25 Affordable Jewlery Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be here before we know it. Money isn’t going as far this year as it used to, with gas prices through the roof causing every other thing you have to buy to cost more than it did even last year! (Who’s thinking $8 for a dozen egg?!) That means it’s more important than ever to find gifts that won’t break the bank. I know that you don’t have time to spend hours searching for an affordable gift for mom, so I’ve scoured the internet for you, and I’ve compiled a list of 25 affordable jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Mom will love her gift and will never guess you didn’t spend a fortune on it!

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Necklaces for Mom

A necklace is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. They draw the eye to an area that’s flawless and away from those not so flawless areas! Plus they can elevate any outfit in a second.

There is a necklace for every kind of mom in this list!

Personalized Necklaces

  1. Bar Necklace

I absolutely love bar necklaces. This one is dainty and cute. It has four sides that you can customize in whatever way you’d like. You could add her children’s names and birthdays, initials and birthdays, or just dates or names or initials. It’s completely up to you. You can also choose the color that your mom prefers, gold, rose gold, or silver plated, and you can choose the font that you think she will like best.

2. Bar/Pendant Necklace

This necklace is a mix of a bar and pendant. It is just too cute! Again, you can choose the color and font on the necklace. You could add names, dates, or even your mom’s (or wife’s) favorite scripture number. What’s great about this one is that you can add as many additional “tags” as you’d like.

3. Circle Necklace

I think this one is perfect for everyday wear. It so cute, and you can add the children’s initials and birthdate. You can choose between gold, rose gold, and silver. My favorite is the rose gold!

4. Birthstone Necklace

This necklace comes with a birthstone and stamped name in a circle. It only comes with one name, so if you have more than one child’s name this one won’t work. I had to include it though because it’s so dainty and I love how the script goes from the edge of one side off of the other.

Other Necklaces for Mother’s Day

5. Linked Circle Necklace

I love the simplicity of this necklace. The circles can represent each child only or the entire family.

6. Love You Forever Necklace

This one has only one review, but it’s a 5 star review. I had to share it because of its uniqueness. And I love the book Love You Forever. This is a locket and you open it to see eggs that represent her of your babies. You can add up to three.

7. Alluring Beauty Necklace

This is a beautiful, dressier necklace. There are options for son to mother, daughter to mother, one for grandmother, to a daughter and granddaughter, and mother-in-law.

8. Love Knot Necklace

This is a different version of the necklace above with all of the same options for the recipient.

9. Elephant Necklace

I think this one with mama and baby elephants is just too cute!

Mother’s Day Bracelets

10. Cuff Bracelet

I love a cuff bracelet for casual days. There are several scripture options as well as others for moms, daughters, and more- 57 options total.

11. Mama Bear Cuff

Adorable, right?! You can choose the color of the cuff as well as the number of cubs.

12. Mama Bear Bangle

Ok, I think I might like this one even more! These are made by a lady in Florida. Nothing better than shopping small in the US!

13. Mama Bear Bangle with Initials

This is the same bangle, but you can add children’s initials to it.

14. Personalized Heart Bangle

This is such a pretty bangle, and you can add as many hearts as you need.

15. Personalized Knot Bangle

I love this dainty bangle with the love knot. You can dress it up or down. Can someone tell my hubby?!

16. Heart Bangle

This is a beautiful bracelet. If you’re looking for an affordable dressy bracelet, this one is perfect. There are several color, wording, and style options.

17. Infinity Bracelet

If you’re looking for a bracelet that says, “I’ll always love you,” this bracelet is perfect. It’s so dainty and pretty!

Pandora Bracelet & Charms

A Pandora bracelet is such an amazing Mother’s Day gift. For every holiday from now on you can get a new charm to add to it. I’ve found that they’re much more affordable than everyone thinks. This would be my choice for a Mother’s Day jewelry gift for sure!

By the way, I’m only counting these bracelets as two gifts (the bracelet and a charm), so if you’re not into them, not to worry, you’ll still get a total of 25 affordable jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

For the record, I’m counting the charm bracelets as one affordable Mother’s Day gift idea since the charms are just different options for the same gift.

18. Pandora Rose Gold Bangle

I can’t believe how affordable this starter bangle is! You can get this sterling silver with rose gold coloring for under $50!

Pandora Snake Chain Bracelet

This is the traditional Pandora bracelet. It’s affordable as well.

Family Tree Charm

This is a great charm if you’re not giving the charm to your mom. For mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, etc.

Love Makes a Family Charm

This is another cute one for non-moms like bonus moms (aka stepmoms).

Mother/Daughter Dangle Hearts

This is a great option for mothers and daughters. It comes with two charms to share, one saying, “mom,” and the other, “daughter.”

Mom Heart Charm

These two charms are similar. The one on the left is more like a bead charm while the other is a dangle charm.

Baby Bottle & Shoes Charm

It’s an adorable charm, perfect for new mothers or grandmothers!

19. Faux Pandora Bracelet & Charms

Affordable Charm Bracelet Base

This is a sterling silver bracelet similar to the Pandora bracelet for a little under half the price.

Charm Bracelet Base with Heart Clasp

This bracelet may pass a little better for a Pandora bracelet since it has the heart clasp similar to Pandora’s.

Mom “Remember I Love You” Charm

Your mom would cherish this charm. We always love to hear that we’re loved, and this would be a constant reminder!

Rose Gold Mom Charm

Rose gold is gorgeous and an infinity sign inside the heart says it all.

Turtle Mom

This is an adorable mommy sea turtle with her baby.

More Affordable Family Tree Charm

This is a good alternative from the Pandora the family tree.

Pura Vida Items

Pura Vida is a popular simple jewelry line for younger women. You can stack their bracelets and rings in to create many different looks. They’re great to run around in doing all of the things moms do!

20. Pura Vida Rose Gold Cuff Bangle

I love this cuff. It’s simple, dainty, and pretty!

21. Wave Ring

This is a simple, affordable ring. I have one and it’s super cute as a pointer finger ring.

22. Wave Anklet

Summer is right around the corner, and that’s the perfect time for anklets! They’re best for younger moms. We love to wear them on the beach!

Affordable Mother’s Day Rings

Rings are a great Mother’s Day gift that she won’t have to think about putting on before leaving the house. (Does anyone else forget to put on jewelry that you aren’t already wearing when you leave the house, or is that just me? I always get to church and think, man, I forgot my bracelet!) She can keep the ring on always, unlike a bracelet or a necklace, and she will love any of these options.

23. Mother/Daughter Ring

This is a pretty ring that can be from mother to daughter or daughter to mother and comes with a note that says, “The love between a mother and daughter is forever.” I love the simple knot.

24. Birthstone Band

For mom’s that want a ring that sits flat, this band is a great option. It holds up to six birthstones and you can engrave the inside of the band.

25. Birthstone Ring

I love the look of this birthstone ring! It is small with several different stone shapes. You can add up to eight different birthstones.

Gifts for Moms of Angel Babies

Miscarriages are one of the worst things that a woman can go through. I have experienced that loss, and I can attest to the fact that moms will always randomly think about what their baby would be like now.

Those who haven’t been blessed to have brought a child to term are still mothers and should still receive a Mother’s Day gift. They love the babies they have lost just as much as we love our own. I have found a few pieces that will allow the woman in your life to carry a reminder of their babies every day.

Footprint & Wings Necklace

I like the separate angel wing and circle on this necklace. The reviews say that it’s small, which I would prefer.

Mommy of an Angel Cuff

This is a simple cuff with a beautiful reminder on the inside of the cuff that’s worn against the skin.

Womb to Eternity Necklace

This necklace will be a reminder to mom only. It doesn’t have any words or footprints, just a beautiful knot.

I hope that you’ve found the perfect affordable jewelry gift ideas to give to the women in your life this Mother’s Day!

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