Farmhouse Bathroom Storage from Dollar Tree

Welcome to this month’s DIY Blog Hop where I join a group of lovely ladies to bring you our latest project tutorial. The blog hop is hosted by Tarah of Grandma’s House DIY. If you’re interested in joining us, check out the hop’s information page. This month’s theme is “bathroom,” and since we’re moving into a new house with completely different bathroom set-ups than our current home, this was the perfect theme for me. Like I’ve mentioned in all of my tutorials as of late, it’s more important than ever to keep costs low, especially on non-essentials! (Not like we ladies think home decor items are non-essentials lol!) In this post I’m going to show you how to use Dollar Tree items to make beautiful farmhouse bathroom storage set.

Completed farmhouse storage set: three glass jars with burlap on each lid and one with lace on top of the burlap and two decorative glass knobs on the other two. The jars are placed on a dark stained wood tray.

Our guest bathroom colors are white and teal (kind of in between aqua and turquoise, so I’m not sure exactly what to call it). My initial plan was to spray paint the lids and glue decorative glass knobs to the top. Quick, easy, and super affordable. However, I felt like the paint looked to child-like once it dried. I quickly changed tactics, so you’ll see two different photos of supplies below. I absolutely love the way this set turned out, and I think you will too! If you’re looking for more affordable bathroom storage DIYs, check out this Dollar Tree crate shelf.

Dollar Tree crate shelf with hot chocolate packets, sugar and milk containers in it.

Supplies for Farmhouse Bathroom Storage Tray:

  • 3 glass jars- I used the Dollar Tree jars that you can sit upright with the lid on top or to the side where the lid faces the front.
  • piece of wood- I used a dark stained shiplap piece from Walmart that cost $1.97 when I bought it about a year ago. DT has an unstained flat wood piece that would work, as well as rectangular trays that come in gold and silver. I planned to use the tray at first but found that the wood piece was perfect and looked amazing.
  • burlap, fabric, or ribbon- DT does have colored burlap ribbon that you could use to cover the jar lids. Other options are fabrics (DT or WM has cheap fat quarters), rope, twine, contact paper, or squares of wallpaper from DT (they look like faux metal ceiling tiles, faux subway tiles, etc.). If you have the right color spray paint that could work as well.
  • 2 or 3 decorative glass knobs- I use 2 and got them from DT.
  • utility knife
  • Mod Podge (or make your own by combining one part Elmer’s glue to two parts water)
  • paint or foam brush
Completed farmhouse storage set: three glass jars with burlap on each lid and one with lace on top of the burlap and two decorative glass knobs on the other two. The jars are placed on a dark stained wood tray.

Create a Hole in the Lid

Before I started my project, I thought I could just take the long screw part out of the decorative glass knobs and glue them to the tops of my storage jar lids. Absolutely no go on that! I don’t have an electric saw, and there was no way my little hand saw would do the job. I had to come up with a new way to attach the knobs to the lids. At first, I thought there was no way that I could leave the screw part on because they are really, really long. It turned out to be ok since the items in the jars will cover the screws.

If you have a saw and you’re not ok with hiding the screw with cotton balls, you can just cut the screw off. If you don’t have a saw, let me show you how easy it is to add the screw to the jar lid. First find the center of the lid and mark it with a small dot. Place your utility knife on the dot and press it down firmly until you have even the tiniest hole.

Using a utility knife to cut a hole in the top of a bathroom storage jar lid.

Once you have a hole, switch to a tool that can widen that hole circularly. I used a clay sculpting tool that I often use to weed my Cricut vinyl projects. Any tool that starts with a point and widens out will work, like a Phillip’s head screwdriver. Place the tool in the small hole and twist it back and forth until it’s just wide enough to accommodate the width of the screw.

Twisting a spearhead shaped tool in the hole I just made in the top of the bathroom storage jar lid.
Do you see how inappropriate the color of the spray paint ended up being? I had to come up with another plan.

Quick note before we move to adding burlap to the jar lids:

I want to add a quick note here: you don’t have to stick with burlap. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use ribbon, fabric, etc. Dollar Tree sells colored burlap ribbon in 2.5″ widths (I believe). Sometimes they have the regular tan burlap if you get lucky. DT also sells sheets of vinyl in the home section (not the crafty vinyl) that have a good farmhouse look. It’s marketed as backsplash vinyl. Chalk painting the lids then adding twine around the sides with a tiny bow would also work. Don’t ever feel like you can’t do one of my tutorials because you don’t have an item. I have readers who have emailed me for ideas, so feel free to reach out via social media, the comments, or through email!

Add Burlap to the Bathroom Storage Jar Lids

Completed farmhouse storage set: three glass jars with burlap on each lid and one with lace on top of the burlap and two decorative glass knobs on the other two. The jars are placed on a dark stained wood tray.

Now it’s time to farmhouse up your bathroom storage jars! Yeah, that’s the term we’re going with. We’re farmhouse-ing the up lol. I had to come up with something to cover the horrible aqua color of my lids. I have several rolls of burlap and lace table runners that my beautiful cousin rescued from their dumpster destination after a wedding. (Who in the world would just throw away tons of perfect burlap and lace with no stains?! Not we crafters, DIYers, or upcyclers that’s for sure!) I though burlap was the perfect way to cover the lids and would give the storage set more of a farmhouse look.

Place one of the lids upside down on the back of the burlap. Trace lightly around the lid with a pen or small marker, making sure your marking wide enough to all for the coverage of the sides.

Tracing around the lid on burlap.

Cut out the burlap circle.

Cutting the burlap to fit the bathroom storage jar lid.
I’m sorry that this picture is so off-center! You can see the tip of my scissors at the very bottom of the pic cutting the light red circle.

Mod Podge the Burlap to the Lids

Spread a generous amount of Mod Podge to the top of the jar lid.

Painting Mod Podge on top of a jar lid.

Center your circle of burlap on top of the lid and press it down.

Pressing burlap on top the Mod Podge on the jar lid.

You will probably need to lift it a bit and add more Mod Podge. Since burlap has so many loose fibers, they tend to stick to the Mod Podge and the solid part of the burlap lifts up. Just add more, and smooth the burlap on it.

Painting Mod Podge under the burlap on the jar lid before smoothing it out.

Finally, add Mod Podge to the side of the lid and fold the burlap over it.

Folding burlap over the side of the bathroom storage jar lid on top of Mod Podge.

Allow the Mod Podge to dry then trim off any excess burlap from the lid.

Optional: Add Lace to One Lid

You can leave the jar lids like this with only the burlap, but I only bought two decorative knobs. I felt like the jar without one needed to look a little different, so I added lace that runs down the center of my burlap roll. When I cut my first piece of burlap, I cut a piece with lace. If you need to cut it separately, you only need enough for the top of the lid, not the side. Spread more Mod Podge on the top of the burlap and place the circle of lace on top.

Add more Mod Podge on top of the lace. Allow it to dry then cut any excess lace that extends past the top of the lid.

Cutting excess lace from the top of the bathroom storage jar lid.
Completed farmhouse storage set: three glass jars with burlap on each lid and one with lace on top of the burlap and two decorative glass knobs on the other two. The jars are placed on a dark stained wood tray.

Add Decorative Knobs to the Farmhouse Bathroom Storage Jars

Once all three of your jar lids are covered with burlap, it’s time to add your knobs. Use an Exacto or utility knife and press it through the burlap opening the hole that you made earlier.

Using an Exacto knife to cut a hole in the burlap that's on the jar lid.

Screw the glass knob into the hole. You’ll have to turn it, just like screwing in a regular screw.

Screwing a decorative glass knob into the bathroom storage jar lid.

Add the piece that holds the knob in on the inside of the lid, then add the washer and screw on the nut.

Screwing the nut on the glass knob screw inside the jar lid.

Place your jars on your piece of wood and your farmhouse bathroom storage set is complete!

Fill your jars with whatever you’d like them to hold, place them on the wood piece, and you’re done! I put Q-tips in one, cotton balls in another, and headbands that we use when we wash our faces in the last. Since my blank wood sign has vertical wood pieces toward each end, I didn’t add any “feet” to it. If you buy a flat piece of wood, I suggest going the extra step and adding something to the bottom to use as “feet.” Wood beads that have holes in the middle for stringing would be perfect because they are flat-ish in the middle. Stain or paint them to match the wood and you’re set! Here is my farmhouse bathroom storage tray set.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and you come up with your own way to customize it. I love seeing the twists that y’all place on these DIYs, so follow me on social media using the buttons in the sidebar and tag me in your pictures! Remember to pin the photo below or share this post using the buttons at the bottom of the page so that you can get back to this tutorial when you’re ready to use it.

Farmhouse bathroom storage Pinterest image

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