50 of the Best Worship Songs to Boost Your Mood & Get You Praising God

I have noticed that when I am listening to praise and worship music I almost always end up in a good mood. Does that happen to you? Praise and worship open the door to God’s presence, so when we worship, we’re closer to the Father. On the other hand, when we’re sad or lonely we feel farther from Him. Not to worry. When you start to feel those familiar twinges of sadness, these 50+ mood boosting Christian worship songs will have you in a great mood, moving, and praising the Lord in no time! Make sure you spread the joy with your friends and family by using the buttons at the bottom of the post to share on social media so they can praise right along with you!

Mood Boosting Worship Songs Playlist

Mood Boosting Christian songs playlist image.

If you’d like to get right to worshipping, here is the link to my playlist called “Mood Boosting Christian Music” that contains the songs in the list below. I use YouTube Music, but if you don’t have a subscription, that’s ok. You can still listen to this playlist! I think you may hear ads occasionally, but I’m not positive about that. It’d be awesome if I was wrong about ads lol.

Mood Boosting Worship Songs

I’ve organized the list alphabetically by the artist’s first name so you can search and add them to your list quickly. Some of these songs are oldies (but goodies), and some are brand new. That way you have some you can sing along to and some that can become your new favorites. By the time you’re three songs in you’ll definitely be swaying if not all out dancing lol. When you’re done listening, you’ll have had your workout for the day (or at least I did)! Let’s get into this!

Aaron Cole

  1. Right on Time ft. Toby Mac

Andrew Ripp

  1. Jericho

Austin French

  1. Wake Up Sleeper

Big Daddy Weave

  1. You Found Me


  1. Rise Up (Lazarus)
  2. Yes He Can

Casting Crowns

  1. Dream for You
  2. Nobody ft. Matthew West

Chris Tomlin

  1. Power ft. Bear Rinehart
  2. Thank You Lord ft. Thomas Rhett & Florida Georgia Line

Cochren & Co.

  1. Church (Take Me Back)
  2. Who Can
  3. Edge of My Seat w/ Toby Mac
  4. He’s Not Here


  1. Everyday I’m Blessed
  2. Good God Almighty

Danny Gokey

  1. New Day
  2. The Comeback (*not on playlist)

Elevation Worship

  1. RATTLE!

Evan Craft

  1. The Devil is a Liar

Jack Cassidy

  1. Let Go, Let God

Jordan Felize

  1. Changed
  2. Jesus is Coming Back
  3. The River

Lauren Daigle

  1. Still Rolling Stones

Matthew West

  1. Grace Wins
  2. Quarantine Life (not Christian per se but funny!)
  3. What If


  1. Best News Ever
  2. Grace Got You
  3. Greater
  4. Happy Dance
  5. Move
  6. On Our Way ft. Sam Wesley
  7. Shake
  8. You Found Me

Meredith Andrews

  1. Open Up the Heavens

Micah Tyler

  1. Walking Free


  1. Walking on Water


  1. Ain’t It Like Jesus
  2. God’s Not Dead
  3. Your Love Never Fails

Phil Wickham

  1. House of the Lord
  2. This is Amazing Grace

Sanctus Real

  1. Confidence

7eventh Time Down

  1. God is on the Move
  2. The 99

Sidewalk Prophets

  1. Smile

Tauren Wells

  1. When We Pray

Toby Mac

  1. I Just Need You

We Are Messengers

  1. Point to You

We the Kingdom

  1. Child of Love
  2. God So Loved
  3. Waking Up

Highlights of Some of the Mood Boosting Worship Songs

I’m going to give you a few highlights from the songs that really strike me. We all have those lines in songs that just hit you, especially in Christian music. I feel the Holy Spirit just swell up within me saying, “Yes. That’s Me. That’s what I did for you.” I’m also adding a bit about Quarantine Life so you can see why I had to add it to the list! It’s just cute. My prayers go out to all of you who are still having to deal with this covid stuff in your area. We’ve lived normally for the past year and a half with no problems, so I can’t imagine all that you’re feeling. Maybe this playlist will give you a pick-me-up when you get down about it!


Confidence is a great song to listen to with your kids. They’ve heard the stories of David, Moses, and Daniel, so this song will help them to see those stories don’t just tell us the history of those men, but are also about faith, hope, and love. I love the reminder it gives me; that God brings us through trials because broken people are the ones he uses for His Will.

Mood boosting worship song Confidence quote, "Give me a heart like David. Lord be my defence so I can face these giants with confidence."

I’m not a warrior; I’m too afraid to lose. But Lord with your help, I’ve got no excuse because broken people are exactly who you use!

Confidence by Sanctus Real

Still Rolling Stones

Now that You saved me, I sing ’cause you gave me a song of revival. I put it on vinyl. Rise Up… You’re still rolling stones.

You’re Still Rolling Stones by Lauren Daigle

I love Lauren Daigle’s voice! It’s so unique and perfect for this song. When I hear it, I think of how God has never stopped rolling stones away from the time of Christ until now, and in my own life! It makes you reflect on all of the times He’s opened doors and removed obstacles for you.


I love this song. I always giggle at the line, “David brought a rock to a sword fight.” The meaning of the whole song is poignant and reminds us that we should live for Christ alone. Who cares what the world thinks?! Keep your mind on things above.

Mood Boosting worship songs "nobody" graphic

So when the devil starts talking to me saying, “Who do you think you are?” I say, “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about somebody who saved my soul!”

Nobody by Casting Crowns

Quarantine Life

Blog Graphic for the mood boosting worship songs: Quarantine Life, quote "want the kids to go to school. I love 'em, but oh man!" with cartoon kids in masks and cartoon germs floating in the air.

Everyday my girl’s complainin’ because they closed the salons. Now she’s looking like a stranger to me. Always thought she was a blonde… but she not!

Quarantine Life by Matther West

This song isn’t a strictly Christian song, but it’s written and performed by Matthew West. It’s such a cute song about all the things we went through during quarantine, like toilet paper shopping, wanting the kids to go to school, and how he thought his wife was a blonde… until she couldn’t get to the salon! I feel her ladies, don’t you?!

I hope these mood boosting, toe tapping worship songs get you moving today!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start. I’ll come back to it and add songs as I find them, sp make sure you pin this post. My new playlist will definitely be one of my top playlists for cleaning. After all, who can clean without dancing around a little. Wait- is that just me? If it is I’m ok with it. I’ll be worshipping before the Lord like David did, all while getting some chores done. This will also be my go-to when I’m dealing with hospital stays, days I’m in pain, and when I just can’t shake a depressed mood. While I was putting this together, I was bobbing my head, shimmy-ing my shoulders, and bouncing my knees, and it really made me happy. My son walked in, stared for a sec, then joined in lol! I hope it will get you doing the same!

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