DIY Summer Rope Coasters

Today’s tutorial is for making rope coasters for your home this summer. Why, you ask? Well the letter for today in the blogger A to Z Challenge is letter O. My rope coasters are the shape of the letter O!

You can make five rope coasters with one pack of nautical jute rope from Dollar Tree. A pack of rope, hot glue, and scissors are all you need to make them.

Begin by twisting the start of the rope back on itself, creating a c that becomes an O, adding hot glue as you go.

Continue rolling the rope around itself. Add lines of hot glue on the side of the rope you’re rolling the rope on to.

I used a coke can and a glass to judge how big I wanted the rope coaster to be. I stopped adding more rope when the coaster was 4″ wide. Cut the rope, and add some hot glue to the end you cut. With the glue on the rope twist it a bit to let the glue hold the rope together where it’s cut, so that it doesn’t fray. Now add glue along the rope that’s left, all the way to the end. Hold it together for just a second to make sure the glue is dried and the coaster remains together.

Continue this until you have the amount of rope coasters you want. I stopped with four today, but I might add to the collection later.

That’s all for today Wifers! I hope you add some rope coasters to your summer beach decor this year.

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