Halloween Movie Date Night

I shared my free printables to use for Beetlejuice family movie night with you a few weeks back. You can use them for Halloween parties and for decor as well. Then in this post I shared some fun ideas for games, food, and activities that you can do for a fun Halloween family night. The kids look forward to our movie nights and game nights, so when I was contacted by House Finch Entertainment to try out their Halloween movie nights, I decided to make it a Halloween movie date night. The kiddos got their night, why not us, right?

My Beetlejuice Halloween free printables.

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House Finch Entertainment has an Etsy shop where you can choose what Halloween movie printables you’d like to use. They call them “Not Just Another Movie Night.” They have a classic, family, and horror pack. In each one, you choose a movie for movie night, and then there is a recipe for a dinner or snack item and a drink recipe. There’s an adult only drink and a family friendly drink in the classic and family night packages. There is also a game themed for the movie you choose and fun facts about the movie. I love learning something new! I try to learn something new everyday, and I fulfilled my quota during mine and Robert’s Halloween movie date night!

Halloween movie date night blog graphic with a picture of us with our drinks watching Halloween, orange creamsicle adult beverages, Halloween cupcakes, and Halloween printables.

Horror Night Package

The ladies at House Finch Entertainment were so kind to send me their horror movie night printables package. The movies in that package are Halloween, IT, Scream, and The Conjuring. My husband and I had just watched the new Halloween, but I have never seen the original movies. So we decided that we should watch that one, especially since the final movie will come out next year. Also I cannot do movies like The Conjuring because that stuff is way more scary than a guy going around murdering people. I want nothing to do with the demonic, lol.


The Halloween movie date night had a recipe for “Laurie’s pumpkin balls” that are like rice krispie treats full of other yummy things like M&M’s and Tootsie Rolls. I didn’t have time to make those, so Robert and I had Halloween cupcakes that were pre-made by Walmart. The adult beverage recipe was for “Myer’s Medicine” which was a pumpkin rum cocktail. We don’t really like pumpkin, so we had a orange creamsicles with whip cream. Same color and idea as their recipes, just minus the pumpkins. I like the printables, because there are foundational ideas in them, but you can tweak them to fit your likes and dislikes.

Halloween movie date night snacks and drinks.


Each of the movies in the movie night package have their own game. For Halloween, the game was taking a drink when certain things happened in the movie. For example when you see a jack-o-lantern, hear the theme song, and when there’s a long walking scene where nothing happens. You’d be completely blitzed if you took a shot for every time, so we took a sip! Another part of the game was whoever sees and calls out a mistake in the movie or a Cali license plate “in Illinois” wins, and is supposed to choose who else takes a drink. We played that part for bragging rights. Or since it’s date night, you can play for a massage or something.


Each movie on the list also comes with some fun facts about it. I didn’t know it, but Halloween was written in 10 days! Like I told you before I love knowledge, even if it’s just interesting. You’ll have to go to House Finch Entertainment’s Etsy shop for find out more!

Here we’re trying to read the game sheet. My son took the pictures, so this was the best we could get lol!

Enjoy your own Halloween movie date night!

We had a good time, and I finally watched Halloween. It’s definitely not too scary which is great for those who want a Halloween thrill but don’t do scary movies. If you do want something scary, there’s movies for those tastes too. Want anther family movie night that’s not Beetlejuice? House Finch Entertainment has a great package for that. In their classic pack is Hocus Pocus, The Addam’s Family, Ghostbusters, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. They have a family movie night and a horror movie night in addition to that, like I mentioned above. Head over and check them out, I think you’ll have just as much fun as we did! You can see Robert getting a mouth full of whipped cream below, and me getting a good bite of cupcake, yum!

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