Fall Hoop Wreath Tutorial

I absolutely love this wreath. I mean it’s so gorgeous! That’s if I do say so myself, ha! Even though I am the one’s saying it, I still think that you’re going to make your own fall hoop wreath. It’s actually pretty easy to do, especially since I’ve figured out how to attach the metal word to the ribbon already lol. You can probably have a floral hoop wreath on your wall or door in an hour or less.

Finished fall hoop wreath with "thankful" hanging from the top with navy ribbon & mauve & purple peonies with navy hydrangeas and purple eucalyptus up the left side.

To make a fall hoop wreath you need:

  • gold or silver hoop- I got mine at Michael’s. It was $4.99, but I used a 20% off your entire purchase coupon.
  • hot glue gun
  • wire cutters
  • floral wire or pipe cleaner
  • ribbon- I used a sheer 1″ navy ribbon.
  • metal word- I used “Thankful” from a 3 pack from Dollar Tree.
  • navy hydrangea- I used one large bush from Michael’s that was normally $6.99, but it was 50% off.
  • burgundy-blend flowers (I’m not sure what they are.)- They were $14.99 and 50% off.)
  • lilac Eucalyptus bunch- $4.99, 50% off
  • copper spray paint
Supplies needed for a fall hoop wreath: metal word "thankful," burgundy faux flower bunch, navy faux hydrangea, lilac colored Eucalyptus bunch, copper ribbon, copper hoop wreath form, and hot glue gun.

Paint the Hoop & Word

This part is optional. The hoops from Michael’s come in gold and silver. I am using the colors burgundy, navy, and copper in my late fall decor, so I decided to spray paint my hoop and the word “thankful” to match. Also I used a 14″ hoop. You can see the word “welcome” in the picture below.

Fall hoop wreath and metal words "thankful" and "welcome," laid on a flattened box with copper spray paint laying with them to show what color they will be painted.

I used it in a woven yarn pumpkin wreath that is so luxurious. Make your own using this tutorial! The matching pumpkin topiary is also a great addition to your home for Thanksgiving.

Attach “Thankful” to the Fall Hoop Wreath Form

I had 1″ sheer navy ribbon on-hand, so I decided to use that for my project. I did have a 1/8″ copper, which would’ve been the perfect size, but it blended in too much with the hoop and the word. If you have a thinner ribbon, it’s a lot easier to attach it to the word. Wrap the ribbon over the top of the hoop, and cut off a length that measures to where you want the word to hang. My ribbon is 14″ long, making the word hang about 7″ from the top of the hoop.

Turn the word upside-down, and if you have a large ribbon like I did, place it along the cursive loop of the “l” and cut the ribbon into a diagonal line that matches the bend of the “l.” This was the more labor-intensive part of the project. Well, not exactly labor-intensive, but you have to concentrate, and trim carefully. I had to do it several times. Once you have the cut right, place a line of hot glue along the “l” and press the ribbon on to it. Make sure you don’t press down too much so the glue doesn’t squish out around the the front of the word.

Navy ribbon cut and hot glued to the "l" on the cursive word "thankful" which is painted copper.

Wrap the ribbon over the top of the hoop, so that one side is attached to the “l” on the back side, and the other side will be attached to the “T” on the front side. Cut the end of the ribbon to where it will fit across the top of the “T.”

Placing "thankful" in the center of the wreath & measuring the ribbon to hang at the right height.

Add hot glue to the “T” and place the ribbon on top of it.

Scissors showing how to cut the ribbon to fit along the "T" in the word thankful to be hung on the fall hoop wreath.

This is how the word will look hung on the fall hoop wreath form.

Fall hoop wreath with the copper colored word "thankful" hung in the middle.

Prepare the Flowers

With the word attached, you can now begin adding the flowers. If you’re using a very large hydrangea from Michael’s like I did, you can pull it apart in sections. Grab the center stem and pull up. The flower will come apart in 3 parts. You will use one of the round sections with an empty center. If you’d like, you can use another one, but I liked having just the one navy flower. Next, remove two of the burgundy flowers from their stems.

Add hot glue to the middle “o” ring in the center of the hydrangea piece. Then sit one of the burgundy flowers on top of it. They piece of stem on the burgundy flower can fit right on to the “o” ring.

Add hot glue to the bottom of the lone burgundy flower around the cut stem, cut a pipe cleaner (or piece of floral wire), and wrap it around the glue on the stem of the flower.

Place a dot of hot glue on the base of the hydrangea branches then wrap another piece of pipe cleaner around it.

Attaching a pipe cleaner to the nestled together flowers in order to attach them to the fall hoop wreath.

Use the wire cutters and cut two branches of the eucalyptus off. Add a pipe cleaner to each of them.

Cutting a branch of eucalyptus off the bunch using wire cutters.

Attach the Flowers to the Fall Hoop Wreath

There are many places you can add the flowers to the wreath. You can attach them to the bottom, top, or either side. Since my word is hanging from the top center, that location was off the list. The bottom seemed too on-the-nose, so I decided to place them on the lower left side.

Wrap one branch of the eucalyptus to the upper area, and have the top of it hit right where you want the arrangement to end. I ended up adding two pipe cleaners. One is right below the first bunch of leaves, and one is at the bottom of the stem.

Pipe cleaners attaching the first eucalyptus stem to the fall hoop wreath.

Next add the nestled flowers so that the top of the hydrangea petals cover the top pipe cleaner. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the wreath.

Pipe cleaner being wrapped around the wreath form to attach the navy and burgundy flowers.

Add the single burgundy flower to the wreath so it sits up against the navy flower. Then add your final stem of eucalyptus under the last flower so it curves around the wreath form like it’s growing from under the bottom flower.

Back view of the fall hoop wreath where the pipe cleaners attached to the faux flowers are wrapped around the form.

This is how my flowers look once attached to the wreath form.

Finished fall hoop wreath with "thankful" hanging from the top with navy ribbon & mauve & purple peonies with navy hydrangeas and purple eucalyptus up the left side, close up view of the left side.

Your fall hoop wreath is complete!

Isn’t this thing gorgeous? It goes so well with my other luxurious looking fall decor. I really, really love it. If you don’t have time to make one, but you really like it, let me know and I’ll sell a few.

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