15 Gorgeous, Affordable Coastal Farmhouse DIY Decor Ideas

Summertime means beaches, boats, and fun in the sun. It’s time to get your home ready for the season, and what better way to decorate for summer than with decor that celebrates the season? I’ve gathered 15 DIY coastal farmhouse decor pieces that are beautiful, perfect for summer, and each of them costs less than $20 to make!

Coastal farmhouse decor ideas roundup featured image.

What exactly is coastal farmhouse decor? Well, farmhouse decor is a style that has become hugely popular in the last decade. It consists of warm and cozy decor, a lot of wood, and a simple, eye-pleasing aesthetic. There are clean lines and a natural, country feel.

Coastal farmhouse combines those features with more lighter blues and greens added in with the more neutral colors. It uses items like rope and drift wood for texture, with all of the things that make you think “nautical” or “beachy.” Think rustic beach cottage.

Is it just for summer? No, of course not! You can use the coastal farmhouse style year-round. I know we’ve all been to homes that have a beachy decor theme when it’s not summer, and it never looks out of place. In fact, “coastal Christmas” themes are gorgeous. I just like to change up my home with the seasons and holidays, and I live less than a mile from the beach. Who could resist coastal farmhouse summer then?

Some items you will need for your DIY coastal farmhouse decor:

Coastal Farmhouse Flag

Y’all, I’m obsessed with this piece. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We have several patriotic holidays from May through September, so this is a perfect coastal farmhouse DIY for the summer months.

This cost me less than $15 to make. All you need is a pack of 8×10 frames (they do have them at Dollar Tree), wood stain, starfish, and chalk or acrylic paint.

DIY farmhouse flag Pinterest pinnable image.

About a week ago I got a gorgeous new (washable!) rug and the majority of it is a peachy-pink (somewhere between salmon and coral). I think I may make another coastal farmhouse flag and substitute that for the red. There’s also a grayish blue color in there that I might add in place of the navy. What do you think?

Nautical Buoys

There’s nothing more nautical than buoys, so they make great coastal decor. They can be quite expensive to purchase, but you can make your own with dry floral foam.

The foam has pores that the paint would seeps, which would create a surface that wasn’t nice and flat. A dead DIY giveaway! I figured out how to get around that, and they look so good with my coastal decor.

Nautical buoys Pinterest pinnable image

Rope Tray with Coasters

Trays are a decorating staple, so you definitely need some that are beach-inspired to add to your summer home. Sisal rope is used in boating and fishing, so I wanted to bring some of that inside.

This rope tray was made using Dollar Tree rope a few years ago. This is a photo from the front to show how the layers of rope are added. You can add a bow or leave it plain.

Complete rope tray viewed from a low angle, with handles on each side and a satin navy bow on the front.

Last year, I gave it a little face lift using some coastal fabric that I had been using in other decor. Some rope coasters that I made also got a little facelift. Hopefully I can make my family use them this summer since we have newer furniture!

DIY Coastal Rope Tray 500x500 featured image

Beachy Tabletop Sign

I have a cute little ladder shelf in the corner of my living room that needs lots of small decor items. I’m sure you have a similar space, and this little “love” sign from Dollar Tree is perfect for them. There are a variety of other words that you can find from time to time.

This sign just took a little paint and a seashell and that’s it. It only takes about 5 minutes!

Tabletop sign with galvanized metal letters spelling "love" with rope making the "o" and a seashell in the middle and a conch shell at the end of the word on the base that's robin's egg blue.

Beach Themed Faux Book Stack

While we’re on the small item topic, this faux book stack is great for them or tiered trays. I used scrap wood, chalk paint, and a coastal themed cardstock pack to make them.

This post and my love sign were two of my very first posts, so forgive the lack of detailed photos! But you’ve got this. It’s all pretty self-explanatory.

DIY faux book stack Pinterest image.

Nautical Rope Wreath

Rope wreaths and farmhouse style go hand in hand. That must be why this one is one of my most popular all-time posts. It’s been viewed more than 1 million times across the blog and my other platforms! I had no clue what I was getting into when I made it!

Nautical rope wreath Pinterest image

No Sew DIY Decorative Pillow

Decorative pillows can get expensive when you’re buying them for every season and holiday. This no sew pillow can help you out in that area! All you need is a pillow and some fabric; no sewing machine required. Fabric can be bought by the yard pretty inexpensively, or you could also use shirts, towels, or other items with the pattern you want.

To make it, you simply wrap a pillow with a cute twist knot in the front. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it!

No sew pillowcase on a Pinterest pin image

Beach Yarn Wreaths

I make 10″ wreaths to hang from sconces in my living room for each season. These beach themed yarn wreaths are such a pretty color. The light, robin’s egg blue and white with the sisal rope make great coastal farmhouse decor.

Don’t feel limited to adding wreaths to your doors alone. Small wreaths look good on chairs, cabinet doors, and more.

Wreath covered in light robin's egg blue yarn, topped with a white bow with rope center, and sea shells and a seahorse on the left side.

If you would like to add cardstock shapes to your wreaths, this Cricut tutorial will help. I made a second wreath with the same color yarn and a crab instead of a seahorse. I add two coordinating wreaths to the sconces and balcony doors. Matching ones on cabinet doors around a refrigerator or stove hood is cute too.

How to cut shapes for wreaths with your Cricut Pinterest image

DIY Coastal Bookends

These are great for decorating bookshelves and adding a little coastal farmhouse decor to them. They super easy and affordable to make, costing $2.50 to make.

Coastal bookends Pinterest image

Seashell Cones

Initially I planned to save these DIY seashell cones for a coastal Christmas theme, but they didn’t feel so overly holiday-ish that I used them as part of my coastal farmhouse decor last summer. The best part? You can make three for $2.50 since the cones come in a three pack and the shells are from Dollar Tree.

Spiral Deco Mesh Wreath

This is another one of my most popular posts. I like the spiral deco mesh wreaths better than the mesh pouf wreaths. What about you?

To make this wreath a little more farmhouse, go with burlap deco mesh and keep the ribbons to more neutral colors. I used burlap deco mesh in this Christmas wreath if you’d like to see what it looks like. Add a farmhouse style sign to the center. You can even use the same wording but paint it white or light blue and use vinyl in more muted blues or grays.

Rustic DIY Sailboat by House of Hawthornes

This is such a cute sailboat! Think about how perfect it would look in the center of your mantle or console table. She doesn’t live near the beach, as is the case with most of the country, so she used a branch for the base. You can’t get better decor than free! Just walk outside and grab a large stick and a thinner one, root through your fabric stash, and boom! Free coastal farmhouse decor.

I will be out hunting some driftwood for the many projects I have planned for this summer! I will mention that if you don’t have access to natural driftwood, you can make your own with bleach.

DIY rustic sailboat made with a wood branch pinnable coastal farmhouse Pinterest image.

Nautical Buoy Wreath by Ruffles and Rainboots

I love this wreath! You can hang it, but I think I would place it on the bottom shelf of my console table. If you have a large mantle, it would look really cute there. Can you believe Sarah made it with Dollar Tree supplies? Yep. I found that if you have to use a large amount of rope, it is usually cheaper to get the rope at Lowe’s or even order it on Amazon if you can’t make it there.

Dollar Tree buoy wreath for coastal farmhouse decor Pinterest image.

Coastal Mason Jars by Sustain My Craft Habit

If you want to add a little coastal farmhouse decor to your bathroom, these DIY beach-y mason jars are just what you need. They are easy, cheap, and look adorable. I have mason jar style soap dispensers for soap and dish soap in my kitchen. All you would need for that is some pumps from Amazon that you could add to these to make these kitchen decor pieces.

Mason jar decor containers in coastal colors and shapes added to twine around the top; Pinterest image.

I hope that you’ve found some beautiful coastal farmhouse for your home & are inspired to get crafting!

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