Adorable Gallery Wall for under $15!

Gallery Wall for $14.99! So cute!

When the long mirror above our couch broke, I thought it was perfect place for a gallery wall. It looks great, and cost under $15.

I found the three hexagon shelves and the little mirror at Dollar Tree. The gold frames came from there as well.. It took me about a year to find what I wanted to do with them, but I’m glad I saved them for this. I recently bought the navy sign from Kirkland’s on clearance for $7.99. The navy & gold fit right in since my living room color scheme is navy, gold, and robin’s egg blue. Here’s what you’ll need to create your own:

  • 3 hexagon shelves ($1 each at Dollar Tree or you can make your own with popsicle sticks, I’ll share my homemade ones soon)
  • 1 long horizontal sign
  • Round decorative mirror ($1)
  • 4 gold 8×10 picture frames & pictures to put in them ($4 at Dollar Tree; if they’re out of the gold, get the black & you can paint them)
  • Gold & navy (the navy also comes with a bottle of white paint as well) acrylic paint & brushes (I love these brushes! They glide easily and spreads the paint evenly.)
  • Pencil for marking the place for your nails
  • Hammer & nails
  • Level, tape measure, & painters tape (or masking tape)
  • Small items you want to display- These faux succulents are cute. I also like these tiny frames. This one is bejewled, while this one is very budge-friendly at $1.49.

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The shelves only come in black, so if you need another color, you’ll have to paint them. I didn’t want them black so I painted one gold & the other two navy. While they are drying measure the wall so you have an idea of how you want to place everything. An easy way to do this is to use painters tape & put it around the back edges of the frames or other items you’re hanging & another strip of tape from the top of the frame down to the hanging apparatus. Carefully remove the tape as one piece. Place the tape on the wall and you can move everything around until you’re satisfied with the arrangement before knocking a bunch of holes in your wall.

This is a photo of another area I was hanging things, but you can see how I placed the tape.

With the tape measure, measure the areas and mark where you want to hang everything. Using your “tape frames,” hammer in your nails in the spot you marked on the tape. Once you have everything in place, use the level and make any adjustments in the shelves & the frames that you need in order to make them even. I chose to hang the hexagon shelves and the mirror as a centerpiece and framed them with two 8×10 photos on each side and the “choose happiness” sign across the top. We’re in the final stretch here! I found all of the items to display on my hexagon shelves from other areas of my house. I like to move things around a few times a year to keep it things exciting (ha!). The blue “K” came from my sister-in-law who bought it to display at our wedding shower. The 2 tiny frames came from the Dollar Tree. They were black, which didn’t really fit, so I just used the same gold acrylic paint that I used on the frames and shelves. The gold “hello” and the faux small succulent came from the dollar section at Target.

Once it’s completed you’ll have the perfect way to decorate whatever room you’ve hung the gallery in. I change mine for Halloween, fall, Christmas, spring, etc. Mine is sporting a new look for the summer. Please like and share, and show us your gallery walls!

Designed for Christmas
Gallery wall decorated for Valentine's Day.
Gallery wall decorated for Valentine’s Day.
Gallery wall updated for Easter & spring. Check out my tutorial for the grapevine wreaths here.

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