Make Your Own Crystal Balls for Halloween with This Easy Tutorial!

One small crystal ball with a skull inside and two small ones mounted on terra cotta pots with small glitter skulls inside.

Welcome to this month’s Creative Craft Hop! I’m joining some talented bloggers to bring you some DIYs that I know you’re going to love. Today I’m going to be showing you how to DIY your own Halloween crystal ball to spookify your home this October. You won’t believe how easy and inexpensive it is! This is an easy project, and you can make several in different sizes in just a few hours. Let’s get into it!

The Creative Craft Hop is hosted by Sara of Birdz of a Feather. Each month we get together to bring you new and creative ideas. Keep reading to the end of the post where you will find all of their projects linked. If you missed last month’s hop where I showed you how to make a fall doormat for $1.25, you can check it out here. In that post I shared a “gourd-geous” free file that you can use on any fall decor DIY, including the fall doormat. No Cricut needed!

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DIY Crystal Ball Supplies:

  • glass fishbowl shaped vase for a large crystal ball
  • wax warmer from Dollar Tree (or another item that the jar can sit securely upside down on)- Here’s another wax warmer that would work.
  • mini round candle jars for mini crystal balls- I used a pack from Michael’s that are in the wedding section. I got them on clearance years ago, but they’re still available. These would be perfect for creating a set of crystal balls for centerpieces.
  • lighter- This one would work way better than the lighter I used. It won’t flick on and off.
  • styrofoam skulls for mini crystal balls
  • larger skull for large crystal ball- You can remove the head from skeletons from DT as well as rat skeletons.
  • E6000
  • 2″ terra cotta pots for mini crystal balls
  • cheesecloth
  • spiderwebbing (optional)
Supplies for a DIY crystal ball: mini terra cotta pots, mini glass jars, E6000, black paint, lighter, and paint brush.
Supplies for a small crystal ball.
Supplies for a large crystal ball.

Paint the Small Pots

First paint the small terra cotta pots black. If you’re only making the large crystal balls, skip this step.

2" terra cotta pots painted black.

Smoke the Glass

First you need to make the glass less transparent. You want to create a spooky, smoky look like something is manifesting in the crystal ball. Use a long lighter or candle to do so.

Place the lighter inside the jar and it will create soot on the glass. Be careful because it gets hot really fast. Use a towel or potholder if necessary. I started by using a candle, but using a long lighter is much easier.

Using a lighter to create soot inside a small glass vase.

The process is the same for a large vase.

Using a lighter to create soot inside a round glass vase.

Assemble the Mini Crystal Ball

For my tiny vases, I used styrofoam glitter skulls from Dollar Tree. I tried using thread to attach it inside my vase at first, but you could see it. If you don’t have fishing line, however, it will work.

Press a piece of fishing line, about an inch or so long, in the top of the styrofoam skull. It will push in easily like a pin. I trimmed the fishing line in this photo down.

Fold the line so that you can place a piece of tape or hot glue flat on it.

You can either add hot glue or tape to the bent portion of the fishing line.

It’s hard to get your fingers or hand inside the vases, even the large one. I placed a clay sculpting tool inside the bottom of the styrofoam skull to fit it inside the vase. Use the tool (a knife will do in a pinch) to place the skull inside the vase with the tape or glue on the fishing line. When I used tape, I used the other end of the clay tool to press the tape down.

Add E6000 along the top of the 2″ terra cotta pot. I used a BBQ skewer to spread the glue on. Finally sit the vase upside down on the glue. Now your mini crystal ball is complete!

Add hot glue to the top of the crystal ball and drape cheesecloth, faux spiderwebbing, or both on top. You can place a plastic spider or other Dollar Tree bug on it.

Here’s a video for making the small crystal ball.

Assemble the Large DIY Crystal Ball

Remove the skull from the large skeleton. Just pull and it will pop right off.

If you’re using the larger round vase from Dollar Tree, you can use the fishing line method for this vase as well. But if you’re using the smaller one that’s about 4″ tall, you can just add hot glue to the round tab at the top that it hangs from. Once the glue is on the skeleton, place it in the center of the vase and hold it in place for a moment while the glue dries.

Holding the skull inside the round vase while the hot glue dries it in the crystal ball.

Add E6000 along the edge of the crystal ball.

Adding E6000 to the rim of the glass vase with a BBQ skewer.

Sit the vase on the iron wax warmer.

Add hot glue to the top of the vase and place cheesecloth or spiderweb on it. That will cover the flat bottom. To cover the candleholder at the bottom of the wax warmer, drape the cheesecloth in front of it along with some spiderwebs. You can add faux insects or styrofoam skulls or pumpkins to it as well.

That’s it! Your DIY crystal balls are complete!

One small crystal ball with a skull inside and cheesecloth, spider webs, and a spider on top.

How cute are these going to be sitting out for Halloween?!

One small crystal ball with a skull inside and two small ones mounted on terra cotta pots with small glitter skulls inside.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and you make many adorable crystal balls this Halloween! When you to, tag me on social media because I would love to see them (@LifeasaLEOWife)! Keep reading to check out the other great projects shared by the bloggers on the Creative Craft Hop.

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    1. EEK! Very spooky Niki! What a fun and clever project, I love how you smoked the glass what a great effect! I swear Dollar Tree has everything! Great idea, they turned out so creepy cute!

      1. Thank you! All praise goes to God for any talent that He gave me. I didn’t start using any creativity until after I had to leave pre-med in college due to my illness. I never made less than an A in through my entire school life, so my creativity came as a shock to me later on lol!

      1. Thanks! They are easy, especially the larger one. The hardest part is getting the fishing line on the little ones in the right place inside the tiny vases!

    2. These are so elegantly spooky and remind me of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Featuring when my link party opens!

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