Dr. Seuss Costume: Fox in Socks

Need a Dr. Suess costume? You certainly do. Dr. Seuss Day is coming up on March 2, and if your child’s school celebrates it like ours do, you will need something to throw on them that day. Throw on? No, we mothers never forget anything schools have going on. Insert eye roll emoji here!

A few years ago I completely forgot about the dress-up day until the night before. My son’s school wears idiotic uniforms (can you tell I just love it), so a day out of them is highly looked forward-to by all the kids. The year before I made him a Thing 2 shirt using my Cricut. My niece and he are three weeks apart, so she was Thing 1. I couldn’t find that shirt anywhere! Which is typical in a little boy’s room; at least it is in his.

That meant starting from scratch at 8 pm. That was his bedtime, so great. He’s not like his Mom in the mornings. He’s a sweet little boy (who’s quickly becoming not so little), so we had that going for us. I checked Pinterest for anything simple and quick to pull together, but I struck out. I went to his room and grabbed every Dr. Seuss book he had. I looked through them, and decided on Fox in Socks.

Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks is a red fox with a red tail with blue socks on his hands and feet. That I could work with.

To make your own quick and easy Dr. Seuss costume for your fox in socks you need:

  • a red shirt and red pants or shorts- We had solid red shorts, and a red shirt with a small logo on the right pocket area. I know that most people won’t be able to send their child to school in shorts in March, so red pants or even jeans will work. It’s hot where we live usually by the end of February.
  • a sheet of red foam
  • two bobby pins
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • safety pin
  • red tissue paper or red crepe streamer if you don’t have the tissue paper
  • teal blue socks- If you have two pair that’s good. If not, it’s ok too. We had two, but you can’t really tell he had them on once his shoes were on.
Items needed for a Dr. Seuss costume.

Making the ears for the Dr. Seuss costume

First we will make the fox ears with the red foam (I had to use orange for the tutorial). You can find something with a triangle shape and trace on the foam, or use a ruler to draw them. I just drew mine using a ruler. Use the pencil to draw the triangles, making each side about 2.5″. The pencil will leave an indention for each line. Cut the foam along the indentions so that you have two fox ears.

Now that the ears are cut, you will attach them to the bobby pins. Squeeze a strip of hot glue along the flat side of the bobby pin. Press the edge of the triangle onto the hot glue. Repeat the process for the second triangle.

Tail for Fox in Socks

For a simple tail, tissue paper is the perfect medium. All of my red tissue paper ended up getting put away with my Christmas decorations, so I will have to show you how to make it using white tissue paper.

Roll the tissue paper width wise so you have long tube-like tail.

Rolling tissue paper to make a tail for the Dr. Seuss costume.

Next, twist and crinkle the tissue paper tail just a little to make it look more tail-ish.

Attach the tail to your little fox using a safety pin. Put the pin through the tail, and pin it to the top center of the red pants. Their shirt will cover the pin and top of the tail to make it look more natural. It’s easier to pin the tail on before your child puts it on.

Dress your little fox.

Completed ears & tail of the Dr. Seuss costume.

Have your child put on the pants and shirt. Make sure they are careful not to rip the tail when they put the pants on.

Slide one bobby pin in the middle of the hair on the right side, then along the same line, slide the other bobby pin on the left side. Put the teal blue socks on each hand, and on the feet if you have a second pair of teal socks.

Voila! You have an adorable fox in socks Dr. Seuss costume clad boy/girl!

I hope this tutorial helps you create the most adorable fox in history! Please share your comments and pictures below or with us on social media. I can’t wait to see all of the cute foxes.

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