Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

Welcome to this month’s Sustainable Pinterest Challenge! Each month I get together with some wonderful bloggers to bring you a themed project from ideas found on Pinterest. This month’s theme is nature, so of course I had to combine that with fall. Today I’m going to share an easy DIY pumpkin vase that’s perfect for centerpieces or vignettes. Using a carvable faux pumpkin & faux flowers is way more sustainable than having to waste real ones a several times every season!

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Stick around after the tutorial to see what all these ladies who are joining the Pinterest Challenge have created for you!

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DIY Pumpkin Vase Supplies:

Pumpkin vase supplies: bunch of faux florals, carvable pumpkin, styrofoam block, and 2.5" wired ribbon.
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Cut the Pumpkin

Choose the size pumpkin that you’d like to use for your vase. I used a 7″ white one from Michael’s because it’s what I had on hand. You can use a large one if you’d like to use it as part of a table centerpiece.

Place a circular object on top of your carvable pumpkin. You want to use something that makes a large enough hole to place your flowers in, but not big enough to extend to the sides of the pumpkin. I used a Ball mason jar lid.

Trace around the lid with a pencil.

Cut the Top of the Pumpkin

Cut along the pencil line with an exacto knife. Be sure to push the blade all the way through the pumpkin into the hollow section.

Remove the stem, and now you have a cute pumpkin vase!

Insert Foam into the Pumpkin Vase

To hold the flowers inside the vase, you’ll need styrofoam. You can use wet or dry foam, it doesn’t matter. If you have a small pumpkin like mine, you’ll probably need to cut down the styrofoam to fit inside the pumpkin vase. Wet floral foam is easier to cut than dry. Place the foam into the pumpkin. I cut pieces and filled the entire empty space inside the pumpkin vase.

Fill the Vase with Flowers & Greenery

I bought a bouquet of fall florals from Walmart for around $5. They were actually quite pretty, and it was a big bunch for the price. I try not to cut the stems of my flowers too short so that I can use them for different projects. I separated them from the bunch but bent the stems to the height that I wanted for each one.

Bending the floral wire on the stem of a faux pumpkin.

Begin placing the flowers and other stems into the DIY pumpkin vase until you’re happy with the look. I start on one side and work my way across and around the flowerpot. I’m sorry that the pictures are quite close. I videoed the tutorial for making the pumpkin vase, so I had to use still images from the video.

Add the Stem to the Arrangement (optional)

I decided to add the stem section that I cut from the top of my pumpkin vase back into the centerpiece. Sand the edge of that section until any jagged edges are removed.

Sanding the stem that was cut from the vase.

Place a BBQ skewer into the bottom of the stem. It will press in the soft surface easily.

Cut the skewer to the length that you need for your pumpkin receptacle.

Insert the skewer and pumpkin stem into the flower arrangement.

Here’s the other side of the floral arrangement.

And now a video of the entire process in case you’re more of a visual learner. Forgive the height of the tripod.

That’s it! Your DIY pumpkin vase is complete!

Just a few simple steps, and boom! You have a beautiful pumpkin vase to use as a centerpiece or in a vignette. It took me all of eleven minutes to make this. Tomorrow I plan to add a bow to the piece, so I’ll update with a new photo then. You can change up the flowers and ribbon (if you add one) to use during early fall, Halloween, and then Thanksgiving! Keep reading to see what the other ladies on the hop have to share.

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