A St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Tutorial to Bring You the Best of Luck!

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I can’t believe that it’s almost March. As I was taking down my Valentine’s Day decor I realized it was way too early to put up my spring decorations and I had nothing to put up for St. Patrick’s Day. So I headed out to Dollar Tree to grab some items to put together some decor including a St. Patrick’s Day wreath. Today I’m sharing a tutorial for you to create your own easy, inexpensive, and absolutely adorable wreath for you to hang in your home for the next month.

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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Supplies (all from Dollar Tree unless noted*):

  • straw* or styrofoam wreath form- I used a *12″ straw wreath form from Michael’s that is about $3 with a coupon. If you’d like to keep it an all Dollar Tree project, you can use the 8″ styrofoam form from there, it will just be a lot smaller. I do plan to make two different St. Patrick’s Day wreaths with those forms, so check back for a tutorial on those soon!
  • black and white buffalo check fabric- I believe they come as a fat quarter.
  • leprechaun hat with shamrock topper
  • black, green, or white 2.5″ ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • pipe cleaner
  • straight pin (optional)
St. Patrick's Day wreath supplies: buffalo check fabric, straw wreath form, shamrock picks, and hat pick.
The fabric in this picture is blue. After taking it, I realized I had the wrong fabric in it and took another with the black fabric. It turned out way too dark and I didn’t realize that until it was too late, so I apologize!

Cut Fabric

The fabric from Dollar Tree is not long enough (and too wide) to attach to the wreath form in one fell swoop. You need to cut it into smaller pieces to cover the form. Unroll your fabric and place it on a cutting mat or near a ruler to cut it to the correct size. The size of your form will determine the measurements of your fabric. You could cut the fabric into strips to wrap if you like that look.

For my 14″ wreath, I cut my fabric into 9×9 squares. I did this because I like the little bit of pleating that occurs on the inner part of the form when you glue on wider pieces. It took 4 pieces (overlapping a bit) to cover the form.

Fabric to cover the St, Patrick's Day wreath laid on a cutting mat and being cut to 9x9 squares.
I was measuring from the 24″ mark on the right. Don’t judge me; it’s where the tripod was set up lol!

Attach the Fabric to the St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Lay the fabric squares face down and place the wreath on top of it. Squeeze a line of hot glue on the middle of the back and press one side of the fabric on it. You could use pins to attach the fabric if you want to be able to remove it.

Add hot glue to the edge of the fabric you just glued down, then wrap the other side of it around the form. Pull the fabric taunt, then press it onto the glue.

Attaching black and white buffalo check fabric to a straw wreath form with hot glue.

Continue around the form until it’s covered in fabric.

Make & Add a Bow

I made a simple two loop bow with 2.5″ wired black glitter ribbon that I got from Dollar Tree during Halloween. I covered the pipe cleaner that secured the bow with white ribbon.

Black glitter bow with white center.
Glitter, glitter everywhere!

Add hot glue to the center of the bow then place it on the St. Patrick’s Day wreath. I glued mine on before I thought of this, but if you’d like to reuse the form for other holidays or season, you can attach the bow with a decorative pin (or regular pins hidden inside the bow loops) so you can swap it out.

Add Embellishments to the St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

You’re almost done! Place your leprechaun hat in the middle of the wreath. Press your pin through the back of the brim of the hat and into the wreath form. I only used one pin in the back so that you couldn’t see it. It does allow it to move up and down in the front if you’re moving it, but it stays on fine when it’s hung. If you don’t have a pin, you can hot glue it on.

This is what you’ll have.

Wreath covered with buffalo check fabric, a black glitter bow at the top, and a leprechaun hat in the center for St. Patrick's Day.

I had shamrock picks that I had initially planned to use on the wreath, but I decided to leave it with just the hat. As I was writing this, I thought, “Well let’s see if I can somehow place them on the wreath in a way that I can still remove them like the hat.” There was no way to pin them on, so I decided to try to slide them in between the pieces of fabric in the front. I slid one on the left and one on the right side of the wreath like so:

Adding the picks are optional. I’m not sure if I’ll leave them in or not. I change my wreaths up all the time, so I’m sure at some point this one will look different! Excuse these pictures please. They were taken at night and the light in my craft room is awful!

It’s time to place your St. Patrick’s Day wreath in its place of honor!

I told you this was easy, didn’t I?! Most of the pictures of my wreath were taken during the day with extra light.

As I finished my easy St. Patrick’s Day wreath, the word easy reminded me of Matthew 11:30 where Jesus tells us to give Him our burdens and stress and take on His comfort and love saying, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” I’m so glad I have Him to give my cares to and that I can take on His easy yoke!

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