Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

It’s Christmas break where I live, so our kids are home until after the New Year. Now it’s time to have fun doing all of the great Christmas traditions that we’ve created over the years. We usually drive around and look at Christmas lights with some hot chocolate on Christmas Eve after church. This year I decided to try to make it a little more fun with a Christmas lights scavenger hunt.

I didn’t want to keep all the fun to ourselves, so I am giving you the scavenger hunt for free! There are two to choose from. All you need to do is download one or both, then print them out. You can play as a family and print one copy for everyone, or you can have a competition to see who can spot all of the items on the list first. In that case, you’ll need to print one for each person playing. Of course you certainly don’t want the driver playing and trying to check off items on the paper! Have fun, but be safe!

You can make it more competitive by not telling each other when or where you found the items on the list. To make sure no one cheats, the driver can decide if they think that someone lied about seeing something. For example if someone completes the list, but no one else saw an elf, the driver can try to remember if they saw an elf along the way.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Downloads

I made two different styles of the Christmas lights scavenger hunt, then two more that look the same but have ten extra items. They both have the same items on the list, they just look different. As always, these free printables are for personal use only. Please do not print copies for anyone that isn’t in your household. If you have friends and family who would love to have a fun scavenger hunt as well, share this post with them using the buttons at the bottom of the post to share it on social media. Thank you so much for following these rules. This helps me to keep these printables free for you.

Pretty in Pink Option

I just love this adorable scavenger hunt. Ladies of all ages will love this color combination and the modern lines. I have created it as a PNG file because you can print it in any size without pixilation. Download the file, then choose print. Check your print settings before printing. Make sure you choose the size you’d like to print from the drop-down menu. The file you print won’t have my logo overlay on top.

Christmas lights scavenger hunt free printable in pink and Tiffany blue.

Pretty in Pink with More Items

This is the scavenger hunt with ten more items. I also swapped out “outdoor Christmas tree” with “candy cane.” There are several homes in our area that set up a Christmas tree on their porch, but I wondered if people everywhere do that. I switched it out just in case.

Christmas lights scavenger hunt free printable with 30 items to hunt for.

Traditional Red & Green Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Pink and Tiffany blue aren’t for everyone, so I made a second scavenger hunt in traditional Christmas colors. Again, when you download the file my logo will not be there as an overlay.

Christmas lights scavenger hunt free printable in red and green.

Red & Green Hunt with More Items

This is the red and green hunt with ten more items for thirty in total. I thought families with older children might like to hunt for more lights, while little ones might get tired quickly.

Red & green print Christmas lights scavenger hunt with ten more items than the first.

Enjoy Your Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

I hope that you have a wonderful time during your light hunt. Christmas memories are so important. The years that we have children in our lives at Christmas are truly magical. I know I don’t remember everything I’ve gotten as a gift each year, but I do remember the times that we spent together as a family. Be sure to pin and share this post so that you can come back and print a scavenger hunt every year as a family tradition.

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