DIY Fall Coasters 2 Ways: High-End Look on a Dollar Tree Budget

Hello friends and the start of the fall decorating season! Yes, I know, it’s so hot that you can fry an egg on the hood of your car, but it’s still time to look forward to the decking your home in fall decor! Hey, my grass is already brown like it’s fall! The scorching heat and sun down here on the Gulf Coast has killed everyone’s grass! It’s wild, so I’m so happy to start decorating for cooler weather, starting with these DIY fall coasters! I’ve got two different styles to share with you today, so let’s get into it!

Fall coasters with part of a concrete pumpkin, white fabric pumpkin, and 2 fall stems behind them: 2 square coasters with pumpkins and gourds, 2 square coasters with rust and tan plaid base with "let's get cozy" on one and "hello pumpkin" on the other, 1 pumpkin coaster with "gather together and be grateful" on it, 1 pumpkin with pumpkins and gourds, and one pumpkin coaster with "farm fresh pumpkins" on it.

Today is our Creative Craft Hop, hosted this month by Donna of Modern on Monticello. If you’re coming over from Allyson’s amazing free autumn printables over at Southern Sunflowers, welcome! At the end of this post I will direct you to the next stop on our hop. I know you’re going to love all of the great projects shared this month!

Supplies for Fall Coasters:

  • 4″ square wood pieces
  • wood pumpkin shapes
  • fall themed napkins- I used Hobby Lobby napkins that have rust and blue pumpkins and gourds on them. If you have a similar fall color scheme, these from Amazon are pretty. &/or
  • fall fabric
  • burlap- I used white burlap and regular.
  • felt
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • raffia (optional)
  • hot glue (optional)
  • fall stencils (optional)
  • chalk or acrylic paint (optional)
Supplies for fall coasters: felt, fabric, wood pumpkin shapes, square wood pieces, Mod Podge, fall themed napkins, and fall stencils.

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DIY fall coasters featured image.

Fall Coasters- 2 Ways…. At Least

I couldn’t decide if I wanted pumpkin shaped coasters or regular square fall coasters, so I thought why not have the best of both worlds? Thus, I made both square and pumpkin shaped DIY fall coasters.

Now, I say fall coasters 2 ways… at least… because technically I made them 4 ways. I made them using square wood and pumpkin shaped wood, then I used 2 different mediums on them. Decoupage with fall napkins and then decoupage with fall fabric on both the square and pumpkin coasters.

You can check out the tutorials then decide which DIY fall coasters are best for you. Or don’t decide at all. Make both sets!

Add Felt to Wood

In order to protect your furniture, you need to add cork or felt to the back of your DIY fall coasters. Dollar Tree does carry cork… sometimes… if you can find it. I couldn’t, so I used felt.

Apply Mod Podge to the back of your square and/or pumpkin piece of wood.

Next, add felt or cork. You can cut your felt first, but I find it easier to just cut 2 sides by applying the felt to the Mod Podged wood. It keeps you from having to trace the shape onto the felt or fabric (in the next step) first.

Placing felt on the back of the square fall coasters.

Cut the excess felt or cork from around the DIY fall coaster.

Mod Podge Fabric to the Coasters

Now it’s time for the decorative and functional side. We’ll start with the square coasters.

Apply Mod Podge to the front of your DIY coasters, then smooth the fabric onto it.

Cut the excess fabric from around the edges. If you’d like, you could leave a little excess fabric around the edges to fray it. I didn’t think of this on the first coaster, so I just cut them to the edge.

Cutting fall fabric attached to the front of the coasters.

Add a layer of Mod Podge over the fabric to protect your fall coasters.

Applying Mod Podge over the rust-colored fabric on the fall coasters.

Once it dries, apply a second coat.

Fabric Pumpkin Coasters

I’m only adding a little separate section for the fall pumpkin coasters with fabric because I used a different fabric that I cut a little differently. The process is the same except for one little step.

Since the pumpkin coasters have a stem, you will need to cover it separate from the body. Of course, this is optional, but I used burlap for my stems. Add Mod Podge to the stem, then add your burlap and trim off excess.

The second fall fabric that I used had squares with fall sayings and pictures. I evenly cut out two squares with the sayings that I wanted on them. Then I Mod Podged the fall fabric onto the pumpkin coasters and cut the excess off. Finally, I sealed the fabric onto the wood with a topcoat of Mod Podge.

Fall coasters with part of a concrete pumpkin and 2 fall stems behind them: 1 pumpkin coaster with "gather together and be grateful" on it, 1 pumpkin with pumpkins and gourds, and one pumpkin coaster with "farm fresh pumpkins" on it.

Add Fall Napkins to Other Coasters

First you need to find some pretty fall napkins. I found mine at Hobby Lobby, and they perfectly matched my fall color scheme of light rust, navy blue, tan, and dusty blue. With the 40% off sale, I got 50 napkins for $1.80. Some Dollar Tree locations have fall napkins, but mine didn’t. Considering that DT napkin packs usually only have 12-24 napkins for $1.25, the HL napkins were actually cheaper.

Most napkins are 2-ply, so you need to pull them apart to use the printed side only.

Pulling the 2-ply layers of the fall pumpkin napkins apart to apply to the coasters.

It’s not necessary, but I cut my napkin down a bit before applying it. You don’t need to make it perfect since we’ll do that later.

Cutting pumpkin themed napkin smaller before adding it to the square fall coasters.

Next, apply Mod Podge to the coasters.

Then smooth your fall napkin on top.

Finally, use sandpaper along the edges of the DIY coasters to remove excess parts of the napkin. Push down along the edge with the sandpaper, and it will take the napkin right off with a nice, farmhouse style edge.

Optional Embellishing

These next few steps are optional, but they certainly make your DIY fall coasters cuter!

Make a small bow with raffia for each of your pumpkin coasters, and hot glue them to the stems.

I also added some antiquing wax to the edges of my fall coasters, then wiped it off per the instructions.

Finally, since I used more of a plain fabric on my square coasters, I decided to paint on some fall stencils. My stencils are from Hobby Lobby, and they’re actually for coffee! I don’t drink coffee, but wouldn’t it be cute to add fall designs with cinnamon to yours?!

Anyway- you can get any stencils or use your printer to make one to carbon-copy method on your coasters. (You can see a tutorial for that method here.) Place the stencil on your coasters and dab paint onto them.

Painting fall stencil on the square coasters.

I used two different stencils. Aren’t these cute?!

Fall stencils painted on square fabric coasters.

Remember this is a blog hop, so keep reading after the tutorial so I can send you to the next stop on the tour!

Fall Coasters Video Tutorial

Here’s a quick video tutorial for those who need to see it in action. It’s sped up to save time, but if you need to see it slower, you can set the speed of the video to half or less.

That’s it! Now you have DIY fall coasters 2 ways!

I just love how these fall coasters tuned out!

Fall coasters with a concrete pumpkin and fall stems behind them: 2 square coasters with pumpkins and gourds, 2 square coasters with rust and tan plaid base with "let's get cozy" on one and "hello pumpkin" on the other, 1 pumpkin coaster with "gather together and be grateful" on it, 1 pumpkin with pumpkins and gourds, and one pumpkin coaster with "farm fresh pumpkins" on it.

They actually work as coasters, not just as cute fall decor!

Wood tray holding fall decor, a book, and a DIY square fall pumpkin shaped coaster holding a mug.
Wood tray holding fall decor, a book, and a DIY square fall coaster holding a mug.

To store, I placed them in a little square wood box that I got after fall from Dollar General last year. I’ve joined the ladies from Decorate & More with Tip, Patina & Paint, Junk to Gems, and Through a Vintage Door for the fall season of Decorate with Me, so you’re going to see my full home decorated for fall over the next few weeks. Tomorrow we will be sharing both a video and a blog post on our entry ways and foyers, so don’t miss it, here and on FB & IG! Be sure to follow me using the buttons at the top of the post!

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DIY Fall Coasters 2 Ways

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Early fall hanging door basket featured image.
Free fall printable featured image 500x500.

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