DIY Halloween Sign from Dollar Tree Items

Love decorating for holidays? I do, but adding to my collection can get expensive! This easy and cheap upcycled sign for the Dollar Tree looks great hanging in our living room.

To make your own Halloween wall art piece, you’ll need:

  • Dollar Tree Halloween sign
  • 2.5″ wired Halloween ribbon- I bought mine at Michael’s during the 50% off sale.
  • black acrylic paint and paint brush
  • pipe cleaner or floral wire

First you need to paint the edges of your sign black. Without the paint you can see the cheap cardboard on the outside edges. I also glued any spots that were peeling away on the front. I used painter’s tape to keep any stray paint off the front of the sign. You don’t have to do that. After I took the tape off, I kind of liked the little bit of the paint that got on it.

While the paint is drying you can make your bow for the top of the sign. Gather the ribbon and pinch a bit of it in, leaving an extra inch of ribbon to hold on to. Bring about an inch and a half and gather it at the first pinch. Twist your ribbon to make sure the front of it faces forward, then bring another inch and a half back to the center again. Use your pipe cleaner and tie off the ribbon tightly, leaving the twist at the back of the bow. Measure about two and a half inches of the ribbon and that will be part of your tail. Now double back to the center of the bow with another two and a half inches and tie it off with the pipe cleaner. That will be the other tail. Cut the ribbon at the bottom center to make it two separate tails. Layer each tail on top of the other and fold the two tails in half. Cut a diagonal line to give your tails the “V” shape.

Use the wire you have at the back of your completed bow and wrap it around your thin ribbon that is used to hang the sign that came with it when you bought it. Fluff and center the bow on the sign and you’re ready to hang your masterpiece!

Like and share this project with your family and friends to make their Halloween wall art. Leave a picture or comment below. Thank you for visiting, come back soon. New articles are added twice a week.

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