15 Best Movies for an at Home Date Night

For LEO Couples and Non-LEO couples

My husband walks in after what looks like a long, hard day of dealing with the best of society (uh… yea) and I can already tell he’s exhausted. So I smile, do a little spin so he can appreciate all of my hard work getting this cute! I know he’d still go out for a date night because he loves me, but I can tell he needs a breather. I ask if we can just stay in and have an at home movie date night. Of course I wouldn’t mind a back rub thrown in…

Here is a list of the best law enforcement date night movies. Some are comedy, some dramas, and a few romances if you think he can handle just a bit of torture. After all you are giving up your night on the town. I’ve listed them in three categories, comedies, rom-coms, and dramas.


Blue Streak (1999)

I love this movie!! Martin Lawrence does an amazing job portraying a jewel thief who has to hide a huge diamond at a building under construction. He is then arrested and does his time in jail. He goes to pick up the diamond only to find out the building under construction is now a police station. He must pretend to be a cop to get in, thinking he’ll only be in the building for a few minutes. Those minutes turn to days in a hilarious plot. It’s also starring Luke Wilson, Dave Cheppelle, Peter Greene, Nicole Ari Parker, and William Forsythe.

Super Troopers (2001)

I think every cop I’ve met loves this movie. I like this type of comedy, but not all do. It’s a screw ball comedy, starring Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Andre Vippolis, and Steve Lemme. The five state troopers love their job and to goof around, but when state budgets are threatening to cut funding to shut down the Vermont State Troopers, they try to straighten up and fly right. They begin to compete with Spurbury Police Department and hope to bring in the most criminals and big busts. This one is a great movie you can relax to and not have to think too much! Now a line from the movie is stuck in my head, “These shnosberries taste like shnosberries.” Oh and my favorite, “Litttering and, littering and…) You’ll get it when you see the movie. You probably don’t want the kids to see this. Our two youngest haven’t seen it.

Rush Hour (1998)

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker; what’s not to love?! Their characters are about as mismatched as any two partners could be. Hong Kong Investigator Lee and LAPD Detective Carter join forces when Lee is sent to LA to rescue the Chinese Consul’s daughter. She was kidnapped by a dangerous crime lord that Lee and Carter must try to arrest along the way. This movie is hilarious! Definitely great for a deep belly laugh.

Bad Boys (1995)

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys, bad boys. This is a classic. LOVE it. “I’m Mike Loooowwwery.” Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have great chemistry, making it funny when it needs to be, and serious when backing each other as brothers in blue. They must switch identities to protect a witness while they try to investigate a case where heroin was stolen right from their precincts evidence locker. Must watch!

The Heat (2013)

Melissa McCarthy is too funny. Gotta love her. Sandra Bullock was one of my favorite actresses when I was a kid and she played in Speed with Keanu Reeves. That could’ve been because he was hot back then! In this film straight-laced FBI agent Ashburn is paired with a very foul (warning yea, there’s a lot of cussing but most cop movies are) Detective Mullins. They have to work around their every day lives and try to take down a drug lord. Too funny.


I feel the need to clarify this, they’re Romantic Comedies. My mom once thought it meant ughhh unmentionable titles. Yall she’s very naive. I love Jesus, so I’m just letting everyone know. Lol

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler play exes Nicole Hurley and Milo Boyd. Nicole is a journalist who gets arrested for assault on a police officer. When she gets a tip about a suicide that might be a murder, she jumps bail, missing her court date. In comes Milo, her ex husband who was a NYPD detective now a bounty hunter, who must chase her down and deliver her to the authorities. Imagine your ex cuffing you to him to take you to the big house! Ummm, no. A lot of stuff would go down. Can’t blame Nicole for trying everything to get away!

Date Night (2010)

Steve Carell and Tina Fey play a married couple with two children. Their life has become very routine and so has their love life. Taking a que from their friends, who are divorcing to spice up their lives, the decide to ditch their typical date night. Phil decides to take Claire to a fancy New York restaurant, but he didn’t get a reservation (typical guy, right?) so he convinces her to take the identity of a couple who are no-shows. They end up being taken by the mob who think they are the original couple. Pretty spiced up date night I guess!

The Mexican (2001)

Brad Pitt stars as an errand boy for the mob who insists he go to Mexico to retrieve a priceless gun nicknamed “The Mexican.” His girlfriend Samantha tells him to disassociate from the mob or she’s out. I guess having a mad girlfriend is way more palatable than having the mob making you disappear! He heads to Mexico and the adventure ensues.

Murder Mystery (2019)

A New York police officer (Adam Sandler) and his wife (Jennifer Aniston), embark on an European vacation to spice up their relationship (I’m seeing a pattern here). They are invited aboard a billionaire’s yacht only to be framed for his murder. They must find the real killer before they get to port, or do the time for someone else’s crime. It’s a cute movie. It really hits home on how as law enforcement families we really need breaks and vacations from time to time. That or go crazy…


End of Watch (2012)

Ok, major warning. MAJOR. My husband loves this movie. Loves it, like he has a movie poster signed by the actors. I wanted to punch him in the face when he made me watch it. I married my husband who had already been in law enforcement for years when we met. I didn’t know what “end of watch” was until I watched this movie. I cried my eyes out, ugly cried-really ugly cried! I never want to hear an End of Watch call for my husband or any one of our LEO families’ members. I don’t think I could make it through hearing it. I’d collapse like a rag doll. This is a good movie, but as wives, husbands, or family members, it can be a bit tough to handle. Micheal Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal star as partners in the LAPD who patrol one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. They have each others backs and aren’t always by the book. Great movie, but if you’ve just got all fixed up, skip this one until it’s a pajama shorts and top kinda night.

Training Day (2001)

You can’t have a LEO list of movies without Training Day. It’s a classic and will probably be watched for generations. Denzel Washington plays a LAPD detective charged with the task of evaluating Ethan Hawke’s police skills. The movie is based on just a 12 hour shift. It follows them through that shift where you must decide if law enforcement sometimes needs to work a little outside the lines. This movie raked in $104 million worldwide, so it must be good! I know I liked it.

The Departed (2006)

I love this one! My husband has only agreed to watch movies with me if I don’t say what I know is coming. Not movies I’ve seen, mind you. Movies and shows are just way to predictable for me. Not this one!! So if you’re in for a real who-dunit this is it. Jack Nicholson plays a gangster in South Boston. Who could play Bostonians better than Mark Whalberg, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio? A real mind teaser as Billy Costigan infiltrates the mob and Matt Damon is a mobster who infiltrated the police department. Do not miss a minute!

Silence of the Lambs (1991)

This one is a definite classic. Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster, is a top student in the FBI training academy. She’s asked to go and interview a psychopathic serial killer (Anthony Hopkins) in a mental institution. She and the director of the academy are trying to catch a killer who’s taking skin from his victims. Anthony Hopkins gives the performance of a lifetime in this movie. I don’t think any actor out there could beat him in this role! It can make you jump at times, so beware!

Seven (1995)

This is a great movie. Not too predictable. Morgan Freeman plays a retiring detective who is partnering with Brad Pitt who’s been recently transferred to the department. They stumble across a serial killer who is killing his victims who he thinks personifies one of the seven deadly sins. It becomes personal for the duo as they track the serial killer (Kevin Spacey).

Kiss the Girls (1997)

I’m a reader. I’d much rather read than watch movies. My kids and husband think I’m weird. I tell them that in my head I picture what I’m reading way better than Hollywood ever could. I love reading James Patterson! Kiss the Girls is one of his books they’ve made into movies. I have to tip my hat a bit, they did a good job transferring words to screen. Morgan Freeman stars as Alex Cross, a forensic psychologist for the FBI. He meets with detective Nick Ruskin about his missing niece. They begin to think a serial killer, “The Casanova Killer,” is responsible for her disappearance. Meanwhile Dr. Kate McTiernan is kidnapped but escapes. They team up to find and rescue the other women that were in cells that Kate saw as she escaped.

These are fifteen great movies for an at home date night. I doesn’t matter if you’re home to shelter in place, or if it’s one of those nights that seemed to go forever and right as he’s going to go 10-7, ANOTHER call comes through pushing back your date time to who-knows-when. So get yall some popcorn and some wine (me, I’d usually take a can of coke over that, but sometimes you just need to chill). Cozy up on the couch with those throw blankets you’ve got scattered through the living room, turn down the lights, and relax by the love of your life.

Let me know in the comments if you can think of other movies that would go well with this list. Share with your friends and family, LEO or not, that you think they’d like it. Any other articles you’d like to see? Let me know that in the comments as well!

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