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Christmas time is here! It’s cliché, but it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Every year we have a family movie night during the holidays. We actually do it for several holidays during the year. You might remember our Halloween family movie night and the free printables for the movie Beetlejuice that went along with that night. Head to those posts and pin them so that you can print and use them next Halloween! The kids pick a different movie every year, and this year you benefit from their choice too! This post will be full of Elf movie night free printables that you can use to throw an epic Christmas family movie night, for a Christmas party, or even to print and use as Christmas decor.

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Looking for more movie night fun? Our 2022 Christmas movie night is How the Grinch Stole Christmas! You can get 16 pages of free Grinch printables here. There are signs, an invitation, games and activities, award ribbons, food and drink tent cards, photobooth props, and more! Be sure to follow me via social media using the buttons in the left sidebar and enter your email in the right sidebar to be notified when I add the games, food and drink ideas, and more for a fun-filled Grinch movie night! Be sure to pin them for next year!

Elf Movie Night Invitation

What movie night can be attended without an invitation? Print it out and either frame it or place it out for your family to find the morning of or the week leading up to movie night. I think I will frame mine and put it out Friday night before our little party on Saturday. This is a 4×6 invitation. Download it, open the file, and choose the print option. Check your print settings before printing it to make sure that your printer doesn’t blow the invitation up to fit an 8.5×11. Also make sure that it’s borderless.

Elf movie night free printables set: invitation with a green background, snowflakes, candy canes, and the Elf movie quote about how Buddy got to New York City.


I made several different signs for this movie night. This sign is a 5×7 and is step three of the Elf Code which is about singing loud for all to hear. This printable is part of a game that we will play during our family movie night. Make sure you don’t miss it by entering you email address below. When I add a new post you’ll get an email so you never miss out on other great printables and posts! You can also follow me on social media using the buttons in the sidebar.

Elf movie night free printables: 5x7 sign with the quote, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."

I made this next sign because it’s one of the greatest lines from the movie. “Have you seen these toilets? They’re ginormous!” I’m going to hang it on our bathroom door or sit it on the counter to go with the other Christmas decor. The first download is an 8×10 and the second is a 5×7.

Elf family movie night free printables set: "these toilets are ginormous" sign.

I have another game planned (actually a few more), and this download is a part of it. You remember when Buddy goes on his date, and they find the diner that has “the best cup of coffee in the world?” I had to include this as part of our coffee and hot cocoa bar. I have another printable to go along with this one, so make sure you sign up to follow me so you don’t miss it! I’ll have a few posts for this movie night over the next week. This is a certificate for the “best cup of coffee in the world.” Print this one as an 11×8.5.

Elf family movie night free printables set: World's Best Coffee certificate.

Food Tent Cards

I made these food tent cards blank so that you can write whatever you’re serving on them. I am making others with the four main elf food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Those will be out over the next week. Download these and print them as a regular 8.5×11 document. Check your printer settings and make sure it prints borderless. Cut them along the edges and fold them in half to stand them up in front of your drinks and dishes.

Elf family movie night free printables set: food tent cards.

One of the main food groups for elves is syrup. I created this label to cut out and place on your syrup bottle. It’s a 3×3 design, so when you print it, be sure to change the print settings. Your printer will automatically blow up the image to fit an 8.5×10 paper if you don’t. In the photo size drop down menu choose “3.5×5” or something similar, then choose “shrink to fit” in the fit drop box. I chose to cut around the oval shape, but you can cut the rectangle if you prefer. The oval just works perfectly on syrup bottles. You can see how I used this label in my Elf Movie Night Fun post.

Now you have the start of a wonderful family Elf movie night with free printables!

I hope that you get lots of use out of these printables and have a fantastic Christmas season! Make sure you follow me via email or on social media using the buttons along the side. If you have family and friends that would love these printables too, use the buttons at the end of the post to share these on social media. Pin this post to make sure that you can get back to it and print these when you’re ready to.

If you love Christmas decor, there’s a lot of tutorials for great decor pieces here on the blog. Stick around and check them out. You might enjoy these free printables and other posts before you go!

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