New Year’s Eve Photobooth with Free Printable Props

Last week I shared with you how to create a DIY photobooth and some free printable Christmas props. This week I am going to share some New Year’s Eve photobooth props that you can download and print for free! We will be setting up a fun family photobooth here at home to ring in 2022, and we’ll be using these fun props. I couldn’t keep these cuties to myself. You know I love you guys, so I had to share them with you too!

Set Up a New Year’s Eve Photobooth Backdrop

You can read my Christmas photobooth tutorial to see how to set one up. I shared ideas on what to use as backdrops and how to hang them in that tutorial. I would suggest a black background for New Year’s Eve. Dollar Tree does carry black plastic tablecloths which will work perfectly. If you have a black sheet or blanket that will work as well. Gold would be perfect too. I wouldn’t go with yellow though, but that’s just me.

Photo of the backdrop frame that I use to hold up backgrounds for photobooths. I will use it for my New Year's Eve photobooth.
This is the backdrop frame that I use when I set up photobooths. This is the one that we used for our Christmas family movie night watching Elf.

Background Decorations


In the Christmas tutorial I shared ideas for things that you can use to decorate your photobooth with. For New Year’s I would suggest balloons, and there’s several ways to incorporate them. I think having about five or six on each side of the photobooth would look cute. You can have them blown up with helium, then use the weights that they sell at Dollar Tree to hold them in place. If you can’t find a place to blow them up (“Oh, we’re out of helium.” Sure. Yea. Right.), you can use fishing line to hang several of them from the ceiling. Another way to use balloons is to get the arch strips to create a half-arch (or full, who am I to get in the way?) and attach it to the backdrop.


You can also use a banner to decorate your photobooth. Use gold paper (I usually go with the gold foil looking paper) and cut black letters to go on the paper. If you don’t have a Cricut or paper puncher, you can make a very simple banner by cutting rectangles of the gold paper, then print and cut letters from a Word doc. Make sure to measure and use a ruler to cut straight lines and have each rectangle the same size. I will be making a “Happy New Year’s” banner in the next day or two that you can use in the background and as one of your New Year’s Eve photobooth props.

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Streamers & Foil Circles

One final decor idea that I’ll throw out there is streamers and circles. You can use crepe paper streamers or use the metallic foil streamers that you normally hang from the ceiling. If you need to, you can hang the foil streamers from the top of the backdrop, just above where the shot will start. If they’re long enough, you can hang them from the ceiling. Using crepe paper you can tape them to the ceiling and twist them as you go down, and then tape them to the floor. You can make them as close together or as far apart as you’d like.

I love the look of foil circles in photobooths. Cut circles on the gold or silver paper in different sizes. Then string them on fishing line and hang them from the ceiling. You can tape the fishing line to the ground or you can let them sway in the breeze. Another option is to tape them on the backdrop.

I will probably be doing a combination of all three ideas: balloons, circles, and streamers. I’ll update this post with pictures as soon as I get the photobooth set up after Christmas. I have a photobooth for Christmas that won’t come down until the day after.

New Year’s Eve Photobooth Props

There are many things that you can bring into your New Year’s Eve photobooth to use as props. I have 10 pages of free printable props that you can download, print, then cut out. When you cut them, you can glue them on long thin wood or plastic sticks. If you’re in a pinch, you can use popsicle sticks. Below are a few pictures of me cutting out the Christmas photobooth props. I used wood sticks that are about 12″ long. You can download the New Year’s props further down in the post.

Here are a few other items that you can bring in to use as props in your New Year’s Eve photobooth:

  • wine/champagne glasses
  • champagne/liquor bottles
  • mistletoe
  • glasses
  • party hats
  • inflatable items like guitars
  • lipstick (It’s a night for glamor right?!)
  • boas
  • scarves
  • hats
  • cool clocks
  • watches
  • calendar
  • plastic crowns
  • headbands
  • party blower
  • party poppers
  • confetti

I’m sure you creative gals and guys can come up with a lot more! That’s a little list to get you started.

Download Free Printable New Year’s Eve Photobooth Props

Each page of the props is made in portrait mode on a regular 8.5×11 piece of paper. It’s best if you use white cardstock because it holds up a lot better. You can laminate them if you’d like to keep them year after year. Make sure you preview the page before you print (print preview). You may need to change the settings like border/borderless or zoom to fit/fill. When you download and print the printables will not have my logo overlaid on top. That is to keep anyone from downloading directly from Google. If you have a Cricut or other cutting machine, you can scan the image into Design Space and have the machine cut the props for you.

These are for personal use only! Not for commercial use or sale. Please print them only for your household. If you have friends and family that would love to use them as well, you can use the buttons at the end of the post to share this with them on your favorite social media platform, or you can direct them here to the blog. Thank you! This helps me continue to make these printables free for you!

Quote Props

This is a page full of printable quote boxes. Cut along the square and attach it to the wood or plastic. When you download the page, it won’t have my logo overlay.

Hats, Headbands, & Masks

I created several pages of printable hats and headbands. You can cut them and attach them to the sticks as well. There are some other spirals that you can cut and put on sticks as well. I like to hold those up next to our heads like confetti falling.

New Year's Eve photobooth props: gold party hat & spirals.
New Year's Eve photobooth props: fuzzy black and gold party hat/
New Year's Eve photobooth prop: crown head band.

This is a masquerade mask with snowflakes. Cut them separately and place them on different sticks or place a few snowflakes on each stick. Make sure you cut the eye holes in the mask. You can hide the stick behind the stem coming down the side of the mask.

New Year's Eve photobooth props: gold masquerade mask with snowflakes.

Glasses & Party Blowers

Cut these the same as the other props. Glue the sticks on the side of the glasses so that you can hold them on the side of your face and and your hand doesn’t cover it.

New Year's Eve photobooth prop party glasses & party blower.
New Year's Eve photobooth props: champagne, snowflake, & 2022 glasses with mustache.

More New Year’s Eve Photobooth Props

Here are a few more pages with mustaches, lips, disco ball, and more!

New Year's Eve photobooth props: stars, party blower, lips, and mustaches to use in the New Year's Eve photobooth.
New Year's Eve photobooth page of props: disco ball, bell, party blower, and fireworks.
New Year's Eve photobooth page of props: clock, champagne bottle popping the cork, tie, and bow tie.

Now go set up your New Year’s Eve photobooth!

I hope that you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a blessed New Year. This new year, 2022, has got to be better than 2021. I trust and rely on God that no matter what, He’ll get us through.

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