Beach Yarn Wreath

I made this beach yarn wreath to go in my dining room. I’ll soon make another one, as each season I usually hang one on wall sconces that are on either side of a book shelf. You can make this wreath for around under $10 if you don’t have any of the supplies. If you have a few you can make this under $5!

For this beach wreath you need:

You can get all of the supplies at Dollar Tree except the glue gun.

  • soft robin’s egg blue yarn (or other beach like colors from the choices available at Dollar Tree)
  • styrofoam wreath form
  • white wired ribbon (or a color of your choice)
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • seashells
  • twine
  • nautical rope
  • cardstock paper or sticker in a beachy print (optional)
Supplies needed for a beach wreath: seashellls, twine, nautical rope, robin's egg blue yarn, hot glue gun.

Wrap the Wreath Form

Wrap your yarn around a thin item or piece of cardboard. I always use my FireStick remote. It’s the perfect size to pass over and around the wreath form. Hot glue the end of the yarn onto the back of the form.

Continue wrapping the yarn around the form until you have covered it completely. If you run out of yarn wrapped around your remote (or whatever you used), then hot glue the end onto the back of the form, then glue the beginning of another strand of yarn. Wrap the yarn around until you’re finished.

Cut a beachy item for the beach yarn wreath.

This part is optional. I used my Cricut to cut a seahorse out of a coastal cardstock pack. I have been using paper from this pack in a lot of my beach decor that I’ve been making for my home this summer. A few of them are this faux book set and this upcycled Dollar Tree sign.

If you’re not using a Cricut, skip this section.

If you’re cutting using your Cricut, click add image in a new project, search using the word “seahorse,” and click add image. Drag the image to the size you’d like for your wreath then click “Make It” on the top right side of the screen. Turn the knob on your machine to “cardstock,” then click continue and load the machine with your paper on a standard grip mat. Your machine will cut, then remove the mat from it.

Freehand draw or use a cookie cutter in a sea animal or shape.

You can choose to skip having a picture on your wreath at all, or you can freehand draw a sea animal, a seashell, or other beachy item. The easiest would be a beach ball. A starfish would be pretty easy as well. If you have cardstock pack in summer themes, either one of those would look great as the print would make the most impact. If you have cookie cutters in a circle or star, those would be very helpful with cutting a shape.

Make a bow for the top or the beach yarn wreath.

Now you will make a bow for the top of your wreath. Make a regular two loop bow. I always give the example of tying your shoe. I made my bow about 4.5″ wide. You can place your bow on the beach yarn wreath just the way it is, or you can follow the next step like I did.

I got a roll of thick(er) twine from Michael’s in a grab back at Christmas time. Two blind bags for $5!! Yall would not believe the amazing things I got for $15. If your local store ever has that sale, grab up as many as you can. If all you have is thinner twine that will work two. Wrap the twine around the middle of the bow, and hot glue it to the back.

White ribbon with twine wrapped around the middle to be placed on the beach yarn wreath.

Put a dot of hot glue on the back of the bow, and place it at the top center of your beach yarn wreath.

Add other embellishments

If you are adding a cut out on the wreath, glue it on now. I like to add mine a little to the left or right on the bottom center. You can choose where you’d like to glue yours. Put hot glue on the back, then place the middle of the shape at about 4 o’clock.

Hot glue gun adding hot glue on the back of the seahorse to put on the beach yarn wreath.

Next you will add your seashells. I used two, one larger and another one a little bit smaller. Glue the larger about 5 o’clock, then slightly overlap the edge with the smaller one. If you have chosen not to add a shape, you can add more seashells around the wreath. You can even make felt flowers to go with them.

Now you need to add something to hang the wreath from. I used nautical rope from Dollar Tree. It is both functional and adorable. Measure about 8″ of rope from the pack and cut it off. If your rope begins to fray, add some hot glue into the rope at the end and twist it closed again. Glue the two ends of the wreath together, making a loop. Then put a bit of hot glue on it and glue it to the top center, right behind the bow. If you don’t have or want the rope to hang it by, you can make a loop with a pipe cleaner and glue it on the back where it can’t be seen from the front.

Your beach wreath is complete!

You are now ready to hang you beautiful beach wreath. It looks fantastic, doesn’t it? I just love it!

I hope you love your beach yarn wreath as much as I do! Please share your pictures with us on social media. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I love chatting with you!

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