Upcycled Superhero Lamp: from Paw Patrol to Superhero Lamp

My husband bought this Paw Patrol lamp from Target about 6 years ago. It was cute for 3 year-olds, but my son just turned 9. He still used it in his room because he needed a lamp. We looked around, and he liked the lamps that used comic book pages that included all of the superheroes. That is how this upcycled superhero lamp was born.

My son loves it, I love it. What more could we ask for?

For an upcycled superhero lamp you’ll need:

  • an old lamp- If the base isn’t painted red already, you’ll need to spray paint it red or other color that matches the superhero you want to use.
  • Printer to print superhero comic book pages or old superhero comic books ($.60- $.10 per page printed)
  • Mod Podge in matte ($1 in the Target dollar section or Dollar Tree)
  • Foam brush to spread the Mod Podge ($1 for a 3-pack at Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors (Dollar Tree also has adult size scissors for $1)
  • Superhero figurine- he got several “string heros” from the quarter machines in front of Walmart & the Dollar Tree; he chose to use Flash as the on/off pull string ($0.75 from the machine) You can also use small figurines they sometimes have in the toy section at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc.
  • If you use a toy figure & not a string character, you’ll need E-6000 or hot glue gun & glue

Clean & Paint the Lamp

First you’ll want to clean the lamp. Get any dust or stray Crayola marker streaks off. Mine came clean easily. If you need to spray paint your lamp, do so now. While it’s drying, you can print some superhero comic book pages online. If you have old comics, that’s even better. You don’t have to waste your ink!

Cut Up & Add Comic Pages

My son wanted all different superheroes, but if your child wants all Batman or Iron Man, you can do that too. For my lamp I cut the pages at different angles or chunks of this comic book page line & that one. If you want a more uniform look, you can cut square of each section from pages.

Use your foam brush and add some Mod Podge to the lamp shade and a little to the back of the comic. Add it to the area of the lamp you’d like. Do that all around your lampshade. Just turn it, find the best spot for each cut out & glue it on. You’ll see you can cut smaller pieces as you go, or you can layer the comics on certain parts of the lamp. I went with layering mine. You may also want to have enough paper to fold under at the bottom & over the shade at the top, so you can’t see the old edges. Finding the best spot for each piece is what takes the longest, so be prepared with your newest binge-worth Netflix shows!

Edges of the comic book pages are folded down over the top edge of the Superhero Lamp update.
You can see here how I folded part of the paper over the top edge of the lampshade.

Add Mod Podge Over the Comics

Once all pieces are placed, spread another layer of Mod Podge over the entire shade, ensuring it will stay on & look nice & smooth! Allow it to dry before you place it in your child’s room. They can’t help but touch, ha!

While mine was drying, I tied “String Flash” onto the silver on/off chain. However, if you’re using a solid type figurine, add E600 to the bottom, then a little hot glue over it. Then place it on the lamp base, holding it down for a minute while the hot glue dries.

Left, string Flash. You can also glue on bigger figurines to the base, like Batman.

Complete Upcycled Superhero Lamp!

Upcycled superhero lamp with string Flash as the on/off pull string, and lamp turned on.
The final product

It took about 2 hours to complete, not including drying time at the end. Printing & piecing the pages on the lampshade took the most time, around an hour & a half. You won’t regret it if you upcycle an old lamp. It’s cute & functional! How could that go wrong?

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