Fall Wreath and Sign Tutorial

It’s time to break out all of the fall decor you have. Say goodbye to Halloween and hello Thanksgiving. When I was putting away all of my October decor, I realized I just have a ton of pumpkins. I need more than that to create a truly fall home.

I had a few items from Dollar Tree that came from different seasons and different sections in the store. When I found the pizza pan and a “fence” looking sign from Halloween, I formulated my plan. I made a round wreath for our front door and a matching sign to hang under the porch light to the left of the door.

To create your own signs you’ll need:

  • pizza pan
  • fence shaped sign with the word “BEWARE” on it (if you can’t find the sign with the exact words, get one similar and/or a long sign about 3″ long)
  • chalk paint- I used Folk Art’s Sage
  • white acrylic paint and paint brush
  • pumpkin from a Dollar Tree item- The one I used had 3 pumpkins on it. See this fall DIY where I used two of the pumpkins.
  • die cutting machine or stencils- check out the bottom of this post where I detail how to create your own stencils.
  • orange vinyl
  • 2.5″ wire ribbon- I used two different ribbons, one tan with black outlined pumpkins and one orange on burlap type material. You don’t have to use two, I just liked the look.
  • 2 faux flowers- Mine were from Michael’s, one with cream bush greenery, and one with orange greenery. Neither one has the actual name on the tags.
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors

Begin by painting the pizza pan and the “beware” sign with your sage chalk paint. If you have to remove the pumpkin from another sign like I did, remove it and sand over the staple marks so you have a flat surface. Paint it with the white acrylic paint. Repeat the process until they’re well covered. I used two coats.

While those are drying, create the wording that you want on the pieces. I have the Cricut Access pass, and I used a pre-made design that had the words “Give Thanks, It’s Fall.” It also had some designs around it. You can either create the words with fonts you like, or use a design. If you use the one that I used, you’ll need to ungroup the words. Then create a square and make it as big as each word group. Place it over “Give Thanks.” Highlight the square and “give thanks” then click slice. Repeat the process for “it’s fall.”

You can then go through and delete everything you won’t use. Click “make it” and cut the words using your orange vinyl. Now cut around the words. I try to cut as close as I can to get as much use out of a piece of vinyl as I can. Weed your design, throwing away the parts you don’t need. Sit that aside while you make your bows.

Roll out about 25″ for each bow. If you’re using a second color, you’ll need about 27″ for that bow to be a little bigger to see it behind the first one. Pinch the end of one side of the ribbon, make a loop and pinch it together with the start of the bow. Make another loop, then again pinch the ribbon the others in the middle. Use a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) to finish the bow.

Repeat the process, making two bows if you’re using only one ribbon or four if you’re using two different ribbons. Make two in each print. Lay your finished bows at the top of the wreath, and decide how much ribbon you’d like draping across the front of the wreath. I used about twelve inches on each side. Glue the long pieces of ribbon on each side of the bow on the back. Now glue your bows at the top and centered on the wreath.

Drape the long ribbons slightly down, and around the back of the wreath form. Create “waves” by pushing up a bit, then under, just as if you’re making actual waves. Make two to three of them on each side of the bow. Glue the end of the ribbons to the back of the pan.

Place your orange flowers or greenery at the top of the wreath, and glue the stem on the lip of the pizza pan. Glue another stem on the opposite side. Next, do the same with your off-white stem. You can add as many flowers as you’d like. I cut one stem from each bunch to use on mine. They should drape from the center of the bows, out and around.

Use contact paper or transfer paper to place your words to the wreath and sign. To do this, rub a credit card over your vinyl cut outs several times until the words can be removed without the paper backing. Center “Give Thanks” on the painted pizza pan. Using the credit card, rub over the words, pressing firmly. Remove the contact paper once the words are securely on the wreath.

Now using a piece of a pipe cleaner, create a loop to hang it on your door. Make a loop, then twist the ends together. Hot glue it to the upper part of the back of the wreath.

To finish your sign, glue the two bows together in the middle (if you’re using two bows). Glue the bows about 4″ from the top of your painted sign. Repeat the process of transferring your vinyl just as you did on the wreath above. Leave about a 4.5-5″ gap between each word. Finally, glue your painted white pumpkin at the bottom on the sign.

Now you have porch decor perfect for fall. You can leave these up from September to December. Who doesn’t like more bang for your buck?!

If you like this idea, share it with your friends and family. Leave a comment and pictures if you make your own! Follow us on social media!

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