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For summer I’ve made a nautical initial, a K in my case, to add to my tiered tray, a shelf decoration, or to hang on my gallery wall. This is an all purpose decoration. There are so many things you can do with it! You can even add it to a wreath. I’m giving this tutorial for the blogger A to Z Challenge, letter K.

To make your own is so easy! You only need a few supplies:

  • 8″ initial of your last name- You can really get any size that you like. You can use wood, chipboard, cardboard, etc.
  • yarn- I got mine from Dollar Tree in navy.
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • 1″ ribbon- I used satin ribbon, non-wired. It was robin’s egg blue because it matched my decor.
  • seashell
supplies needed to make a nautical initial- letter, seashells, satin ribbon, navy yarn, hot glue gun

Wrap the sections of the nautical initial with yarn.

Begin wrapping your yarn around the letter. In my case, a K. Before you can start wrapping the main part of the letter, you have to cover the tips of them with yarn. Place some hot glue on the tips and run the yarn in lines until you have the tip covered. You will need to do this with every end.

When the tip is covered wrap the yarn around the letter. If you have “branches” on your letter you’ll need to wrap them separately if it can’t be smoothly wrapped around, like an R, N, E, etc.

Now the other three branches will be wrapped on their own.

Now you can wrap the middle section.

Now you can wrap the final section evenly, without having to go up or down, or diagonal.

Your fully covered nautical initial should look like this.

Nautical initial fully wrapped in navy yarn.
Fully wrapped nautical initial in navy yarn.

Embellish the nautical initial.

Now it’s time to add a little style to your letter. You need to wrap a bit of satin ribbon around the middle of your letter. Where you wrap your letter will depend on what letter it is. I wrapped my satin ribbon in the middle where the branches meet.

Add seashells to make your nautical initial.

Pick out a seashell that will look best on your initial. I chose one that was big enough to extend past the top and bottom of the ribbon, but not take over the entire letter. I wanted to have a pop of color too. There’s a bit of reddish-orange looping through it. I tried adding a bow underneath the shell, but it looked best without one.

You have completed your nautical, beachy initial! It is absolutely perfect for summer. You can make it as neutral or as colorful as you’d like. I’m going with a more neutral theme, with creams, tans, navy, and a bit of robin’s egg blue so it matches my decor.

This post is part of the blogger A to Z Challenge for the letter K. I’ll be posting every day for the rest of April as a part of the challenge. I have posted from the letter E to K. Use the post carousel below to check them out!

If you’re looking for summer decor to put in your home, you may like this nautical topiary or this nautical candleholder. Keep coming back to check because I’ll be adding a lot more DIYs for this summer!

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