Moss Covered Bunny Tutorial

Two years ago I got this bunny from Dollar Tree, and I decided to make a moss covered bunny with it. It started off as a grid-type pink bunny with whiskers and two stakes to plant it in the yard. Until a week ago I wasn’t sure what I wanted to with it.

I love the moss decor that I’ve seen around, and my dining room is set up with a neutral theme this spring. I thought this was the perfect time to make a moss covered bunny of my own. It turned out great, so I am giving you the tutorial to make you own.

Supplies you need for the moss covered bunny:

  • bunny shaped garden stake
  • reindeer moss
  • chalk paint in a dark green that matches the moss & a paint brush
  • flower pot or vase
  • Spanish moss
  • adhesive spray or craft glue
  • wire cutters or something similar

You can get all of the supplies from Dollar Tree except the chalk paint. However, the Dollar Tree near me has started selling acrylic paints which will work.

Supplies needed for the moss covered bunny: adhesive spray, scissors, wire cutters, reindeer moss.

Prep the bunny then paint it.

The pink rabbit comes with three whiskers that extend out of both sides. Use wire cutters to cut them off. Make sure to get all the way to the base. There shouldn’t be anything extending out from the it.

Paint the bunny using the green chalk paint or other dark green paint. If your it will only be seen from one side, you only have to paint the front. If you are placing it where both sides will be seen, paint the front and the back.

Prep the moss covered bunny by painting it in sage green chalk paint.

Begin to add the moss.

Reindeer moss was so hard to find this year. I’ve been to four Dollar Trees, several times each, to find more, but no luck. When you see it in your stores, grab up a few. My husband picked up some moss from Hobby Lobby, but it wasn’t reindeer moss, it was some kind of preserved moss. The color between the two is way different, so I couldn’t add it to mine. Thus, my bunny is covered, but I would definitely like to add more moss when I find it.

Starting at the top of the rabbit, spray the adhesive glue on a small section. If you are using liquid glue, squeeze it along all of the lines in a small section to start. Pull pieces of moss and begin adding them to the bunny in the places you have glue. If you have more than one pack of moss, you can be liberal when adding it, but if you only have one make sure to spread it thin so it will all be covered.

Continue adding glue then moss until the moss covered bunny is complete.

Display your moss covered bunny.

There are many ways you can display the moss covered bunny. You can cut the stakes off and use it as a wreath on your door or wall. I chose to use mine on a table in the dining room with Spanish moss to hide the foam.

To do that you need a vase or flower pot, floral foam, Spanish moss or decorative rocks, and tulle or ribbon to add a bow if you choose. Put the floral foam in the the vase then push the stakes into the foam. Next, cut pieces of the moss and place it the flower pot over the floral foam. I used about two pinches of the moss because the foam takes up most of the pot.

Cut off enough tulle or ribbon to wrap around the flower pot then tie into a bow. Once it’s tied, cut off any extra tulle that’s hanging past the vase/pot.

You are now ready to show off the work of art that’s your moss covered bunny! Mine is on a corner table in my dining room. I have another table exactly like it in the other corner. If I can find the moss and another bunny, I will be making one for it as well.

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, please share it with those that would like to make their own. While you’re here, you might like to check out these Easter egg vases that can be used on your tablescape or around the house to bring spring into your home.

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