Spring Wreath Tutorial

I love how this spring wreath turned out! I have a neutral spring theme in our dining room so I needed a wreath designed to match. It’s relatively quick and easy to make. I had all the supplies on hand, except the styrofoam wreath form, which I ran out and got from Dollar Tree. I made two because I hang them from sconces that hang on each side of a large shelf.

To make this spring wreath you need:

  • styrofoam wreath form- Dollar Tree
  • burlap (You can get several different colors at Dollar Tree.)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • white 1.5″ wired ribbon (or 1″ ribbon from Dollar Tree)
  • greenery
  • small faux eggs
  • moss or faux grass- Dollar Tree

Wrap the spring wreath form

Hot glue the end of your burlap ribbon to the back of the wreath form. Wrap the ribbon around the styrofoam until the it is fully covered. Cut off the excess ribbon, and hot glue the end of the burlap on the back of the form.

Cover the styrofoam with the burlap.

My burlap is really wide so you’ll have shorter wrapping points than mine. My beautiful cousin got this lace burlap from a wedding that they were just throwing away. Uhhh… no. We save in our family, ha!

Make the nest

Use your moss or green raffia to make into a bird’s nest. The moss is easy to do, but the raffia will take some strategic thinking. It’s pretty much a nest in the bag. However, when you try to break off some to make smaller nests, it’s every woman for herself. I spent so much time on this yall. It’s sad. Try to break off the amount you think you need for each spring wreath (if you make more than one like I did).

On the off chance you failed in you endeavors as I did, I can tell you what I did. I was able to pull one nest from the bunch, but not the other. With the second, I gathered the amount of raffia that I needed to use to make the nest. Much of it was separated with pieces of it sticking out here and there. Roll it around and squeeze it all together like you’re making a ball. Break the long pieces off, and put it into the ball. In the middle of the ball, press down while pulling the extra to the outsides. You want the middle to be lower and the outside higher. If you need to, add either the hot glue, which works quickly, or some liquid glue. I ended up using a little of both.

Arranging the raffia greenery into a nest on the spring wreath.

Once your nest is formed, glue it on the wreath. You want it a little to the left of the bottom center; that will put it around the 7 o’clock area. Next glue the small speckled eggs into the nest. I used three small eggs in pastel colors speckled with a neutral tan color. If you’re like me you may move them around a few times until they are exactly where you’d like.

Glue three eggs on the spring wreath.

Add the finishing touches to your spring wreath.


I felt that my spring wreath was a little bare with just the nest on it. I thought adding a bow would dress it up a bit. Using the ribbon you chose, cut off around 10 to 12″. Feel free to make your bow shorter or longer to fit your style. Tie the ribbon like you would a hair bow.

If you want to dress it up a little, make the two loops for each side of the bow, cut off the extra ribbon, and twist a pipe cleaner around the middle section where the loops meet. Fold the left-over ribbon in half length-wise so that you have two sides of the same length. Open the pipe cleaner from the bow, add the ribbon, then twisting the pipe cleaner closed around the fold. This will leave you with two tails of the same length for your bow. Put the tails on top of each other, fold them in half together, and cut the ends into a half “V.” Cut an inch of the ribbon off of the roll, and fold it until it will cover the pipe cleaner (about 1/8″ wide). Place a dot of hot glue on the back of the pipe cleaner, wrap it tightly around the front of the bow, then glue the other end to the back of the bow.

Showing the bow glued on to the burlap at the top of the spring wreath.

Now with your bow complete you can add it to your spring wreath. Place a dot of the hot glue on the back of your bow and press it onto the wreath. Press it on at the top of the form in the center.

Flowers or Greenery

The final step is adding some greenery to the spring wreath. This is optional so if you don’t have any faux flowers or stems around, you don’t have to go out and get them. During the Christmas holiday season I bought several grab bags from Michael’s two for $5; best deal ever! They contained several greenery garlands and faux flowers. I really cleaned up with this deal. If you ever see them for sale, definitely buy a few.

Cut the stems of the flowers to fit along the side of the wreath form. To cut them to the correct length, place them tucked behind the nest then raise or lower it until you like the position. Snip it off, add a small amount of hot glue on the end, and tuck the ends under the nest.

You are now done with your masterpiece of a wreath. Hang it proudly in your home from now until the end of spring. I am loving the neutral spring palette that I am working on in our dining room, and I hope that you will try it in one of your rooms this season. I have a lot more projects I am working on, so come back soon for more DIYs you can add to your room.

Final Thoughts

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