Quick Summer Vignette & Lamp Update

I love changing up my home for holidays and seasons so today I’m showing you how to put together a quick summer vignette. I have a lamp on our side table. I hate it, but my husband keeps adding lamps when I put one in a closet. I figured if you can’t beat ’em, so I’ll update a stupid lamp, ha.

It’s still April, still time for the A to Z Challenge for bloggers. Today’s letter theme is Q. Quick summer vignette. The lamp update is also quick, very quick!

Lamp Update for the Quick Summer Vignette

I will start with the lamp. It’s a basic, black modern shaped lamp. I wanted to wrap nautical rope around the base, but I didn’t have enough rope. I still need a few more placemats for my summer tablescape, so I couldn’t spare any for the lamp.

A lamp with a black geometric base with a tan lamp shade. It is sitting on a black side table that will hold the quick summer vignette.
Please ignore the hideous vent and door to our A/C unit!

You only need seashells and hot glue for this project. The lamp has diagonally placed cross bars on each of the four sides like a lantern. I first tried gluing the shells along the base, then on the top of the square. I didn’t like either one. So, I pulled them off to try one more thing. On the front of the lamp I started gluing the seashells in the middle of the cross bar. I wasn’t sure if I was going to just use one shell or a few yet.

To update your lamp, place a strip of hot glue on the back of the shell on the rim of the back. Place more glue along the bottom where it will sit on the lamp. Then put it on the lamp and hold it for a few seconds to all it to adhere and dry.

Adding glue to white seashells for the quick summer vignette.

Like I did you can decide to cover an entire section or a small part of the lamp. If it’s a solid, plain surface you can usually add and remove hot glue easily. There are many ways to update, upcycle, or re-fab any lamp. I decided to cover the entire bar after I tested the options above. If you want you could do this all around the lamp, but I just did the front diagonal bar.

How to set up a quick summer vignette.

When you create a vignette you want to have balance and different textures. You don’t have to go out and buy items to add to it, you can shop your home. Meaning you can find things around your home that you can use and bring together.

To create a beautiful set-up you need to have items of different heights. Bring in something taller, like a lantern or a vase. To have balance, you then need to have something shorter like a succulent.

Now you need to bring in the textures. I used a rope placemat that I made to add a rough texture. Then you can throw in smooth items, like a glass vase or candleholder. Flowers are great to add because they come in all kinds of texture! The shells in my quick summer vignette add a bumpy tactile feel. Sand would be great to add for summer.

To set up my quick summer vignette I added things I made for the summer, and I also shopped my house. I am planning a beachy, nautical theme so I took that into account while setting up. The lamp I updated was my tall piece. On the rope placemat I placed a nautical candleholder I made, and a Bath & Body Works three-wick candle. (They had an amazing buy one get one free sale!) I started with a “K” nautical initial that I made to add some cotton-y texture, but it felt to skinny for the space. I tried a few different frames and signs before settling on a reverse canvas “This is Us” sign. I will be adding that tutorial soon.

Here is the final vignette that I went with. I may end up moving things around until fall. I like to change things up.

Quick summer vignette with rope placemat with nautical candleholder with a three-wick candle on top. A black lamp with seashell additions. Next to those is a gray framed sign that says, "This is Us."

That’s all there is to it!

Thank you for coming back today to check out the A to Z Challenge, letter Q. The quick summer vignette is now complete! I hope you will come back tomorrow to see what I have planned for R.

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  1. I like the atmosphere you’ve created here, and that you can change it up when you want to. I need to think about what are the things I can change 😉

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