Welcome Autumn on a Tray Blog Tour

Hello friends! Welcome to our Autumn on a Tray blog tour hosted by Katherine over at Katherine’s Corner. If you’re coming over from Laura at Everyday Edits, I’m so glad you’re here to see my version of a fall tray vignette. Trays are such a versatile way to decorate your home for any and every season. Let me show you how to put together a quick and easy autumn tray that’s sure to please!

Choose a Decorative Tray

There are so many styles of trays that you can use to decorate your home. For this particular vignette I used a rectangular wood tray with metal handles from Kirkland’s. It was quite pricey for my tastes, but we sprung for it because we used it on a display for our church. This one from Amazon is similar. I also have this chevron pattern rectangular wood tray that would work well for a fall tray. If you’re looking for a great deal, this is a set of five dark colored wood rectangular trays for $27, or this natural wood set that you can stain for $22.

Circular trays are also great for setting up vignettes. Simple one tier round trays like this one are cute with their matching two-tier siblings sitting in another area in the same room. You might want to grab the two-tier tray now because I paid $55 for it and it’s a lot cheaper now!

There are so many other shape and style trays. Grab one that fits in with your decor and the location where you’re setting up your vignette. Remember that you can move decor around to other rooms. Shop your home for items to use in your vignette!

Fall tray with a pumpkin vase filled with a fall bouquet on the right, a frame with a "Thankful" print in it on the left, a wood "hello fall" pumpkin in front of that, and an aqua pumpkin sitting on a copper candlestick in the center.

Add Height & Greenery

When styling a tray you want to balance each side. Start by adding height to each one. The items themselves can be tall, or you can add items like books to create height for pieces that are shorter. For this autumn tray I’ll be showing you how to style a tray that’s a bit shorter than I normally do, using books to create a bit of dimension.

I was designing a fall tray for our coffee table, so the contents couldn’t be so tall that they blocked the TV. I certainly didn’t want to have to continue replacing it every day after my husband left for work! So I stuck with items that wouldn’t be so tall that they would interrupt the line of sight. I started with one book on the right side of the tray. If you’re using books that aren’t all the same color, you can turn them so that the pages face out creating a cohesive feel.

Faux stems and greenery are a great option to fill in open areas of decorative vignettes. For fall trays faux leaves, wheat, bunny tails and pampas grass are perfect. I placed a few bunny tail stems, which I got from this 80-piece set of pampas grass, across the bottom of my tray and on top of the book on the right side. Next, I sat one of the white chenille donut pumpkins that I made in this tutorial on the corner of the book. I love the texture that these pieces add to the tray.

Begin Placement

I decided to add my pumpkin vase centerpiece but wanted a bit more height to it than just the one book allowed. So, I added another book on top of the one on the right. The bronze pumpkin I used on the left side wasn’t tall enough either, so I added a thinner book for it to sit on.

Wood tray with two books on the left side and a white chenille pumpkin on the bottom one, a blue book on the left side, and a wood "hello pumpkin" in front of it.

Don’t feel stuck with one placement when you’re styling a tray. You have all the time in the world to move items around. Also, don’t feel like you have to cram every inch of it full or even that you have to stick with a certain color palette for a specific season. For this fall tray I used white, aquas, and varying shades of pinks and burgundies. I went with aquas because they matched these gorgeous fall pillowcases that I got so cheap on Amazon.

Continue adding items until you’re happy with the look.

Once I had anchored the two sides of my tray I felt like it needed something small for the center. I placed an aqua pumpkin there, but it seemed like it was so short that it got lost in the mix. I searched through a bin of decor and found a copper candlestick that was wide enough to accommodate the width of the pumpkin. It was the perfect color, blending with the other neutrals. That finished off my fall tray! (See the adorable pillowcases peeking out behind the pumpkins? Also, if you like the $180 Pottery Barn knock-off mirrors, you can get the tutorial to make the entire set for $15 here!)

I thought I’d see how I liked adding one of my free fall printables to the tray. The picture frame that I used for one of the prints was just the right color and texture for the fall tray, so I removed the bronze pumpkin and placed the frame on top of the single book. What do you think?

Fall tray with a pumpkin vase filled with a fall bouquet on the right, a frame with a "Thankful" print in it on the left, a wood "hello fall" pumpkin in front of that, and an aqua pumpkin sitting on a copper candlestick in the center.

If you’re looking for other tray designs, you may like this Pottery Barn dupe tray that I styled for a casual fall look.

For now my fall trays are put away and a new Halloween vignette sits in its place until November. That’s the beauty of trays. You can change them as often as you like so that your decor doesn’t become stale and boring!

Autumn on a Tray Blog Tour

Now that you’ve seen my fall tray, it’s time to visit the next blogger on the tour, Mary Jo of Masterpieces of My Life. I know that you’re going to love her tray. She’s so talented and has great taste! After that I hope you will continue on the tour so that you can see all of the ways the lovely ladies participating have styled trays for autumn!

Welcome autumn on a tray blog tour image.

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Fall lantern featured image.
Rope pumpkin featured image.

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41 thoughts on “Welcome Autumn on a Tray Blog Tour

  1. So pretty Niki! That blue pumpkin just makes the whole thing pop! Maybe it’s because I know you live by the sea but I get a definite coastal vibe. You brought it all together beautifully and I’m so happy to be touring with you today!

    1. Thank you! I found those aqua pumpkins at Dollar Tree if you can believe it. I could have left all of my coastal items out with the colors in those pillowcases.

  2. This is so pretty Niki! I love your books adding height for your darling flower arrangement. Love the different looks too – they’re all beautiful! Thanks for reminding me to use more books in my decorating! So fun touring with you. Hope you’re having a lovely fall! Subscribed and pinned! 🙂

  3. Hi Niki! I love your tray and how you gave step by step guidance. I love the aqua color pops which is so fun to mingle with the season. The pillows are the perfect accent to bring it all together, and what a great find! It’s fun to be touring with you today! XO- MaryJo

  4. CLEVER! Never did I think to build and take process shots as I arranged. I super love that you did it this way. And I also love the materials you selected. Really enjoying bouncing from blog to blog for this tray tour!

  5. I think the mix of textures and warm colors are my favorite things about fall trays and what makes them perfect for transitional decor throughout autumn. I like the flow and balance of your tray, and since you asked, I liked the bronze pumpkin best. Happy touring!

    1. Thank you! I did too. Sadly I was redecorating for Halloween and knocked it over. I was heartbroken 💔! It only broke into 3 large pieces, so hopefully I can glue it back together!

  6. Hey Niki, Your autumn tray looks amazing on your coffee table. Love how you added in the wheat grass. Happy to be touring with you today.

  7. Niki,
    Love this sweet autumn Tray that you have put together… Prefect for a coffee table!!
    The addition of the wheat was genius!! Thanks so much for sharing!! And t hanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!!

  8. Niki, the color of the flowers caught my eye. They are pretty and soft – a lovely combination with the wheat grass and a touch of blue in the pumpkin.
    Happy October!

  9. So pretty Niki and I love the frame with thankful, a great nod to upcoming Thanksgiving. The blue pumpkin is so pretty and different! Great tips on varying the heights for interest. I love the colors of the flowers in the pumpkin vase too, so perfect for Fall!

  10. Love those gorgeous pops of blue! so pretty, Niki. I love how you’ve used the wheat! I’m like you and have to be careful when decorating a tray on the coffee table in the living room. It can’t be too much because it’s right in my husband’s TV viewing.

    1. Thank you! Men and their TVs! The kiddos are even shorter, so I have to keep it extra low for them in the living room. I’d love to have the one in our bedroom gone. We never watch it, yet it’s a hulking eyesore that the hubs can’t let go of lol.

  11. What a lovely tutorial for those who are just beginning to dabble in styling vignettes or trays. You did such a fine job explaining how and why you added each element. Happy Fall!

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