Rope Placemat for a Summer Tablescape

Since I’m planning to decorate my home with a beach theme this summer, I’m sharing a rope placemat tutorial with you today. The blogger A to Z Challenge is still going. Today’s letter is P, for placemat.

Saturday I gave you a tutorial for making rope coasters. Making these placemats are basically an extension of that. If you want to make a placemat the same size as normal chargers, you’ll need three and a half packs of Dollar Tree nautical rope. Other than that you just need hot glue and scissors.

Begin the gluing

I’m going to explain how you start pretty simply then give you pictures. If you need a more in depth explanation, check out my rope coaster tutorial.

Place hot glue on one end of the rope, then begin rolling the rope in a tight circle. Continue placing hot glue and rolling the rope into a flat circle.

Adding a new piece of rope

You can see in the picture above that the rope was almost out. To add a new piece of rope, cut off the pieces of tape that come on each end of the Dollar Tree ropes. They are there to keep the rope from unraveling. Put a dot of glue inside each end of the rope. Give it a slight twist and that will keep it from unraveling.

Now add glue on the ends of the two pieces of the ropes. Press them together and in to the larger circle of the rope placemat.

Keep rolling that rope placemat!

Continue rolling the rope, making the rope placemat. Add strips of glue along the rope edges, and pressing the rope together.

When it is 12″ across you are all done! I am planning out my beach tablescape, so I will post the completed pictures when it’s set up. For now here it is with the dinner and salad plates.

That is it my friends. They are so easy to make, you just need to find a Dollar Tree with rope in stock! My husband had to go to several stores to get them for me!

This has been letter P in the bloggers’ A to Z Challenge.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Come back tomorrow to get a tutorial for something to do with Q! Have a good evening!

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