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Today I’m going to share with you the way I keep a prayer journal. I think when people hear about keeping a prayer journal it sounds time consuming and just like one more thing to try to squeeze in to an already jam packed day! It isn’t really formal or time consuming. You can make one so easily, then use it when you have the time.

This is part of the bloggers A to Z Challenge, letter J. J for Journal.

To make your prayer journal you just need a few things:

  • notebook- any kind
  • pens
  • colored pencils or markers
  • washi tape and/or other embellishments
Cover of my prayer journal. A pink notebook with "Always be joyful" written in gold.

Split your notebook into sections.

Just like an address book or your Bible, you need to make separate sections in your prayer journal. You can split it up any way that works the best for you. Mine is split up by people and parts of my life.

At the beginning I have a section for scriptures that I want to memorize. This gives me a list of my favorites, and the satisfaction of checking them off as I memorize them. Also when you see and read something over and over it helps you to remember it. I do one page per verse so that I can write them over and over, until I run out of space for that verse. Usually by that time I have it down. I also use the app Remember Me where you can work on committing the verses to memory.

First page of the prayer journal beginning the scripture section.

The next section is for family. This part in my prayer journal is for my immediate, lives in the house with me, family. I’d call it family and home I guess. Here I write prayers for a peaceful and safe home, for the Holy Spirit to fill our home completely, things like that. The next three sections are for each of my children and my husband. Following is a section for my business (this blog), family & friends, and my church and prayer requests. The final section is for praises. I have a million that God has given me so that should be the biggest section. I have to admit that I’m a sinner saved by grace, and I act like one at times, by concentrating on things that aren’t perfect. That is a prayer that will be written right after this!

How to mark the sections

Ok, so now you know what sections you want in your prayer journal, but how do you mark them? I suppose you could go out and get the tabs, but this is a book that’s supposed to be effortless and fun, and intended to speak to the Lord. I used washi tape, but if you only have regular tape that will work too.

If you’ve decided to have a memory section, cut about an inch of washi tape. Stick it at the top of the first page of that section, write scripture (or whatever you want to call it), then fold it in half on the first section, and stick the other end on the back side of the same page.

Determine how many pages you want to have in the scripture section, then begin a new section just like you did with scripture. Repeat this process until you have all your sections marked.

Prayer journal with all of the sections tabbed.
All the tabs on, but I did leave space for more at the back.

Decorate the first page of you sections.

This part is so easy, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. If you’d just like to have a place your prayers, you can leave it blank and write the prayers in each section. I decorated the first page in each section. Yall- I couldn’t draw to save my LIFE! So let me tell you what I did, then just show you.

This is the section for memory verses. I wrote parts of scripture and added a sticker and sad little doodles.

That’s supposed to be a book next to “Bible.”

For my family section I wrote prayers for family, then added a sticker and some washi tape around the prayers. I wrote scriptures that I think about for the fam, then added some swirlies (yes that’s the proper name for them). I did the same for each one on their starting pages. Oops, I haven’t drawn on my husbands yet. Don’t tell him… Also covered their full names with emoji stickers lol.

Writing Prayers & Decorating Them

Now that your prayer journal is ready to go, it’s time to write some prayers in them. I find there are prayers that I ask again and again. I’m sure Jesus is sick of mediating those! Ones like for their safety and salvation. I’m trying to write those in, and not be OCD thinking if I don’t say them something might happen! I’ve written in all of the sections now, and I’ve decorated most of the first prayers. Believe me I won’t do them all!

It’s that easy to keep a prayer journal. You can dress it up for some me time for mom, or just write out your thoughts and prayers to God. Bring it along to church and write down any prayer requests, then go back at home and elaborate on them.

It is that easy to keep a prayer journal! You don’t have to feel bad when you can’t write because God can hear you straight from your own brain! It’s also a great place to write your praises, those prayers that God delivers on!

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This has been the A to Z Challege letter J, so stick around and see letters E through I! Thank you for stopping by today! Come back tomorrow for letter K.

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