Fall Wire Pumpkin Centerpiece Tutorial

Last year I used two Dollar Tree wire pumpkin wreath forms to make a fall centerpiece. I used it for Halloween, then switched out the bows and contents in the middle to use for Thanksgiving. Today I thought I’d show you how to make your own. You can make this fall wire pumpkin centerpiece and use it from September all the way through the end of November!

Update 2022: If you’re looking for more Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath form ideas, you’ll love this gorgeous burlap pumpkin wreath, Dollar Tree Halloween scarf pumpkin wreath, fun farmhouse truck centerpiece, of course the most popular fall pumpkin wreath, this burlap and lace pumpkin wreath, deco mesh Halloween pumpkin wreath, and this elegant chunky yarn pumpkin wreath.

Items needed to make a fall wire pumpkin centerpiece:

  • 2 wire pumpkin wreath forms
  • 3 zip ties
  • white paint (spray paint or acrylic)
  • paint brush
  • tray (wood or plastic)
  • pumpkins, leaves, flowers, vases, potion bottles, etc- These are used to fill the tray.
  • wired ribbon- I used 2.5″ wired ribbon, one for fall, one for Halloween
  • pipe cleaners or floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
Supplies for a fall wire pumpkin centerpiece: two wire pumpkin wreath forms, flowers, leaves, faux berrier bushes, wire cutters, three zip ties, scissors.
The items I used for last year’s fall wire pumpkin centerpiece

Paint Wire Pumpkin Wreath Forms

I didn’t paint my wreath forms before I attached them together and that made it a lot more difficult. You get the benefit of my mistake. Paint your entire pumpkin wreaths, front and back. When I made this I didn’t have a tri-pod, so I didn’t get a lot of pictures during the process. I didn’t get a picture of me painting either, but it’s straightforward. You can use acrylic paint and a paint brush or spray paint. Spray paint is a lot easier. However I didn’t have any white at the time, so I used acrylic.

Add Items to the Tray

When making your centerpiece for the first time, you have the benefit of setting up your items on the tray, then put together the wreath forms around it. Don’t worry. When you put it together next year or for the next holiday, you can still place the forms around it pretty easily.

When I’m setting up a vignette or tray, I like to even out both sides. I place something on each side, evenly, in my case two pumpkins, then work in from there. I’m going to show you how I set up my tray for Halloween last year, then how I set it up for Halloween again this year. Last year I added two white glass pumpkins on each end, then placed faux Dollar Tree leaves all around the edges. This year I placed two glass jack-o-lantern votives on each side with black roses with an eyeball in each votive. Then I added black berries in each corner with burgundy glitter leaves from a bunch I got from Michael’s in a grab bag. When I change it up for Thanksgiving, I’ll add some pictures of that.

Next I added more items to the tray until I was happy with the way it looked.

Here is what I ended up with on my Halloween trays last year and this year. When fall came last year, I just removed the potion bottles and added a few more pumpkins. For some reason I didn’t get a picture of it. On last year’s tray I ended up moving the white pumpkins to the middle of the tray.

Attach the Pumpkin Wire Wreath Forms

With your tray filled, it’s time to place the wire wreath forms around it. Sit one wreath form on the back side of the tray, flush with the back and the table. Next sit the second form in front of the tray, again flush with the tray and table. Make sure that the tray is centered in the forms and they are even with each other. You want the stems lined up and touching and the right and left sides at the same point.

Bring the stem and tops of the wreath forms together over the tray. You may need another set of hands for this next part. Take the first zip tie and attach the two stems together, again making sure they line up exactly. Once the tie is tightened, cut the excess off with scissors.

Zip tie attaching the two wire forms together at the stems to create the frame of the fall wire pumpkin centerpiece.
Sorry that the zip tie isn’t in focus!

Now attach the sides with the other two zip ties. You won’t be adding the ties on the top sides, but on the top, to each side of the stem. Place one on the left about 3.5″ from the stem, between the second and third vertical wire from the stem. Then attach the other on the right, 3.5″ from that side of the stem, between the second and third vertical wire from the middle. Cut the excess off of each zip tie.

Zip tie attaching the wreath forms together on the top left side forming the frame of the fall wire pumpkin centerpiece.
Here you can see the zip tie holding the two forms together on the right side.

I painted all of my zip ties white to match the frame. If you don’t have the correct color, the middle will be hidden by the bow, and you can add something on each side to cover them. This year for Halloween I put a bat on one side and a black glitter butterfly on the other. When you take the forms off, you can spray a little spray paint over the zip ties.

Black bat and black butterfly on the top of the fall wire pumpkin centerpiece.

Add a Bow to the Fall Wire Pumpkin Centerpiece

Finally create a bow for the centerpiece. It can be really hard to make those big, beautiful loopy bows. I have two tutorials for making gorgeous bows the super easy way. This bow tutorial shows you how to make a loopy bow without cramping up your hand trying to hold everything. If you’re really terrible at making bows, this bow tutorial shows you how to make one without trying to form all the loops at once. That tutorial is probably the absolute easiest way to make a loopy bow.

I made one bow for Halloween, and another for fall. So in September I can have the regular pumpkin bow and then in October I can take that one off and put on the Halloween bow. I can put the same pumpkin bow back on in November, or make a new one for Thanksgiving. Add a pipe cleaner to the back of the bow, or just leave the floral wire long enough when you make your bow, then twist it around the stem of the pumpkin to attach it to the centerpiece.

Your fall wire pumpkin centerpiece is ready to display!

I really love the way this turned out. You can do something different with it each month, and something different every year. It’s so versatile, and really budget-friendly. We all need that right now!

Here are a few pictures of mine from last Halloween and this Halloween.

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    Halloween pumpkin wire wreath form centerpiece Pinterest image.

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