How to Make a No Sew Pillowcase: Save Time & Money with This Method!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here on a hot, beautiful summer day (well at least for me). You may remember my projects with the coastal fabric, my rope tray and coasters and my upcycled basket that I got from the thrift store. Well I had plenty left over, so I decided I wanted to make a no sew pillowcase. Why no sew? I don’t have a sewing machine which means I don’t know how to use one lol! I do have a mission to get one! Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Supplies for a No Sew Pillowcase:

  • Fabric: 1/4 yd- I used a coastal pattern packaged in 2yd rolls from Better Home & Gardens at Walmart.
  • scissors
  • That’s it!!
Supplies for a no sew pillowcase: pillow and fabric.
No sew pillowcase covered with shells and corals on a sand-colored sofa along with 4 other throw pillows. Above the sofa is a coastal farmhouse patriotic flag and sconces filled with shells both sides of the flag.

Cut the Fabric to Fit

Lay the fabric face down on top of the fabric. Line it up so that one side will come down and cover half of the pillow from top to bottom and from the side to three quarters of the way across. You can use a pen or pencil to mark where to cut.

You can see the fabric around the pillow before I cut it in the picture above. Once every side is marked off, cut the fabric along the lines. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.

Cutting the fabric.

Create the No Sew Pillowcase

Center the pillow on the face down fabric.

Centering the pillow on top of the fabric.

Fold the top of the fabric down so that it’s covering half of the pillow.

Pulling the fabric over the top of the pillow.

Next bring the bottom half of the fabric up to cover the bottom half of the pillow.

Bringing the bottom of fabric up to cover the bottom half of the pillow.

Now fold one of the sides toward the middle like you’re wrapping a present. Don’t bring it all the way down to the pillow yet, only about 3/4 of the way. Repeat that step on the other side of the fold.

Next fold one of those sides that you just created and fold it to the middle one more time but this time all the way down to the pillow, kind of like making a paper airplane. Repeat on the other side.

Bring the folded side up to the middle of the pillow.

Bringing one side of the no sew pillowcase to the center.

Now repeat all of the steps on the opposite side of the pillow. Bring the new side up to meet the first one.

Finally, tie the two sides together in the middle in a cute knot.

Tying the end of the fabric together to form a no sew pillowcase.

That’s it! I wish I would’ve given myself a little extra fabric on the sides to tie into a knot, so take note of that when you make yours!

Finished no sew pillowcase on a pillow.
Don’t worry. I steamed the wrinkles out lol.

Now put out your new throw pillow and admire your handiwork!

Using this method, you can save yourself $20 or more per pillow! Here’s how mine look on my couch:

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. I’d love to see your pillows, so tag me on social media because y’all always have the coolest twists on my projects!

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