Mother’s Day Door Hanger for Your Mom w/ Free SVG!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I still can’t believe that this year is flying by so fast! I’m trying to get my Mother’s Day gifts ready before our big move because Lord knows I will never be able to find them in time to package and gift them once we do. Today I’m going to show you how to turn a Dollar Tree sign/door hanger into a beautiful DIY Mother’s Day gift. I’m also sharing the SVG that I used on my door hanger.

Mother's Day gift sign: featured image 500x500

There is no Cricut required to make this project! Just download my free image, then use the carbon copy method to apply the design to your Mother’s Day sign. Those instructions are available in my winter door hanger tutorial.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Supplies:

  • round sign from Dollar Tree
  • vinyl or HTV- I used black and cream outdoor vinyl.
  • scissors
  • transfer tape for vinyl or wax paper for HTV
  • paint- I used cream and black acrylic paint.
  • painter’s tape
  • 2.5″ ribbon
  • pipe cleaner or floral wire
  • my free SVG
Mother's Day sign supplies: round sign, 2.5" burlap and lace ribbon, scissors, ivory acrylic paint, pipe cleaner, black vinyl, and Cricut cutting mat.
Mother's Day sign saying "Grandkids welcome (parents by appointment only)".

If you’re looking for a tutorial and SVG to use on your own wood door hanger (where I used HTV instead of outdoor vinyl), check out my tutorial from Thursday.

Paint the Sign

First untie and remove the jute rope hanger from the sign. I used the back of my sign so that my mom can flip it over and use the Valentine’s Day side if she wants. Plus, it’s easier to cover! Paint the back of your sign in your choice of color. It took three coats of paint to cover my sign.

Painting the Mother's Day sign with cream acrylic paint.

I initially planned to keep my sign one color, but once I saw it all plain and cream, I decided to do what I did on my earlier wood door hanger, and painted blocks. On this sign I decided to make my bottom section a little wider than the top. I did this because I felt like I wanted a little more color that I had showing on my previous sign. Using painter’s tape and a grid cutting mat or ruler, Place a piece of painter’s tape 3″ from the top of the sign. You want the top edge of the tape at the 3″ line, not the bottom of the tape.

Adding painter's tape across the top of the Mother's Day sign.

Now place another piece 4″ from the bottom of the sign. This time the bottom of the tape will be at the 4″ mark so that 4″ of the sign will be painted.

Adding painter's tape to the Mother's Day sign.

Paint above and below the tape and allow it to dry. I used two coats this time due to the darker color.

Cut & Weed SVG

I created an SVG for my mom’s sign that says, “Grandkids welcome (parents by appointment only).” I’m sharing that for free with you today! As with all of my free printables and SVGs, they are not to be shared, sold, or used on items to sell. If you’d like to share it, I would love for you to do that using the social media share buttons at the end of the post or by sending your friends straight to the blog. Thank you for following these few rules as it helps me keep these printables and SVGs coming to you for free. If you’d like to skip downloading the image here, then uploading it to Design Space, you can go straight to pre-uploaded design in Design Space here.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can download this as a PNG file and print it. You can then do one of two things, cut it out then Mod Podge it on to your painted sign. Or- you can use the carbon copy method and transfer it to the sign and paint it on. You can see my tutorial for this method here. Be sure to resize the image before printing.

Once you’ve cut your image, weed the negative space from the design. If you’d like to use this as a stencil (maybe you don’t have the right vinyl color, but you have the paint color), weed the positive space. If you’re not sure how to make a stencil with a Cricut, you can check out my tutorial here.

Apply the Vinyl to the Mother’s Day Gift Sign

You need transfer or contact paper to transfer the design onto the sign if you’re using outdoor vinyl. If you’re using HTV, you can look at my wood door hanger sign tutorial to see how to transfer it onto the sign. Place contact paper over the design and go over it with a scraper or credit card to adhere the vinyl to it.

Smoothing transfer tape onto "grandkids" vinyl design with a credit card.

Remove the backing from the vinyl and center it on the sign. You’ll want to place the highest point in “grandkids” about 1.5-2″ from the black top section.

Repeat the process with “welcome,” placing it just under “grandkids.”

Placing "welcome" cut in black vinyl just under "grandkids."

I cut “(parents by appointment only)” out of cream vinyl, so I placed it at the very top of my bottom black section.

Add a Bow & Hanger

Cut the jute rope that you removed from the sign to about 4″ in length. Feed it back through the hole and tie it in a knot. I left it long in these pictures, but I had to remove it and shorten it later.

Feeding the jute rope back through the DIY Mother's Day gift to hand the sign from.

I made a simple four loop bow with 2″ tails for my sign. You can make one with two or more loops. I just felt a simpler bow was best for the ribbon that I used. Secure your bow with a pipe cleaner or floral wire and leave the wire long so that you can attach it to the sign.

Feed the pipe cleaner through the hole where the rope is. You can extend each end of the wire to either side or twist it around the rope to hold the bow in place. If you don’t care if you can use the back of the sign or you’re sure you won’t want to change the bow, you can hot glue it in place.

Fluff your bow, and you’re done!

Fluffing the khaki linen and black lace bow at the top of the Mother's Day gift round sign saying, "Grandkids welcome (parents by appointment only)"

You can now give your DIY Mother’s Day gift to the best Mom/MiMi in the world!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. If you make your own sign, I would love for you to follow me on social media and tag me so I can see your version! That way you can also keep up with what’s going on here on the blog. By the way, did I mention that you can make this for less than $10?! Here is how my DIY Mother’s Day gift turned out:

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