Upcycle a Dollar Tree Sign into a Beach Sign

Today I’m sharing how to upcycle a Dollar Tree sign into a beach sign. I have been working on decor pieces to put on my two tier tray. These 3-D frame signs from Dollar Tree have been in my collection of things to upcycle for a while. I am adding one of them to my beach themed tray today. We are still in the bloggers’ A to Z Challenge, and today’s theme is letter U. U for upcycled sign.

To upcycle a sign like the one I have, you need:

  • square 3-D sign
  • scissors
  • scrapbook paper, napkin, or regular paper with a beach theme- I used a cardstock pack from Michael’s that I’ve had for a while. I got it on sale for $7.50. The brand is Craft Smith and the pack is called Seaglass.
  • Mod Podge and sponge brush- If you don’t have a sponge brush, you can use a regular one.
  • acrylic paint and paint brush- I used robin’s egg blue.
This is the sign that I used. I forgot to take a picture before I painted a layer of paint.

Remove the small sign and paint the inside of the sign.

My sign had a small sign inside of it. You need to remove it if yours has one. I just pulled directly out on it, and it popped out easily. It did tear the paper background a little, but that’s ok because it will be covered with the picture.

Paint the background so that the floral print is covered. You don’t have to worry about coating the entire thing if you are using a picture that will cover most of it. I gave the edges that would show around the picture three coats of my robin’s egg blue paint. You’re on your way to upcycle a Dollar Tree sign into a beach sign!

Prep your picture and sign.

The picture I used came from a pack of 12×12 cardstock that had a coastal theme. Several of the sheets had quotes and other things to cut out to use in a scrapbook. I cut a 4.5×4.5″ picture that says “I’ll meet you at the beach.” It was perfect for my beach themed two tier tray.

Next add Mod Podge to the inside of the frame and to the back of the picture. You won’t have to add too thick of a coat, you don’t want the page to curl up. Place the picture into the frame, making sure to have the same amount of space from the edge of the picture to the side of the frame. Smooth it down, then add a coat of Mod Podge over the picture.

That’s it! Upcycle a Dollar Tree sign into a beach sign is done!

You are done! It’s really that easy. It looks great on my summer two tier tray. This is it on my tray. Just ignore the bare spots. Other things are in the works, so try to ignore the blank spots please! I have a few more tutorials coming for the other items you see here on the tray.

Upcycled sign on the bottom of a two tier tray. Next to that is 3 faux books tied with twine.

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