Farmhouse Christmas Ornament Tree

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Welcome friends! I’m so excited to see all of the Christmas decor and craft supplies in stores right now. My local Dollar Tree was putting out all of theirs the other day when I went with my son, and I left with quite the haul. I grabbed ten packs of ornaments in different sizes not knowing what I was going to do with them yet, but I knew I’d find something. Well today I decided to make a farmhouse style tree of Christmas ornaments, and it turned out cute! Let’s get into this tutorial.

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Christmas ornament tree supplies:

  • 2 packs of 12 pack ornaments: I used packs with red matte and red glitter ornaments.
  • Beacon Quick Grip glue: You can use E6000 or hot glue, but I just found Quick Grip and it’s awesome. It holds in seconds!
  • 2.5″ wood block
  • 12″ wood slat
  • acrylic paint or wood stain: I used weathered gray stain.
  • star tree topper from DT or
  • ribbon for a bow top
Supplies for a Christmas ornament tree: weathered gray stain, paint brush, Quick Grip, 2.5" wood block, 12" wood slat, 2 packs of 12 piece ornament set.
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Stain or Paint the Wood

Most of Dollar Tree’s wood products are a bit rough, so if you need to give the wood block and the slat a light sanding.

Once they’re nice and smooth, paint or stain them. I stained mine to match my DIY Christmas tray and the rest of my home decor using Rust-oleum weathered gray stain and polyurethane in one. It took three coats to make me happy with the color. This stain is amazing, and it dries in minutes.

Prep the Ornaments

Before you place the ornaments on the wood you need to remove the hanger and the raised knub under it. Y’all it’s the only thing I can thing to call it lol! Pull up on the gold hanger and it will pop right off.

Pulling the gold hanger off of a ball ornament.

To begin, I used a small hack saw to make a tiny cut in one side.

Once you’ve made a tiny cut, use pliers to rock pull the raised portion off. Just rock it back a little and it will pop off cleanly.

Assemble the Christmas Ornament Tree

I put my tree together with six ornaments on the bottom row, five on the second, four on the third, and so on. After I put it together, I didn’t like the amount of glue showing from the front side and I didn’t like that starting off with an even number left one edge all the same color with the opposite side alternating colors. So, I pulled the entire Christmas ornament tree apart and placed seven on the bottom row. I didn’t get photos remaking the ornament tree, so I’ll share the process of using six on the bottom row, and you can decide if you’d like to use six or seven ornaments on the bottom row.

First Row

Place some Quick Grip glue on the bottom of the first ornament, around the hole left from removing the hanger.

Putting Quick Grip glue on the bottom of a red ornament.

If you’re using six ornaments on the bottom row, place it a few centimeters from the edge of the wood slat. If you’re using seven ornaments, place it so that about 1/3 of the ornament hangs off the edge of the slat.

Continue adding glue to the ornaments and placing them along the rest of the wood. If you’re using seven, the last ornament will hang off a bit like the first one.

Second through Sixth Rows

When you add the second row, place the ornaments in between the ones on the first row. Squeeze the glue a few millimeters to the left and right of the hole on the bottom, not around it entirely.

Continue adding rows to the ornament tree- four on the third row, three on the fourth, two on the fifth, and finally one on the top. If you’re using seven, you know what to do, one less on each successive row.

Add a Tree Topper

There are several things you can use as a tree topper if you want one. It is fine without one, but I wanted to add a little something extra. I used a small Dollar Tree silver glitter star tree topper for the top of my tree. It’s too tall with the springy thing that goes on the top of a regular tree, so I had to remove it. It came off pretty easily using pliers. Just grab it tightly and wiggle it back and forth.

Using pliers to remove the spring from the bottom of a star Christmas tree topper.

Some of my glitter came off in the process so I brushed on some glue and added more silver glitter.

Video Tutorial

For my visual learning friends, here’s a quick video tutorial.

That’s it! Your Christmas ornament tree is complete!

I love my little Christmas ornament tree! I think the star on the top just puts it over the top.

Christmas ornament tree with a silver star topper sitting on a shelf with other Christmas decorations.

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