Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Fall is upon us, and what better material to decorate with during early fall than burlap?! Last year during fall I gave you a few wreath tutorials, including this beautiful burlap pumpkin wreath. This year I thought I’d give you the full burlap wreath tutorial to ring in the fall decor-making season!

For this burlap wreath you need:

  • 14″ wire wreath form
  • 2 rolls of 20ft, 5″ wide burlap
  • 2.5″ orange wired ribbon (or print/color of your choice) to run through the wreath
  • 2.5″ farmhouse truck wired ribbon (or your choice) for bow
  • pipe cleaners or floral wire
  • scissors
You can see 3 rolls of burlap here, I used about 1 & 3/4 of them.

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Tie & Add the Ribbon To the Wreath Form

Turn your wreath form upside down, and tie your accent ribbon, in my case 2.5″ wired orange ribbon, around the innermost ring of the wreath form. Just tie it in a simple knot around the wire.

Tie the accent ribbon to the innermost ring on the burlap wreath.

Turn it right-side up and pull about 6″ of the ribbon in between the innermost wire and the second one in, creating a “bubble.” You can see below that my ribbon is folded in a little, but that’s ok. You can smooth it out when it’s pulled through completely. Also I had already tied my burlap on in this picture, but I pulled the “bubbles” out and added the ribbon first. It looked better once I had several rows of burlap pulled through to have the ribbon on first.

Pulling the orange ribbon through the inner ring making a "bubble" with it.

Attach Burlap to the Form & Begin “Bubbles”

Turn the wreath form upside down again and tie the end of your burlap around the outermost ring. If the ribbon falls out while you’re doing this, that’s ok. You can push it back through once you have a row of burlap in.

Take about 6″ of burlap and push it up between the outer ring and the next one.

Now push another 6″ up through the middle opening, then push another 6″ into the inner space. You’ll have a line of burlap, straight down. If your ribbon bubble has fallen out, push it back up through the inner ring.

Continue Making “Bubbles” on the Burlap Wreath

Now that you have one full row, push another bubble of the ribbon through the middle ring. You are going to place a bubble of ribbon through the next slot after every row of burlap. So this time it will be the middle ring, then a row of burlap, then a bubble of ribbon in the outer ring. When it’s time to do another ribbon bubble, it’ll be on the inner ring again.

Begin a new row of burlap bubbles right next to the orange ribbon. Again, starting on the bottom ring, between the inner wire and the second wire. Push another 6″ of burlap above that one, and another in the outer ring. You’ll now have six bubbles of burlap and two ribbon bubbles.

Pulling a piece of burlap ribbon through the inner ring on a wire form on the burlap wreath.

As you add rows of burlap, push them closer together so that they actually “bubble up.” When you have more burlap and ribbon in the form, you will have an easier time keeping everything in. So add rows, then push them closer to each other. I added about 5 rows of burlap in between each crossbar. You can add more or less, depending on how tight or flow-y you want your burlap wreath.

Here is what it will look like when you move to the next “section.”

I’m pulling a bubble into the next section after the first crossbar that I passed.

Add a New Roll of Burlap to the Form

Continue adding rows around your wreath until you run out of burlap. I didn’t tie the end of the first burlap ribbon to the wreath, it was just held in really tight by the rest of the wreath. However, you can tie off the end if you need to, just like you did in the beginning. Begin the next roll of burlap by tying it to the ring that you will be pushing the next row through. If you are using a similar amount of rows that I used, about 5 between each crossbar, this roll should last you through the rest of the wreath.

My ribbon lasted me through the entire wreath by adding one bubble for each row of burlap bubbles. Actually I already had that spool of ribbon open, so I may have started with about half a roll. If you add more and run out, tie a new piece of ribbon on just like you did for the burlap.

This is the back of the wreath about half-way through the project.

The back of the burlap wreath, half-way through the process.

Here is what adding the last few rows of bubbles should look like.

Finish off the Burlap Wreath

When you push the last bubble through the wreath form, leave about 6″ of the burlap, then cut it from the rest of the roll. Tie it around one of the wires by the last bubble.

Next repeat the process of cutting off the ribbon and tying it to the form.

This is the back of my finished wreath.

Showing how the back of the burlap wreath should look.

Your burlap wreath is complete!

Complete burlap wreath, 14" wreath with 2.5" wired orange ribbon running through it. A large bow made of burlap with blue side stitching & blue farmhouse trucks with pumpkins in the bed of the truck on it.

You’re all finished with the main portion of your wreath! You can add embellishments to it like a bow, faux flowers, a sign, metal words from Dollar Tree, etc. For my wreath, I thought a bow would look best. I don’t think you’ve seen me use this type of bow before (at least I don’t think I’ve added a tutorial for one before). The tutorial for it is now live! See the bow tutorial here.

I did add a few glitter pumpkins, but I didn’t really like them, so I don’t think they’ll stay in when I put this wreath on the door. Let me know in the comments what you think. Pumpkins or no pumpkins?

Burlap wreath with farmhouse truck ribbon bow with glitter pumpkins added in.
Burlap wreath tutorial blog graphic with descriptive writing on it.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! Make sure that you pin this for when you’re ready to make your burlap wreath and for when you’re ready to make another one. Trust me, you’ll want to make another one!

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35 thoughts on “Burlap Wreath Tutorial

  1. I’ve often wondered how people make these burlap wreaths because they come out so neat. Thank you for the step by step tutorial! Do you find it hard to work with burlap because of the fraying of the edges? I’ve had that problem in the past and just wondering if there’s a trick to it! 😉

    1. You’re welcome Emily! The kind of burlap I bought has sewn edges, so it doesn’t fray. It’s Ashland from Michael’s, and I only paid about $3 per roll. I used about a roll and a half so I only spent about $4.50 on it. I feel the same way about deco mesh. I use it, but I hate how it frays, so I work quickly and gently lol!

  2. Great tutorial, Niki!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Pinned and shared on FB!!

  3. Oh, WOW, I really like it! I’m crazy for anything made with burlap. Very pretty! Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 33. Pinned!

  4. You did a great job on this wreath. I have so much trouble getting my wreaths to be full like this.

    1. Thank you! This particular burlap brand works really well for me. The kind without the hem (with the edges that fray more) I have a more difficult time with.

  5. I love this type of creativity and really enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks so much for linking up with me!

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