Beetlejuice Free Printables: Halloween Family Movie Night

Every year I do a family movie night for the kids during Halloween and Christmas. I let them pick the movie, then I go all out with food, printables, and games themed to that movie. This year my son chose Beetlejuice. I wanted to do Hocus Pocus, but for some reason my son hates it. They haven’t seen Beetlejuice yet, so I agreed. I made some signs, photobooth props, food tent cards, and more. I am making those Beetlejuice free printables available for you to print, cut, and use for your own family Halloween movie night!

The Halloween movie night for 2022 is now here! Check out the free printables and other ideas for a Hocus Pocus movie night!

To use these Beetlejuice free printables you will need:

  • letter size white cardstock or paper- You can use regular paper, but the cardstock holds up a little better.
  • printer
  • download files
  • popsicle sticks or skewers to use for photobooth props
  • scissors
  • 3- 8×10 frames
  • 1- 5×7 frame

Print the Beetlejuice Free Printables

Family Movie Night Invitation

I made several printables to make your night a success. There is an invitation to create excitement around your family movie night. My kids get so excited when we have Polar Express night because I put out their printed train tickets in the morning. They wait all day for the food, games, and movie. Print out this invitation that has a phrase found on the business card for Betelgeuse, “Troubled by the living? Unhappy with eternity?” followed by the movie night invitation and the date. You can put it out the morning of movie night, or even earlier in the week to build anticipation. If you have step-children, you can send them a picture of the invitation so they get in on the excitement too.

This is regular invitation size, 5″x7.” When you print it, make sure to check all of your settings, and change any that may increase the size to fit a regular 8.5×11 piece of paper. I printed all of my Beetlejuice free printables on white cardstock. You can print on regular paper if you don’t have any cardstock on hand. Personally I save my printables, especially those for special holiday family nights, and use them again year after year. You can laminate these to keep them pristine. I have added an invitation without the date for you because you won’t be doing it on Friday, October 15. I left October on for you.

Food Tent Cards

Download and print these food tent cards. I know that kids can be picky and different families eat different things, so I made four different options you can choose from. You can print one or all of them. Print then cut them out, and fold them in half vertically to form a little tent. This will allow you to sit the cards in front of the dish, telling everyone the name of the food. You can make up creepy names or just write whatever it is. You can also use them as place cards and write your family members names on them.

First Set

The cards I’ll be using are “spaghetti & eyeballs,” “Deetz sweets” (which is Lydia’s last name in the movie), “mummy bread,” and “Beetlejuice.” The kiddos want spaghetti and “eyeballs” as our main course. I make homemade meatballs, but you can just get the frozen bag from Walmart. You can cut a circle of parmesan cheese and olives for making the eyeballs on top of a few of the meatballs. Then I’ll be making garlic bread into mummy bread by draping shredded mozzarella across the top of French bread to make the mummies’ “cloth wrapping” and add, again, olives for the eyeballs. The Deetz sweets will be an array of cookies and brownies, and the Beetlejuice will be some sort of soda.

Second Set

On this one I added foods that are very easy to make. I left on the Deetz sweets and Beetlejuice because you can use those for any dessert and drink. One card is blank so you can use it for anything, and the last card says “Bloody Fingers.” Those are so, so easy to make and are kid friendly. It’s simply a hot dog made to look like a finger. You cut a “fingernail” at the tip with a round bottom where the cuticle would be and a square nail at the tip and lines cut in the middle for the knuckle. On Saturday I’ll be posting exactly how everything looks with more instructions. Make sure you subscribe to the blog by entering your email in the sidebar and you’ll get an email when that post goes live.

Beetlejuice free printables: food tent cards, one blank, one "Deetz sweets," one "Beetlejuice," and one "bloody fingers."

Third Set

Next I made these with two blank cards, Deetz sweets, and Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice free printables: food tent cards, one "Beetlejuice," one "Deetz sweets," and two blank.

Fourth Set- Blank Cards

Finally I made food tent cards that are all blank. You can make whatever food you like and write in whatever you want to name it. You could also use these as place setting cards. Write your names on them or give each person a name from the movie.

Beetlejuice free printables: blank food tent cards to cut out and fold in half to make a tent. They have a black and white stripe background with white rectangles on the bottom section to write the food name in.

Photobooth Props

What’s a good family night without pictures?! Things are so busy these days that we have to enjoy every moment when we get to spend quality time together. Our kids grow so fast, it’s like they’re born, we blink, and they’re 10! I love getting pictures of my son, but most of the time he whines about having to do it, lol. However he loves doing silly photos in photobooths. So I’m making a Beetlejuice themed photobooth for Friday night. You have to have props for photobooths! I plan getting some others, but I made these quote bubble printables to use in it. These are quotes from the movie. Print them, cut them out, then hot glue a popsicle stick or BBQ skewer to the back to hold them with.

Beetlejuice free printables: photobooth quote bubble props.

Printable Signs

I made several signs that you can print and put in frames to decorate your home for the fun Beetlejuice themed family movie night. I created two sizes of a “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” printables, which is the quote that the Maitland’s use to call Betlegeuse to their home. There is an 8×10 and a 5×7, and one that is black and white only and a black, white, and lime green one.

Next I made an 8×10 of Lydia’s line, “I myself am strange and unusual.” I really like this one. This is made in landscape mode, so make sure your printer settings are set correctly before printing.

Betleguese’s famous line, “It’s showtime!” had to be made into a printable. This is an 8×10.

Cut & Use the Printables

All you have to do now is cut your printables to fit in frames, or in the case of the props and tent cards, cut them out and fold them. Now have a blast with your family!

On Saturday I’ll be posting pictures of all of our Beetlejuice family movie night fun. I’ll also be sharing how to make Halloween themed food, games to play, and how to set up a Beetlejuice photobooth. To make sure that you don’t miss that post or any of my other tutorials, free printables, and posts, enter your email address below. You’ll get an email when a new post is added. You can also follow me on social media using the buttons in the sidebar. If you have family and friends who would love to use these fun, free printables, you can share this post using the buttons at the bottom of the post!

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