DIY Easter Egg Vases

I really love these Easter egg vases, and I think you will too. I got the inspiration for my DIY from The Colorventurer. She used bright colored eggs, but my spring dining room theme is neutral/chalk paints and colors. So, I made my Easter egg vases fit the theme.

To make your Easter egg vases you need:

  • 6 pack of large plastic Easter eggs
  • chalk paint
  • paint brush
  • flowers or greenery (faux or live)
  • exactoknife
  • glass gems or small white rocks- Something that will weigh down the eggs. You can find them at Dollar Tree. You could use pennies.
Supplies needed to make Easter egg vases. Six large plastic eggs, chalk paint, and a screwdriver.

Create a hole in the eggs.

The eggs come with two holes in the top and two on the bottom. You need to create a larger hole in the top half of the eggs. Use an exactoknife to make a hole in the center of the top. Put the tip of the knife to the egg, and push the knife down while carefully twisting. Make sure you don’t push to hard, especially if you’re holding the egg. You don’t want the knife to slip and cut you.

Paint the eggs.

Paint your eggs with chalk paint. At first I thought about painting them different colors. Since I was using them as place card holders on my spring tablescape, I thought it would be best if they all matched. I used Waverly gray chalk paint. It will probably take you about three coats to hide the original vibrant colors. Paint all six of the eggs, then sit them aside and allow them to dry.

Easter egg vases painted with gray chalk paint and displaying the holes in the top of the plastic egg.

Weigh down the Easter egg vases.

To allow your eggs to stand upright, you will need to make the bottom half heavier than the top. I used white rocks from Dollar Tree in mine. You could also use larger rocks or the clear and/or blue gems. I filled the bottom half of each egg about 3/4 full. If you are using the gems, you might need two to three.

Pouring white small rocks into the bottom half of the Easter egg vases.

Add flowers or greenery to your Easter egg vases.

Originally I was going to use only greenery in my eggs. After a lot of back and forth between flowers and greenery, I eventually settled on flowers. You could also use real flowers to dress up your Easter tablescape, just hot glue the bottom holes up if you want to add water.

Trim the flower stems to fit in the Easter egg vases.

Once decided, cut the stem of the flower to fit into the egg. I left mine about 3/4″ long. Slip it into the center hole on top. Repeat that step with the other five Easter egg vases. Congratulations! You have finished your DIY.

Set of 6 Easter egg vases with white flowers and gray painted eggs.

Display your Easter egg vases.

This spring I decided to create my first tablescape. I usually just do a centerpiece on our dining room table. I’ve been seeing so many beautiful tablescapes on Pinterest and other blogs, and I just had to try it. I will be adding the tutorial and pictures of the dining room later.

I decided to place the eggs on the turquoise dessert plates at each place setting. It’s your turn to find the perfect place for your eggs. When you are sitting up your eggs, you may have to swish them around a few times until the rocks are distributed evenly so that the eggs stay upright. Patience and dedication are called for here, ha. I believe it would have been easier with the round gems, but I couldn’t find mine.

If you are sprucing up your home for spring and Easter, you might like this DIY on a spring hoop wreath. These small neutral colored wreaths are perfect for Easter without the pastels. Like the pastel colors of spring? You will love this DIY two-tier tray designed for spring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and that you make Easter egg vases of your own. When you do, add a picture and your comments in the section below. Share your picture and follow me on social media using the buttons at the bottom of the post. Enter your email to be notified when a new post is added. Stick around and check out the posts in the carousel below. Thank you Wifers, I love having you here!

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