30 Dollar Tree Spring Wreaths: Find the Perfect One for Your Home!

Welcome lovelies! I’m so glad you found your way to Life as a LEO Wife. It seems like every time we go to the store, everything we buy is more expensive than the last time we were there. Even if the last time we went to the store was last week! I’m sure you’re noticing that too. It’s time to start decorating for spring, just when everyone’s budget is tighter than it’s ever been. Not to worry! In today’s post I am going to share 30 spring wreaths that you can make from Dollar Tree items, saving you a ton!

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Grapevine Wreaths

Dollar Tree has grapevine wreaths that are quite different from most of them at larger craft stores. They have thicker vines and the are smaller and thinner overall. That makes them perfect for smaller areas, the backs of chairs, in tablescapes and vignettes, or even hanging from sconces (which I do every season).

I love this neutral berry grapevine wreath from Passionate Penny Pincher. Her tutorial is extremely easy!

Dollar Tree spring grapevine wreath covered in white berries and greenery.

This ribbon wreath from Fynes Designs shows you one way to use the grapevine wreaths like I was explaining above- by hanging it on a frame. So cute!

Dollar Tree spring wreath with teal and white ribbon and a pink bucket in the middle filled with mini faux flowers.

This wreath from Mad in Crafts requires a tiny grapevine wreath and the regular sized one from DT. You can skip that piece if you don’t already have one on hand and don’t want to buy one. If you do, they are about $5 with a coupon.

Craft Rocker made this floral wreath using a grapevine wreath from a craft store, but everything else is from DT. You could easily use a DT grapevine wreath in place of the larger one.

Dollar Tree spring grapevine wreath with a mini birdhouse and spring flowers and greenery around the bottom.

My spring nest wreath is so easy to make. I used ribbon from Hobby Lobby, but you can use DT ribbon in its place. I made two of these and hung them on each end of my gallery wall. You can make this in 15 minutes!

Dollar Tree grapevine wreath with a spring themed bow and a Spanish moss nest with speckled eggs inside.

I think this white tulip wreath is beautiful. I prefer it to the multicolored ones.

Dollar Tree grapevine wreath covered with white tulips.

Styrofoam Dollar Tree Spring Wreaths

In this section I’ve gathered some wreaths that can be made with the small green styrofoam wreath forms from Dollar Tree. These are good for doors (I like to use them on double doors), chairs, walls, etc., just like the grapevine wreaths.

You can make this spring chunky yarn wreath for under $7 with a few Dollar Tree supplies!

Spring chunky yarn wreath featured image.

A moss wreath is perfect for spring. This post says they got sheet moss from DT, but I haven’t seen any there. You could use the bagged moss in its place though.

Dollar Tree styrofoam wreath covered in moss and hanging on the back of a chair with a blue ribbon.

This is a super easy wreath that you can customize in a million ways.

Dollar Tree styrofoam wreath wrapped with green burlap ribbon and pink and yellow roses on the bottom with a round sign saying, "hello spring."

This wreath is made with dust mops! Cute for spring and for Easter.

This bunny butt wreath is adorable! You need a boa which I haven’t found at DT, but they aren’t expensive. You could replace them with the dusters like the wreath above.

I made two of these spring burlap wreaths in under 30 minutes, and they’re adorable!

Wire Form Wreaths

Dollar Tree usually has two sizes of round wire wreath forms. One is a 14″ and the other comes in a 2-pack and they are 8″ if I remember correctly. There are so many ways to use those. Here are some adorable ideas!

This woven rope wreath is perfect for spring, but you can remove the florals and the ribbon to customize it for any season!

Woven rope wreath 500x500 featured image

Carrots are a staple for the Easter Bunny as well as all other bunnies, so this is a perfect wreath for spring!

This braided yarn wreath is stunning. It’s another one that you can update with the seasons and holidays.

Braided chunky yarn wreath

This wreath is similar to the braided chunky yarn wreath with a little twist in the technique.

An egg and moss wreath is another must on the spring wreath list!

This hydrangea wreath was made with craft store flowers, but DT sells them in several colors.

Dollar Tree sells mini wire wreath forms in a 2-pack. This candle wreath is made with those.

This wreath calls for burlap ribbon. You can usually find 2.5″ colored burlap ribbon at DT, and everything else you’ll definitely find there.

This metal birdhouse wreath is cute, and you can customize it with any of the metal garden picks from DT.

This is one of my summer wreaths, but I have yet to make a tutorial for a spring yarn wreath. You can customize this one for spring using many things from DT.

This daisy wreath is similar to the tulip wreath but uses the styrofoam form instead of grapevine. Again, I love the uniform color of the flowers.

I made this garland wreath with wood beads, plastic eggs, yarn, and a styrofoam wreath form from DT. It turned out to be adorable!

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Spring Wreaths

There are so many ways to customize pizza pan wreaths from using a cutting machine to using decoupage and napkins!

I like the idea of this Easter pizza pan wreath. You can customize the colors to fit your home and tastes. This link is no longer active, but it’s easy to look at and recreate.

I couldn’t find a link to this wreath, but you can see it’s made with DT faux flowers, ribbon, wood beads, and nautical rope. The picture looks like a placemat.

I found this farmhouse truck Easter wreath on Pinterest with no link. It’s made with a pizza pan, patterned cardstock or wrapping paper, nautical rope, ribbon, and a metal garden pick truck. Easy peasy.

This placemat pizza pan wreath is too cute. I couldn’t find a link to it either and haven’t been able to find anyone to credit it to. If it’s yours or you know who made it, let me know so I can link it to them. It’s super easy. Just cut ribbon to size and layer them on the outer edge of the pan, cut the placemat to fit in the center, attach it to the pan, then add the cotton rope ribbon to fit.

Dollar Tree Spring Wreaths from Non-Wreath Forms

This moss bunny wreath is made from non-DT items, but they are selling the wood bunny cutouts right now. They also sell everything else you’ll need to make it. You definitely don’t need a pompom maker to make one. Check out my moss bunny tutorial where I use all DT supplies.

Dollar Tree wood bunny covered in moss hung on a door as a wreath.

This is another one without a link, but it’s like the pizza pan one above. Paint a DT charger, cut the placemat to fit the center, then add beads around the mat and a bow below it.

Dollar Tree charger painted teal with a placemat saying "Always stay humble & kind" cut to fit the center with a bow at the bottom.

This unique hat wreath is certain to please if you don’t want just another wreath!

Dollar Tree spring hat wreath.

I’ve made several of these silver platter door hangers, and they’re super easy. This one is adorable!

Dollar Tree silver platter painted white with stripes and a pink felt bunny made to be a door wreath.

It turns out an egg tray makes a cute wreath! This wreath was spray painted, but DT now has trays in many colors.

Dollar Tree egg tray Easter wreath.

This floral bike wreath is gorgeous and easy to make! You can get the form from Dollar Tree an choose any florals that you’d like.

Floral bike wheel wreath featured image

A hoop wreath is a great addition to any spring decor. I used a gold hoop from Michael’s for this tulip hoop wreath, but you can get a hula hoop from DT and spray paint it.

Gold hoop spring wreath form with orange, coral, light salmon wreath with navy silk ribbon.

I hope you’ve found your perfect spring Dollar Tree wreath!

There’s bound to be one in this wonderful roundup of spring wreaths that is just for you! I’d love to see which one you make. You can follow me on social media (which I would so appreciate!) and tag me in a photo of your wreath. Following me will also allow you to see what’s going here on the blog including new posts. I have many spring decor tutorials upcoming as well as some free printable wall art, SVGs, and gift tags. Make sure you don’t miss them by entering your email address below!

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There’s plenty more spring decor here on the blog, so I hope you’ll stick around and check them out. If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the search box in the sidebar. You might enjoy these spring Dollar Tree DIYs:

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