Spring Decor Set from Canvas Blocks Tutorial

I made these adorable “hello spring” canvas blocks last year. I still love them, so I’m going to give you a tutorial so you can make a set of your own. They’re easy and will look great with your own spring home decor. If you love the spring vignette on the tier tray, see how to make your own with this tutorial.

DIY two tier tray with Easter and spring decor on it with canvas blocks in the background that say "hello" and spell out "spring."

I updated my canvas blocks to wood blocks in this “hello spring” block set! I’m always changing up my spring decor, and this year I went with a very neutral palette which is completely represented in the new blocks. They’re made using these canvas blocks, can you believe it?! You can download the free “hello spring” design in that post and use in this tutorial if you’d like!

Supplies you need to make your spring decor set:

  • 7 4×4 canvas blocks- You can get a pack of 10 at Michael’s around $10 on sale, regular $20.99 or Amazon has a 24pk for $18 or if you want wood squares they have a 6pk for $14.99 (you would need two, or change your project to just the letters that make up spring without the “hello.”
  • acrylic paint in spring colors
  • paint brushes
  • Cricut or die-cutting machine. OR
  • stencils- These letter and word stencils from Amazon are reusable and you can make signs, shirts, tumblers, etc with them.
  • Tiffany blue (or your color choice) vinyl or you can use paint with your stencils. This Oracal vinyl is a great deal! 6′ by 12″ for $8.74!
The canvas I used above goes with another project, but you can see what you need to make your own set.

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Paint your canvas or wood to create your spring decor piece.

I’m sorry I don’t have the step by step pictures that I normally have, but I will try to explain it the best I can. If you have any questions, you can use the comments section and I will try to answer them. Paint your blank canvases first. I used a different spring color for each block, but you can use the same paint for each if you wish. Make sure to paint the sides as well. Once you’re done, set them aside to dry.

Create your design.

Using the Cricut, you will:

Open Cricut Design Space and choose the font you like for your lettering, I used regular old Calibri. Type one letter per text box. Size each letter to 2.75″ to 3″ in height. Create a new text box and add the word “hello” in a cursive/handwriting font, and size it to about 3″ long. I used the Alexis Maddox-Emma Rae font.

Next you will need to cut your design. Remember to set your cut dial to vinyl. Cut the vinyl, weed each letter, and cut each letter and the word separately.

When your canvases are dry, apply the designs to them. Use transfer paper to move them on to the squares. Your letters are 2.75″ to 3″, so you will need to place them with around .7″ of space left on all four sides.

I won’t go into all the steps because I’m sure you know how use your die-cutting machine already. If any of you would like me to give you a step-by-step tutorial for different uses of the Cricut, let me know in the comments, and I’ll gladly make you one!

Using stencils, you will:

Once your canvases are completely dry, line up the stencils so that each letter is centered in the middle of your 4×4 canvas. Secure your stencil with a bit of painter’s or masking tape to hold it in place, making a cleaner, sharper letter. I would use the same paint for all seven canvases, but if you’d like to use multiple that’s fine too.

When I use stencils with paint, I use a foam brush known as a dabber (or that’s what they are packaged as at Dollar Tree). Be careful to not move the stencil, and try not to lift the stencil as you’re painting. Make sure that the word and letters are completely dry before removing the tape and taking the stencils off.

Use smaller stencils to apply the word “hello” than you did for the letters. If you are using only six canvases, you don’t have to worry about this part. Figure out how long, in inches, the word will be when it’s painted on. When you know that, you’ll know where to place the stencils. If the size of the stencils allows you to put them all on the canvas at once that’s the best route. If not, put them on, one by one, and outline them with a pencil so you can see if it’s even and looks right. When they are the way you’d like, carefully paint the word over the outline.

Display your beautiful spring decor.

You have finished your spring canvases! Now you can find the best place to display them. I put mine on our entry way table. Last year I put them close together with the “hello” on top of the S and P. This year I have them staggered, one in front, another to the back a little, the next in front, etc.

Seven canvas blocks painted in pastel colors with "hello" and "spring" spelled out on them with teal vinyl.
Seven canvas blocks painted in pastel colors with "hello" and "spring" spelled out on them with teal vinyl.

If you like the sign above the spring decor set, make your own using this tutorial. It’s pretty easy and so budget-friendly!

That’s all for this tutorial. Stick around and check out some of the other posts to make a few more home decor pieces for Easter and spring. Enter your email below to get a notification whenever a new post is added so you never miss one. Follow us on social media using the buttons below. Have a great day Wifers!

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