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I can’t believe there are only a little over four months until Christmas! It’s crazy how time flies. I just want to freeze these last few Christmases while it’s still magical for our two youngest kids! My teenager lucks out because she still gets gifts from us and Santa, ha! I think she’d like to freeze time as well, to keep getting double presents! Since we aren’t millionaires, I try to start shopping early, and I like to get people gifts they will actually like and use! I decided to create a page where people can fill out what they want, need, what they’ll wear and/or read. Thus this free printable Christmas Wish List was born. Although you can use this list for your children, it wasn’t really created specifically for them. If you’re looking for one for them, you can choose one of four styles I made in this post, Christmas letter to Santa.

You can use these wish lists to get an idea of what your loved ones would like and not return to the store. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35), and that is so true. It feels great when you give someone something they really like. And let’s be honest, there are some people that are so hard to buy for. You have no clue where to even start! This free printable Christmas wish list is perfect to help you find something that the recipient will like and use.

What’s on the Free Printable Christmas Wish List?

A recent development in the gift-giving world is the act of giving someone something they want, something they need, something they will wear, and something they will read. This section is especially useful for children because they usually ask for only toys or electronics. Having each section kind of forces them to name some other things.

Want, Need, Wear, & Read sections in light blue with silver snowflake behind the lines to write on for the free printable Christmas wish list.

On the printable I also included a section for favorites. There is a line for favorite candy, snack, and drink. This is good for those you want to get a little happy for, but you can’t afford to go all out on. People like your mailman, your child’s principal or their special area teachers (art, music, gym), the police officer that patrols your area, etc. Next there are lines for your loved ones’ favorite stores and restaurants in case you’d like to give a gift card. Nothing is worse than getting a gift card for somewhere you don’t patronize. Like getting a Starbucks card and you hate coffee! There’s a place for favorite color and scent, so you can buy the right color & scented things like candles, fragrance sprays, or lotions. The movie and book spot will help you if you want to buy a themed shirt, magnet, coffee mug, or other things like that. The team line is great for the men in your life. You can get them something like an ornament or a mug with their favorite team name or logo.

Favorites section of the free printable Christmas wish list. This section's square is pink with blue writing to match the LEO Wife theme. The lines in this box are for the favorite color, store, movie, book, team, drink, candy, snack, scent, and restaurant.

In the next section I created a space for their sizes. That takes all of the guesswork out of buying clothes! My daughter is tiny, and my son is on the small side, but his size is usually his age. My husband’s daughter is the exact same age as my son, but she’s bigger than me! We spend a lot of time after Christmas in the exchange and return lines. I know how much having sizes on hand would help while gift buying!

Size box from the red & silver free printable Christmas printable wish list.

Now that you know what’s on the wish list, you know you how handy it will be! I created four different color options for you to choose from. I made a blue, mauve, and pink one with snowflakes in the section boxes and one in the same colors without the snowflakes. Another one is in teals and blues, and the last is red, black, and silver. Choose the one you like and press the download button. It will download, then you can open it in your PDF viewer. Each printable is regular letter size, 8.5″x11″.

Free printable Christmas wish list in blue, pink, and mauve, with snowflakes.

Please only use these for personal, single use only. If you’d like to get permission to use these commercially or for other purposes, please contact me. Thank you!

More Christmas Printables

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