back of the tag to hide where the craft stick was glued on. All you need to do to do that is cut another piece of cardstock, white, or any other color, to the size of the gift tag. Add hot glue on the back of the gift tag and the skewer, then place the new piece of cardstock on top.

Add Tissue Paper

I placed the tissue paper and tag in the tumbler after I wrapped it in the towel. However, I took these photos before so that you could see through the cup to see what was happening inside.

Cut a piece of tissue paper in half, ball it up, and place it in the bottom of the tumbler. This helps keep the skewer upright in the cup. You could use a piece of dry foam, but that makes a mess, and this works just as well. In the picture below you can see how to push it in and how the paper holds it up. You won’t place your tag in yet; I just wanted to show you how it works.

Finally, fold a piece of tissue paper in half, forming a triangle, and open it up just a bit to push the skewer through it. Place the skewer with the gift tag and the tissue paper into the tumbler. Push the skewer through the wadded-up tissue paper to make it stand upright. Adjust the tissue paper until you’re happy with the look.

Here’s a short video of the entire process:

Your end of the year teacher beach gift set is complete!

I hope that you love this gift idea and you’re able to use these free gift tags. Your friends and family could use these as well, so share the love with them by using the buttons along the side or at the bottom of the post. They’ll love you and so will I! Here are my three teacher gift sets:

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