Keep Records of Your Household Electronics: an important list to have after a break-in or for insurance purposes

Imagine this. You come home from grocery shopping, and your front door is open. You know you firmly closed and locked it. When you get closer, you can see that it was forced open. You call the police who come and make sure there isn’t anyone still inside. Your televisions, your gaming systems, sound bars, computers, printers, etc, all gone. What now? The police investigate the robbery; they do the best they can at catching the culprit and getting your property back. Do you have documentation that a TV just pawned at the local pawn shop is yours? Maybe you believe you know who robbed you. They have a laptop that looks, suspiciously, a lot like yours. Can you prove it’s yours so you can get justice for the violation of your home and property?

In our home, we keep a list of our property in case of a situation like that. It’s also really handy for insurance purposes. We live in hurricane central, so we make sure we have that record in a fire safe.This free printable I’ve created for you will help you be prepared for any situation.

I have a chart for every room in your home; kitchen, living room, office, laundry, master bedroom, & children’s rooms. There are four columns, the appliance name (refrigerator), brand (like GE), model, and serial number. For your family’s phones, make sure to record the IMEI as well. Go to your settings and you’ll find it under “about.” The same applies to any tablets you have. Be sure to keep the list updated as you buy new items.

Let me know of any tips you have for being prepared for anything! Share with your friends & family so they can begin their record too.