This Christmas Card & Picture Holder will take center place in your decor this year!

Welcome friends! I absolutely love this time of year. Decorating for Christmas is so much fun, and today I’m going to show you how to make a piece that will take center stage in your holiday decor. It can double as a Christmas card holder and a picture holder.

Don’t you love all of those pictures that your kids or grandkids have taken with Santa over the years? Many times, they get put into a folder or on an ornament and don’t get the attention they deserve. With this decoration you’ll be able to enjoy the cuteness all season long!

Our Sustainable Pinterest Challenge hosted by Julie from Sum of Their Stories is here, and this month’s theme is Christmas. Every month I team up with some talented bloggers from around the world the world to bring you a project based on a Pinterest idea with a sustainable element. My sustainable element this month was a hula hoop that was my daughter’s when she was little. The outer plastic was peeling off and it was going to go in the trash. It was rescued and got new life as a Christmas card/picture holder! I based my project on a lovely YouTuber’s idea (sorry she didn’t have an image alone of the project only the video). Her name is Wendy from White Sparrow Living. She’s a sister in Christ, so I have to show her some love!

Supplies for a Christmas card holder:

  • small hula hoop
  • 7/8″ ribbon (I used black.)
  • 2.5″ ribbon (I used red and black buffalo check.)
  • spray paint in a color coordinating with the ribbon (I used black.)
  • spray paint clear coat sealant (optional)
  • hot glue
  • clothes pins (mini ones would work best)
  • paint for clothes pins
  • greenery
  • Christmas picks
Christmas card holder supplies: greenery, Christmas picks, crimson chalk paint, clothes pins, 2.5" wired red and black buffalo check ribbon, 7/8" black ribbon, scissors, and a hot glue gun.
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Paint the hula hoop.

First spray paint the hula hoop. I used black and put on two coats, but it really only needed one.

Spray painting a pink hula hoop black.

It’s smart to go ahead and use a spray sealant to keep the paint from chipping during use and then storage.

Paint the clothes pins.

I used Waverly chalk paint in Crimson to paint regular size clothes pins. That color matches my red and black buffalo check ribbon perfectly. Once I put them on the ribbon, I realized that mini clothes pins or clips would work better as they won’t pull down as much with their weight. Once I find mine, I will use them.

Painting clothes pins with Waverly chalk paint in crimson.

Add greenery to the hula hoop.

I used two bunches of rosemary stems, boxwood stems, and two flocked fir picks with pinecones and berries on them. Cut the bunches into individual stems.

Cutting greenery stems from the bunch with wire cutters.

Next place them to the left and right of the bottom center, extending up about 12″ or so. I alternated between rosemary and boxwood. Simply add hot glue to the back of the stem and place it on the hula hoop. I did pull off some of the leaf bunches to add to any spot that looked sparse.

Then add the fir closest to the center. I used a pipe cleaner to attach the picks because they were pretty heavy. Leave a place for a bow in the middle.

Attaching a Christmas card pick to the picture holder.

Place Ribbons on the Christmas Card Holder

I added the ribbons that will hold my pictures after I added the greenery so that I could place them in the right places. Roll out some ribbon and stretch it across the hoop and cut it to the appropriate length. Add hot glue to the end, then wrap it around the hoop so the glue ends up on the back. My first ribbon is about 3″ above the spot where the greenery ends. Glue the other end to the opposite side, making sure to pull it tight! If you don’t make it tight, tight, it will droop with the weight of the pictures and clips.

Cut a second length of ribbon and glue both ends to the hoop 6″ or more above the first. You can place the ribbons where you need them based on what you’re going to hang.

Make & Add a Bow

I made a simple six loop bow. Secure yours in the center with a long pipe cleaner and don’t cut any of it off.

Then I used my super sneaky trick and glued on a separate loop to add a center. All you do is cut about a 6″ piece of ribbon, pinch the two ends together creating a loop, then wrap a tiny piece of pipe cleaner around the end. Add hot glue to the bottom and place it in the center of the fluffed out bow. Dove tail the ends of the ribbon.

See? You don’t have to be a bow pro to make a pretty one! A video of me making the bow will be in the video tutorial at the end of the post. If you need an easier bow, use this tutorial where you can use separate loops to form one bow!

Attach the bow in the bottom center of the Christmas picture holder.

Bottom of the Christmas card holder with greenery going up each side and a red and black buffalo check bow in the center.

Video Tutorial

Here’s a quick video tutorial to help you if you learn best by watching. I know I’m probably one of the only wierdos in the world who learns best by reading! The video is sped up, so play it at half speed if need be. I kept the bow making section at only double speed so that you could see it better. The rest I figured you’d get the gist of by seeing it quickly. As always, forgive the quality. I’m not a videographer, lol!

That’s it! Your showstopping Christmas card/picture holder is complete!

I absolutely love how this turned out! It’s place of honor this Christmas will be above our couch where my Pottery Barn dupe decorative mirror set usually hangs.

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    29 thoughts on “This Christmas Card & Picture Holder will take center place in your decor this year!

    1. It’s a beautiful Christmas wreath, I like that you add photos, very personal. And great use of an old hula hoop too!

      1. Yes, if I get any this year they may go on there. I have another little thing that they usually go on. I get a few from older relatives some years, but with a new house they probably won’t know my address!

    2. I love this idea and it looks awesome, Niki! It can also double as a year round decorative photo display piece with a little tweaking for each season!

    3. That’s a great way to use an old battered hoola hoop and give it a new purpose. In our old house I would attach cards to a strip of crepe paper but since we moved (7 years ago!!) and no longer have a good space to hang them I’ve not done anything special with them, they just get put on every surface and blow over when the door is opened. This looks like a much better solution!

      1. Thank you! I don’t get many Christmas cards, usually a few from older family members, so I love that I can display family Christmas photos!

    4. OMG did I just see a yarn wreath flash by on your post slide show! Was that yours or from a link party? Wait until you see my 10 on the 10th project ~ LOL. Your upcycled hoop is such a wonderful idea for displaying cards and photos ~ it turned out great!

      1. I don’t either! That’s why I’m using this for Christmas pics. Every year we get Santa pics, but I don’t have them all displayed every year. Those things are expensive so they’re going on this this Christmas!

    5. What a fabulous practical decoration! A great way to use your greeting cards to help decorate your room too!

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