DIY Two-tier Tray for $3

I love look of a two-tier tray that I see all over Pinterest. I went on Amazon to order one the other day and they are between $50 and $70. That just isn’t in my budget. Maybe one day, but definitely not today! I made a few different ones previously, but I wanted a different look this time. I went to Dollar Tree and found a few items that I hadn’t considered using when I made the others.

To make your own tray, head to the party section at Dollar Tree. In the section near the wedding and shower dishes, cutlery and such, they have several bowls, trays, and plates that could be used to DIY a cute tray.

To make your own two-tier tray you need these items from Dollar Tree:

  • 6 pack of plastic champagne glasses. You’ll only use two. They are made of hard, clear plastic, and come with the bottoms not attached. The bottoms are in the pack, you just put them on later for easier shipping and handling.
  • 14″ clear circular platter. The top is smooth, and there is a plastic, geometric pattern on the bottom.
  • 11″ clear circular cake stand. There are scalloped patterns on the sides and a pattern on the underside of the stand.
  • super glue
  • chalk paint- If you want to get everything from the Dollar Tree, they now have some acrylic paint in the craft section. I used Folkart chalk paint in patina.
  • paint brush

Paint the pieces of your two-tier tray.

Turn your trays over and paint the patterned, underside of them. You will need two to three coats depending on the paint that you have. Mine took three coats of chalk paint. I like the differentiation of the chalk bottoms and the plastic giving the paint a glossy look from the top view. Paint the inside of the two glasses and the bottoms that your stems snap into. You will need a skinny paint brush to get into the stem of the glass. Give them a few hours to dry. I let mine dry overnight.

Assemble your two-tiered tray.

Snap the bottoms of the champagne glasses on, then put a layer of super glue on them. Press the bottoms firmly together. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Put a strip of glue around the rim of one of the glasses. Press it to the center of the 14″ platter, and allow it to sit for another couple of minutes. If any of the glue leaks onto the platter, wipe it off with a damp cloth right away. You can also use Goo Gone. That stuff works wonders. They even have a small bottle of it at Dollar Tree where the tools are located.

Finally, put some glue around the rim of the second glass, and place the last platter on top of the glass. There are five rings starting in the middle of the plate, moving out. Line up the glass so that it sits right on the second inside ring which will have your champagne glass right in the middle. Let your two-tiered tray to sit over night to let the glue harden.

And that’s all folks. For $3 you have made a beautiful tray, and you’d never guess it was so easy and cheap to make! For that price you can make ten for each room in your house. I love mine, I really do. I’m sure I’ll be making one for every season and holiday because I love it.

I styled this tray with Easter/spring decor. The multi-colored was a gift from church last year with an array of items that explained and reinforced that Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead three days later. I had the gold hello for a few years. It was in the dollar spot at Target, as was the three egg ring dishes and the two yellow egg shaped bowls. The little white and gray bunnies came from Dollar Tree, and I painted them with chalk paint. I made the initial canvas sign using my Cricut. I may do a tutorial for it at a later time.

Though it is decked out with spring items now, this tray can be used year-round. Paint it with the color scheme of your room, spray paint it in metallics or looking-glass paint, or paint it with colors of the season or holiday. You’re house will thank you for it!

Don’t have time to DIY? You may like these from Amazon.

When you make your tray I would love to see it! Post a picture in the comments section below or on social media. I love to hear from you, so post any ideas, comments, or questions as well.

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