Christmas Free Printables: A Flirty Wish List for Spouses

A few days ago I shared four different styles of Christmas letters to Santa that you can print for free. I promised a few more Christmas free printables, one set especially for couples, and they are here! They are absolutely fabulous! They are sexy and flirty and perfect to let each other know what you want for Christmas.

Christmas wish list mockup of two Santa Baby Christmas letters.
These are the printable letters to Santa that you can print for your kiddos to fill out.

I think that these wish lists are perfect to fill out on an at-home date night. I have more printables coming for both a family Christmas movie night, like I did at Halloween in this Beetlejuice themed night, and a couple movie date night, like this horror movie date night. Make sure you don’t miss them by following me on social media using the buttons in the sidebar and by entering your email address below. On social media you will find out what’s happening here on the blog, and when you subscribe via email, you’ll get an email every time I add new tutorials, free printables, and other great posts.

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Christmas Free Printable for Your Hubby

Christmas is not a time where you have a lot of extra money to splurge on dates and such. At least it’s not for us. Most of our money goes to buying gifts for the kids and to buying a new outfit for each of us for church the Sunday before Christmas (we go to church every Sunday when we have a car, not just at Christmas lol) and Christmas day .You could just print them, both fill them out then exchange them, but I think these free Christmas printables could start off a fun, romantic night together.

close up of two flute glasses filled with sparkling wine wuth ribbons and christmas decor
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Fun Way to Fill Out the Christmas Free Printables

I suggest waiting until you put the kids to bed to begin your at home date night. Set up a romantic dinner by candle and Christmas lights. Place both of the printables on the table with pens. Let the tone of the printables suggest the tone of how you want the evening to go. You can make it as light-hearted or as sexy as you’d like. Play some Christmas music in the background while you eat. After, you can either curl up by a fire, or the fire screen on your TV, and talk, or whatever (wink), or you can watch a Christmas movie before moving the party anywhere else. Make sure you follow me on social media and email because I plan to have Christmas date nights available soon, along with some gift ideas like the five senses gifts.

Wish List for Him to Fill Out

All that’s left for you to do now is to download and print your Christmas free printables. Just click download and print.

This is the wish list that he (or she if you’re on here for your wife) will fill out for you. If you’re filling these out over a candlelight dinner, place this one by his plate.

Christmas free printable: free printable Santa Baby Christmas wish list for the husband to fill out.

Wish List for You to Fill Out

This wish list is for you to fill out and give to him (or her). If you’re filling it out during a romantic dinner, place this one next to your plate.

Christmas free printable: Christmas wish list to fill out & give to the spouse.

More Christmas

I hope that you enjoyed this free printable. If you have family and friends that would love to use these, you can share them using the buttons at the bottom of the post. When you do that, it will also help you find them again easily as they will share on your profile page. These printables are for personal use only. If you’d like your family or friends to have it, please send them here to print them for themselves. That allows me to continue to make these printables for you and to keep them free. Remember to pin this post so you can print out your spouse wish list when you’re ready and so you have access to it next year.

There are a lot more Christmas free printables and tutorials around here, so I’d love for you to stick around and check them out! Here are a few printables and decor pieces you might like.

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